It was great to meet you yesterday @dougalporteous (as it was everyone who attended, of course). Think I've already seen and commented on the vid though on @adetorrent's page. Was it a joint project? Either way, it was very good. :)

Thanks zool237, enjoy Tenerife, Puerto de la cruise has fond memories for me.

Nice job with the camerawork! Was an absolute pleasure meeting you. Till the next time... :)

Thank you ezzy, the pleasure, gratitude all mine, so great to meet people who think out of the box, restoration of faith in humanity, we are all in this together, I know sounds corny but all about love x

Was so good to meet you all yesterday and look at you, made a nice little video, didn't even notice you taking footage 🙏😀 was good talking with you! Blessings to all

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Great to meet you too, you are a great high energy, must be the tree energy and essential oils, lol ! Only kidding slightly, be blessed in everything you do, your laughter made us all smile and that is a gift, we only have this moment, the rest is illusion, such a pleasure to meet you.

Hello @dougalporteous, it was nice meeting you last night and love your video, lol. Keep the good work!

Thank you @rea, there is something special going on, it gives me faith, even if I don't understand it, I feel it, love to you and ezzy x

Hahahha you sneaky sneaky... you got some really nice highlights of the meetup there eh?!

Glad you were able to join us again yesterday, so nice to see you really getting into the Steem Spirit as you are :)

Please do send me that clip of me and "my husband @ezzy" hahahha :P

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Well done for organising another successful meet up !

so sneaky :)

I swear, me and @redrica are soon gonna be turned into a "STEEM MEME"!!! :))

Hey if it helps you get to 100k SP sooner, then why not right? Who knows how long it'll take otherwise hahaha :P

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At least he only publicized the non incriminating stuff, so can't really complain

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Go London! Portland steemit meetup is on pause due to snow and bad weather. Doing a steemcannabiscup April 20th and everyone is welcome!

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That will be the global warming @ganjafarmer I guess ? Lol !

Non believer of cow farts and promoter of bison rights! Protector of the salmon, Indian as well as the one and only!

Your enemies will know your qualities before you even meet them....

Yeah that's me... Wanna blaze?

love it, yea I wanna blaze ganja, no enemies here !

Lol I definitely know who my friends are. And what a real friend is.

And one willing to smoke and accept your views while just having fun?

Yeah can't we just all get a bong?

Once I got a arguing couple to stop fighting for 2 hours with a random joint someone gifted me. Needed to get it smoked before it broken. Oh here is this couple. Sweet!

Smoke more and love more! Nothing in this world like love

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OMG! we love you Rea! haha.

Rea is real, no fake news here !

@adetorrent why didn't you come join us yesterday??? Cryptogee was there, you guys could have made some vids man

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