MAJOR Steemit Animated Promo: Can It Trend on YouTube Tomorrow?

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Steemians! This custom animated Steemit promo for my YouTube channel is FINALLY DONE! This has been a MAJOR work in progress for several weeks. I want to thank @meno for writing the script for the animation, @aggroed for playing the character of the "shadowy corporate media guy" that is the foil to the benefits of Steemit espoused in the video, and Dan Burke, an animator who has done work for The David Pakman Show off and on for several years.

Tomorrow, this animation goes LIVE on my YouTube channel, which currently has about 425,000 subscribers. When it goes live tomorrow, I'll post a link on Steemit and maybe, with your help, we can get the Steemit promo TRENDING on YouTube, which would be YUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.

▶️ DTube

UPDATE: The youtube video has gone live and is available here:

Please help us comment/like/share it!


This was super fun to work on David! I'm sure all Steemians are going to do their part to get this out there!!! This is the year for Steem!!!

steem so strong project so don t fear from steem price corrections

thanks for your great scripting work on this!

Yes sir!!! <3

Good Work, Continue that ways to promote Steemit

I'm already doing my part, no time to waste.
This is the year, hurray!!!

I'd shorten it because the ad get's really long in the tooth and a bit patronizing TBH but don't forget, I still think it's awesome! And if you want spy theme music I have great spy theme music on my YT channel which almost nobody has ever looked at! (see my comment with video below)

yes time to hold steem

I agree. It's too long and most people will fade out after 30 seconds. Have to hit them hard and honestly but do it quickly.

Yep! Welcome to Steem btw! ;)

Yes steem cryptocurrency will provide an instrument to transport money affordably and simply across national boarders

Agree, and it will do far more than that, I guess.

Hello i just joined two days ago i like this platform . I think that promo. should do well.

I think it has a great chance of trending on youtube. People are ready to start monetizing their activity.

Sir , I am agree with your reply.
please up vote me share

hahah that is a adding value comment

@santan33 ur comment adds even MORE value, and so does mine! lol

Thats true.. For steem - this will be rocking year

@meno @davidpakman Guys like you help in growing this community.

I agree with you 100%

Haha, thats funny! I thiny you are wrong! Why? Ask yourself!

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i am gonna promote this steem as much i can:d

Yes, Steemit has a bright future!

I will do the same, this community deserves a lot of attention and publicity, it's great! :D

Excellent video. This should rattle a few cages!

Pretty slick video. YouTube execs better start sweating!

Is that the evil smoke monster from Stranger Things Season 2 underneath your chair?

Haha, I noticed to that too, spooky!

Damn, I was convinced it was an octopus!



I really love the way this community owns this system and they care for steem.I haven't seen this kind of enthusiasm anywhere else where everyone relies on the devs.
Good work, yeah this year belongs to steem.

steem gonna to the moon be reudy for next surprises

Steem, PIVX, and Dogecoin. Community trumps any other factor.

I'm ready to dump XLM and ADA for Doge--once Doge price corrects to sub-penny level.

This is excellent! You are doing some great things for this community, way to get the word out.

This was super fun to work on David!

Really super excited to watch it.

Amazing piece

Lets get this trending baby!

I was a little freaked out by this, maybe it was the guy with the cat! Great work @davidpakman & @meno. The revolution will be blogged on Steemit!

the cat is definitely an unnerving presence

kkkkkkk Exactly!

Hey you can use my spy theme music if you get into trouble with licensing the real Bond theme!

You did a great job with this, and that bad guy for some reason... I really love him!

loved it, whose idea is to include the BOND theme ? hope this will trend on the top.

Great promo David! I wish I had heard about Steemit earlier but at least I am here now. Looking forward to an exciting year. Are you experiencing the Mandela Effect?

awsome work!

Better animation. Better Promotion.

You can be sure that I will support this! I am looking forward to seeing this video and promoting it as good as I can!

keep promoting steemit entire steemit family is dependent on you

After this work steem will be going the the moon

Were your your YouTube videos demonetized? If so, that's disgraceful, I've been watching your videos and your political views are in no way hateful, nor extreme!

Well, this is very different than your normal steemit post or even video. Next time we need audientions for a female role, don't you think?

haha definitely, in the next one, absolutely need and want a female character!

If I may suggest an alternative, it would be a group of female "Diversity" Evangelists that would tell the content creator being de-platformed that their feelings are hurt by the content and that the content creator should bow down and be silent.

Excellent idea, We have many excellent voices to choose from.

It would be good, this Venezuelan girl is at your service. A hug!

omg, David is totally into Steemit xD. Could it really rival Youtube at one point though?

we will see, won't we?

Nice job David! I'm so proud of your work, keep it up.

Was anxious to watch and I can see the hard work that went into this animation. And it is all on spot and a perfect message! Thanks for helping Steemit grow. With and on behalf of ALL Steemians, we appreciate you!

thanks so much for the kind words!

very good video thanks for your nice try, I hope it will be trending in youtube, because youtube really sucks now, imagine just working on steemit for about 8 months I've earned more than $1000 but with youtube I am there for 3 years, I know that the quality of my video is not that good, but I am there more than 3 years and I still get $70 now, I don't know how many years I need mor to withdraw from youtube, in steemit we can withdraw everyday ☺

I hope so too, I will post a link to the youtube upload tomorrow and hopefully the Steemit community can help it trend

you can also use my service if you like that, I am working very hard on that, I need also investors if you like it and want to be a client or active member or un investor please tell me : Steemit for resteem group.

am down

David, can I suggest you organise a Thunderclap to work in conjunction with this promotion.

I actually don't know what that is, can you tell me more?

It's a social media campaign where people allow the creator of the Thunderclap - to post something on their social media channel.

For instance, you would create a thunderclap to promote your Youtube Steemit video, then advertise the thunderclap here on Steemit. People join with their social media account and then at the predetermined time, the same message is disseminated across the web over many social media accounts. Hopefully, resulting in a sudden influx of interest.

You'll need a lot of views in a short amount of time to get on the trending page in YouTube. So coincide the thunderclap with the release of the video. Although this might all be too late now. But at least you know for next time. :-D

Check out this recent example -

And Good Luck :-D

Great work! That should be good for another few hundred thousand subscribers!

haha, that I wish!

Nice! I just followed you man! :)

Boom! Great work. Taking away power for centralized corporate hacks and placing it into the hands of the community! Awesome. One nit (yeah, I'll be THAT guy) . . . it's team and me, not team and I.

It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

This was super work @davidpakman ! I'm certain all Steemians will do their part to get this out there!!! This is the year for Steem!!!

I know it was supposed to be more serious, but god damn the shadowy corporate guy had me GEEKING lol.

Hope this brings some new users, good stuff man!

This was super fun to work on @davidpakman I'm sure all Steemians are going to do their part to get this out there!!! This is the year for Steem.

I hope this comment can make a big DOLLAR :D HAHAHA!

I will sign into youtube for the first time in months to watch it all the way through, Like, and comment about my experience on steemit.

"You can do it, whoever you are, you just have to get started."

This is literally an awful video. It's cringy. This isn't the way to promote it.

Nice Video:) The art style reminds me a bit of Archer.

Awesome, can't wait to see more content creators on Youtube join the monetization revolution.

We definitely need more people like you making steem viral!

this is an awesome video thanks for all the hard work

that was great, we will surely make it trend
i love steemit platform asFacebook is decreasing its organic reach and also only allowing posts from friends and friends of friends to appear on our timeline. I do understand their stance about fake news but they should consider that people are behind pages.....

This is excellent! You are doing some great things for this community, way to get the word out.

You definitely bring a lot of quality to Steem blockchain, I really want to like you can you help me to succeed here ...... Thank you and best regards

wow,,, This was super fun to work on David! I'm sure all Steemians are going to do their part to get this out there!!! This is the year for Steem!!!


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It is so remarkable 2018 Steem fantastic evolution

Too bad there are no 'resteem' on YouTube. Are we allowed to re-upload to our abandoned channels over there? :)

All of your work especially the photos it nice idea. Really enjoyed reading your post, this made me pleased, I will never forget :D Excellent work.

I follow you my friend

An interesting comment, but it is more profitable to start a new day every day ;)

Good Idea but week execution. The animation and sound is distracting from the main idea of the promo. If it wold have better voice recordin and sound effect and good background sound might have worked in the end.
Better luck next time :)

Interesting work,... it's a little creepy. Maybe make it shorter, people get bored quickly.

Awesome video @davidpakman! This makes me even more excited to recently have joined steemit. I’m still learning how to fully use the platform but I’m loving it so far!

i appreciate your post ^@^! Thanks.

this is very useful for us.
thank you so much sir,
may i follow you and please help me out for steemit much

Thumbs up! Total true! I like this video!

I wonder if Steemit network would jam after you post the Video, 425k Subscribers, that is like a a storm of refugees going from centraland to Steemit to have a better online social life! Amazing work, and may Peace be with you

I have just followed you. Kindly pls follow back. Thanks for this great article.

Waoh this is amazingly great to initiate but dont you think putting up a short story with the animations inform of pictures and posting them in the steemit community wont be pretty much cool, cuz i know it would actually go viral, thats if your 10sec is a punch. Hoping for the video tomorow though...much love. Keep the good work

Yay! Super work David and team!! Thank you so much for this. Live long and prosper on Steemit ;)

Since a core mention of the animation is the monetization of content, do you think we could do platform reward comparisons from various creators such as yourself. I know more than one YouTuber has gravitated to steem including myself. I already earn more here than YouTube but I don't have the subscribers you do. For each video show us your ad revenue and steem revenue.

At what point of regular steem earnings can one grow and still support themselves and eventually their team via the steem platform. What steem price would we have to see for this to be a reasonable expectation for your average 8 hour work day 40 hrs a week.

Thanks for the steem promotion! SteemOn!

Nice wet shirt contest entry.

So wait, who is this guy? Dennis Prager or Wallace Shawn?


hard work that results. we wait tomorrow's presence in yuetube, hopefully we can watch it live together.

David, it looks really awesome. Enjoyed your video! Hope, i would have enough skills to do something like this in future...)

David overflows with talent! 💪🏽

Great job, excellent animation with a clear dynamic message to drive the awareness of the power of Steemit, cheers.

Hi David, nice video.

I'd love to watch my Time Lapse.
Then let me know if you like it.
Thank you!

Remember to resteem :D

Nice one...Stunned by your work... Thanks @davidpakman

This is awesome! I'm super stoked about D.Tube & the powers that be should be very much worried about this Decentralized platform. No longer having to depend on the elite snatching the power away from the little people is a step towards fixing the future of media propaganda & manipulation. Great post. Upvoted, followed & Resteemed

It's great to see the platform starting to branch out and expand into new territory!

Good luck! I hope it does well! I posted a link to this to over 90,000 subscribers at

Good job David! All Steemian proud of your hard work, keep it up

Keep going you..


simply great!.. I am new here, Thanks for helping Steemit grow, I really appreciate it.

happy today for you!

EHEHEH So much fun. I Love this so much. Awesome job. Very well done guys. The shade of it all :P

this makes my tiny promo looks even tinier lol
great stuff!! let's take steemit by the hand and pull it all the way up! ;D

Nice to meet you.
The blog is really great.
I will learn a lot.
Please visit my blog as well.
Thank you. I wish you happiness.
@kyju / Korean

Am team @Davidpakman
Let's rock the YouTube
It's worth an excellent idea

Rock it to the fullest

congratulation @davidpakman Indeed a great news for all steem family. you are doing amazing thing for this community. Youtube is a great channel for promoting it will definitely rise the community to the highest level. All the best

Alright Content Creators, I am here now. What you have to do now is bringing the content on here.

They cannot win, lol! #decentralized

Dear davidpakman,
May the light guide you!
Yours truly,
Gandalf The White

Its awesome to see your guys collaborating to build up the steem community! hope it goes viral and more people come over to steemit