Steemians: Let's Make This Steemit Promo Trend on YouTube!

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Yesterday I made this post previewing the animated promo for Steemit that would be launching on YouTube today:

The animation features scripting by @meno and a voice cameo by @aggroed

That video is now freshly live on YouTube:

Let's get this video trending on YouTube, where the better it does, the more people it will bring over to Steemit!

Please like and comment the video on YouTube, and please share on Facebook/Twitter/etc!

Take a screenshot of your post/share and paste it in the comments for upvotes here! Let's make this thing trend and keep Steemit 2018 start going strong!


Awesome video!
It gets the most important points across for how and why STEEM is going to be great, not just for creators like you, but for anyone who wants a more open and free internet.

If I may give a tiny bit of advice, I hope that as you gain an audience here from YouTube, you'll use some of the SP you've built up to give tiny upvotes (if only 1-5%) to the people making positive and engaging comments on your post. Rather than leaving a short "thank you" answer with a 100% self-upvote.

It just comes across a whole lot better and does more for the community and I believe you too in the long run.

I do want to second this, one of the “whales” that has been leading by example is @cyptoctopus.

That and of course you think what you have to say is the most worthwhile, that is why you posted it. Self votes look tacky.

Decided against embedding the picture, hopefully a link will suffice.

awesome, thank you!

Haha... You posts are just a motivation and description of what it means to think or of the box! The pleasure is all mine

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 17.26.48.png

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 17.24.56.png

When I saw this.. I couldn't help broadcasting.
Nice one @davidpakman

Nice!! people have to know what is this about!! Upvoted and Shared!

add a link please for easy distribution i have also 3 pages total of 10k followers :D

thanks very much!



gotta share this to fb or twitter... share it brother! to win some upvotes

thanks for the support!

This is original and brilliant... Nice work bro!

Here you go, @Davidpakman! I’ve got 3,140 followers on Twitter & really hope this helps to bring more folks over to @Steemit :)


thanks very much!

It sure must trend..
Screenshot_20180116-020630.png great one @davidpakman

Yh sire.. It really is trending

Great video @davidpakman @meno and @aggroed That's the way to go to bring more people to steemit and more good content :)

This is really amazing, i resteem your post this @davidpakman

Upvoted and watched on Youtube!

Well done! The quality is A++ 👌 I am sure this will bring several people over to steemit and dtube! Thanks to all for putting this together

sure nice video... going over to youtube to like it and comment.
and pls upvote my post here

make also a video with numbers in the last 7 days you made on steemit with your team 12000 usd + can you make on youtube the same? or how much do you make on youtube?
Is steemit big ? or it will become soon :D

thanks, your post! have a nice day.

Thanks for sharing David. I've shared it on all my social networks!

This is so good for steemit, in spreading the word, will only do wondrous things for the platform itself... the only real problem I see is that it is going to become harder and harder to accumulate that SP that we all so desperately want/need to make our journeys here that much more successful!!

Nonetheless, awesome stuff here man, as usual

keep sharing . more power!

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Great video! Thanks for not screaming the message into my face but calmly explaining its value.

Brilliant vid @davidpakman. I will def share it on some crypto groups that I am a part of on facebook. Do we have permission to highlight and mention you in our steem posts? If not that's ok but I thought I would ask. btw, you are doing a great service to us all by promoting steemit. I try to do it the best I can but my level of amplification is very low compared to yours lol

Sharing is caring and so done this to support the community :)

Well done mate! Keep the good thing up.

Shared with a couple discord servers and on my Twitter feed. Along with a resteem, of course!

man can i say that i love you :D your work is important

Liked it on YT great job - views are increasing so that's healthy but they are still generating revenue through your sharing your video there. A small price to pay for now :)

Gret video. Comprehensive explanation and don't boring, so +1 on Yt from mee

I am going to resteem this post, may this useful to beginners like me