Though The Project Evolved, You Can't Kill The Inspired Efforts Between Our Communities - D00k13 Digest #410

in dtube •  3 months ago 

What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, thinking this morning about all that has evolved from DTubeFamily777 and how we are now seeing collaborative efforts between the communities. This video I speak of how I figure even though @Nathanmars killed the DTubeFamily777 project which evolved into Seven77 I don't actually believe he could ever actually, nor intended to, kill the collaborative efforts inspired between our communities.

We Will Get There Together!!!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

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Awesome thanks guys 🙏

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Oh! perhaps he is just making another way, but in the end still there is unity. As long as it is all about Steem, I love @dtube,@onelovedtubes and I love #seven77 movement in Twitter. There is no comparison and it depends upon the people to give balance support to everybody.

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Very well said, those that put in contribute to what we all get out of the experience ❤️

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Yes, Sir! How's your smoking now?

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Sorry almost missed this comment 🤦‍♂️ partiko glitched again on displaying my comments it seems...

Doing good still, easy peasy 👌

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Hardly on Dtube but i do enjoy seeing the video posted on steemit. I guess Dtubefamily777 will be alive as long as the community wanted it too :)

That’s exactly it! We may not use the name but the collaborative ideas the project inspired will continue to live on long into the future ❤️

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what a beautiful cup you have for your coffee! I wonder how I could get one of those? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I think when Nathan was saying that the DTube family777 is dead, he just meant that he is no longer supporting that project. Of course, it is up to the community to figure out what they want to do.
I know that the initial phase inspired me to do more videos and I want to get back to that. I just have to figure out a little less time-consuming way to do that.
Right now, I am pretty maxed out with what I can do but it is on my mind for sure!!

I found this awesome place, zazzle and you wouldn’t believe it, they have onelove merch also 😜

Yea your right he was meaning support but his choice of words left me with a topic to argue 😅

Video creation is by far the most time consuming IMO, if you can manage from a mobile device it cuts down transfer times significantly.... not to mention Quik for pro looking auto edits... my quickest record, edit & upload is still 45mins and it was noticeably a rush job with my average being 1hr15mins. Not a whole lot can be done to speed up the process without dropping quality it seems and thus my daily battle 🤦‍♂️

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Congrats one OneLoveDTube swag. 👍😀

One hour and 15 minutes is a long time! You are certainly dedicated!

I don’t think I can upload from my phone. Do you have an iPhone?

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Yup I use iPhone 6s and usually do my uploads through the OneLove uploader after running through handbrake while I write the post.... that part is fairly streamlined.... my phone just simplifies the editing cause then it’s just two files thumbnail & video in a relatively manageable file size.

But I can upload from my phone with chrome logging in straight to DTube with posting key just have to keep the browser open on screen while it uploads and generates hashes.

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Can you do a tutorial on that? I like to see things 😜 So, you have all these apps on your phone? Do you edit in iMovie?

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Just the uploader and handbrake are on PC but yea I do most of my editing I either Quik(auto edits) or Splice(little bit less template iMovie)

I suppose tutorials are on the table as we are putting together that onelove resources and they are both great free applications

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as i knew DtubeFamily777 is still here and it's called seven77 leading by @nathanmars

Actually that’s incorrect he ended the original project and turned it into something else which then ended that and it turned into something else which ended that and now he’s doing something completely different which is what you’re referring to!

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I think DTubeFamily777 still alive and keep up their great job. Dtube is an exciting part of steem community and believe we will be more popular in near future. Thanks for the valuable discussion.

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Your welcome my friend, thanks for stopping in 🙌

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Yup ! in conclusions @d00k13 said @nathanmars did not killed DTubeFamily777 !
what community are for !

Beyond DApps
Beyond All

@bluengel Participated after DTubeFamily777
there was and is snap77 linkseven77 familyseven77 znap znapplus znap77 link77 seven77 lambda-lambda seven77 pushbook lots of on going !

Connected Communication and Chance to Change the World is Key Factor to Community ! :)

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고마운 곰도뤼~💙

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Precisely you may be able to drop the initiative but the ideas inspired from it belong to all of us 💪

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When i was a member of the steemblockchain family i learn more how to engage the platform and thanks to @paulag for her video tutorial they tells me more about and l learn more about thank you and god blessed.

Engagement is very important on our platform, glad that you have been able to find a tutorial to help ❤️

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Yes! and thanks to @paulag i saw her post last two days! and i finished the site that @paulag effort and here is my certification after i done the 1 hour understanding the STEEM BLockchain Economy and thanks to @paulagUC-112EJ3ZM.jpg

Right on buddy 😅 another good one is by @jongolson helping to understand many of the intricacies to the platform. Soon enough we will have a resources kit from #OneLoveDTube which should help with locating all these different resources available with a little description of what to expect 💪

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Wow that's great @d00k13 looking forward to see your project soon..and Yes! i will visit see and learn more about steem. thank you for the tips! god blessed...I starting powering up now and my plan is i want to curate fun contest and earn the community not so high but i know its a little help for there to grow up..

#1 tip for contest, participate in as many @Steembasicincome contests as possible! They are a votes for life service, I own many units and get regular votes on my content. It works great for contests because when you subscribe you must subscribe one other person also at the same time so using it is a contest essentially your just subscribing for larger votes for life!

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Really ? so what should i do can you teach me how to use steembasicincome?

I would head to their discord for more detailed info but starting with participating in contests is a good place to win it for free. They put up a weekly SBI contest post and if your wanting to host a contest you definitely want to check out their discord 😅

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Nathanmars did funtastic work by creating 777family but it didn't work out and that's ok. Now we have seven77 family working for 777 days push-ups. This is very good program encouraging people.

Nathan realized he need more than just DTube creators to get to the finish line is all, us DTube regulars don’t have a ton of extra time once done with video creation.

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Since @nathanmars is all about STEEM and family I don't think he'd intend to KILL any sort of collaboration among communities. I see him still supporting a lot of DTube efforts. Everything built on Steem should be supporting the effort to bring Steem forward.

I agree we should all be doing our part to raise awareness for our platform, what Nathan was referring to is no longer supporting the project as it changed many times eventually into Seven77. I’m just reinforcing the idea that the collaborative efforts it inspired live on strong through our communities.

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Excellent thank you 😊

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