Talking A Little About What's Going On With DTube.Network #WeAreDTube - D00k13 Digest #346

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What up my Steemians, welcome to the @D00k13 Digest, talking today a little about the developments with DTube.Network I can't help but feel like i'm out of the loop. Things are progressing quickly and have gained very favourable support. DTube.Network the community driven file hosting solution is proving that we are our own self sustaining system, no longer will your videos be deleted! Soon upload for #OneLoveDTube subscribers directly to our service will be enabled thanks to our collaborative efforts. Much much more you have got to check it out for yourself http://DTube.Network

Giant Shout Out To Our Developers!!!

I won't tag you all because i'll be bound to miss someone ;)
You guys are the backbone of what has become, for #OneLoveDTube it's Gray and Tech who plowed the way. Set forth with a solution in mind with the support of a community, grand ideas have been born along with many a great accomplishment. Always moving forward with the better interest of our futures you devs(all of you) have seen a problem and put the power back into the hands of the users to solve them for themselves with your developments!

Proud to be apart of what is developing, keep up the great work team.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

Thats it @d00k13 OUT

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#OneLoveIPFS Video Hosting Services

The IPFS Node Hosting Services and the IPFS Node Uploader are just two of the projects we have on the go to help support our DTube creators while also supporting DTube’s video file hosting network known as IPFS. With these two services you can upload despite what happens to the main nodes and your videos remain playable forever. Another benefit is quicker load times with multiple sources, IPFS works like torrents more nodes quicker streaming capabilities. If your interested please stop into our discord and speak with either @Techcoderx or @Graylan they are in charge of this project.

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Thank you buddy, I still find it odd that I end up being news on the platform 😅

Deeply appreciated my friend, I need all the help I can get on the promotion front!

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Wow. seriously glad to hear that no longer will your video be deleted. i guess i am coming back to dtube


Call me a loyalist, I never left 💪

The playability thing has been the biggest challenge hopefully that is all behind us now 🙏

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I'm completely off dtube now with my wifi and technical issues. The last time I looked, I no longer had any videos showing on my account over there, which was further discouraging based on how much effort it took me to get them posted in the first place.

If I decide to try again, I will come figure out what you are doing here. I think the idea of temporary videos is not a good one. But at this point, my wifi issues will be going on until at least the end of 2019, so this is off my plate.

Good on you to get a solution going. I've seen a number of "down on dtube" posts lately, so your help is needed for sure. For the moment, I will just keep self-censoring my channel on yt :)


Yea hard to do anything so data intensive without the network connection to support it. The way does it’s video listings bothers me also, essentially even with my videos backed up they disappear from my channel yet they are still playable. I do believe this will be addressed with along with videos not being deleted already being solved.

My biggest concern with DTube was the video playability, we have the solutions in place now we just need DTube to adopt our developments which I believe is in the plan. The complication you may be faced with when returning is hosting your own files or paying for hosting services otherwise you very well may not receive any of the benefits. The amount of money heimindanger was haemorrhaging for video hosting was just not sustainable long term. #WeAreDTube in my mind literally means, we host our own files for the sake of sustaining ourselves.

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I'm glad you are working for a solution. I will try again when I can. We need a good place for videos that works. yt is not the solution for steemers :)


Well the solution is in place and waiting for yea 🥰 really it’s not me doing the work it’s all @vaultec @techcoderx @gray00 and @heimindanger I just get to yap about it and enjoy the journey 😅

YouTube is definitely not a solution 🤦‍♂️ I keep getting random strikes that go away which I think is someone targeting DTube promoters 😒

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Always appreciated 💪

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