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What's new

Keychain Authentication Support Added!


Previously, the only way to authenticate to the uploader is through SteemConnect, which is a centralized Steem authentication system. Despite that it is easy to implement (and checking if logged in user is listed in whitelist.txt file), it has some potential problems that users are facing, including the mysterious sc2-sdk-error that also persisted in other Steem DApps that use SteemConnect for authentication. Additional beneficiary fees of up to 2.5% have been introduced for SteemConnect users in their latest update, which most users would not want to incur.

Now, you may login with Steem Keychain, which is a browser extension for secure client side signing, without the need of putting keys onto websites. The user will have to input their Steem account username in a pop up box, then it will be sent to the server to check if the user is in the whitelist.

I have used this tutorial written by @void to create the login API and generate the access token. If the login is successful, the access token will be added in the URL parameter, the same way of how SteemConnect construct the callback URL, with exception of an additional keychain parameter which will be true for keychain logins in order for the upload page to identify keychain authentication when detecting logins.

Homepage just received a refresh!


An additional 2 sections have been added to the homepage, which are customer reviews (more on that below), and update logs, which is a record of all update releases for the uploader.

To optimise for website load times, instead of loading everything from the blockchain, the update details will be stored as values in a JSON file, which is cached as a variable on the server. Every time the page loads, an API call will be made to obtain update logs data and they will be displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Customer reviews page


This is the place where some good video reviews of @oneloveipfs hosting services are featured to show newcomers about what we offer as part of the service. It is made up of quotes which are pulled straight from either the video narration or in the description, and the embed player next to it, which plays videos from gateway announced in the previous update.

Customer reviews page is LIVE on

Congratulations to @mvd, @vladivostok, @tanbay and @kenmelendez for making into this page!

More SEO optimizations in HTML


As per various marketing campaigns to promote Steem blockchain (and its DApps) outside of the blockchain, I have taken steps to modify the HTML code of the homepage for SEO optimizations by adding relevant meta tags and alt text for images.

Here are the examples of how social media sites and chat apps are rendering


Github account


Thank you for your contribution @techcoderx !

  1. It is better to use === instead of == (!== instead of !=)in JS and ==true seems redudant.
  2. Some parts of the JS code end with a semicolon but some do not.
  3. some vars could be replaced by either const or let.
  4. The messages you are alert-ing in the JS code could be extracted in a JSON file so that you can internationalize them later.
  5. Unit Tests missing in the project - you could use mocha/chai or other testing frameworks and set up the CI using

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Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

Right on @justyy thank you for the feedback 💪

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Additional beneficiary fees of up to 2.5% have been introduced for SteemConnect users

Does this mean that if I publish a post on busy or ulogs using steemconnect to enter there, I will now be charged 2.5% on my post rewards?

I'm not sure if it's implemented or not, but that's what the update post said

Just another reason to use keychain, right?

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Didn't know that about SteemConnect
Thank you for the updates :)

Once again great job and thanks for including me on the page!

Excellent job! The site looks incredible :D

What error do you have exactly with SteemConnect?

Some of our users were facing the unknown sc2-sdk-error (but they just disappear after some time)

There should be an error message, did you reported the issue in our GitHub ( ?

The error message looks exactly like this:

SDKError: sc2-sdk-error

Looks like it has already been reported by someone else.

Thank you i will have a look about it

Great job buddy I love the updates to the webpage looking more professional with each update!

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Saw the post on smoke but seeing how it is a steem post and comment I thought I would make my way here. But this keychain Is a pretty awesome tool for steem that is for sure.

Glad to see you guys are doing awesome work on the onelovedtube project

Very good work. Well organized and well thought out posts. Great to have onelove services now using keychain!

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