Operation Mass Adoption - What it is and How You Can Get Involved

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Hi Friends!

@anomadsoul and I posted the Operation Mass Adoption Contest on @steemonboarding a few days ago and the response has been amazing!!

I first want to start by saying a massive thank you to all of the people who have contributed prizes towards this effort.

  • @theycallmedan - 1,000 liquid steem
  • @ocd / @blocktrades - 1,000 steem delegation(90 days) plus curating Introduction Posts for new users
  • @yabapmatt - 10,000 steem delegation (90 days) Woah can you believe it?!? Thanks Matt!
  • @oracle-d - A 100% upvote for the top 3 contest posts.

Talk about a community effort!


One of the things I've noticed throughout the comment section though - is there has been some confusion about the rules. It dawned on me that maybe not everyone likes to assimilate information via long written posts and some would rather watch a video. (ahem... that's me any day of the week too! 🙋‍♀️)

So here is a video giving a high level overview of the contest, breaking down the rules, and discussing the various prizes and how they will be distributed.

Additional Info

You can find the full contest post HERE. There you will find all the tags you need to use, and additional details for entering the contest.

The main thing to remember though - is get your friends on Steem and have them write their intorduction post by June 12th!

Speaking of introduction posts... here is a link to the video I made that you can pass along to your friends to help them write killer intro post.


I really hope this helps to answer any outstanding questions on the contest - but please let me know if you have any questions by dropping them below!

XO, Lea

Here is a Youtube link for anyone who needs it.

▶️ DTube
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I hadn't heard of this yet so I'm very excited. I love the way the community has stepped up. I have developed my own personal philosophy here that is ROC>ROI which translates into Return On Community is greater than Return On Investment. This is a perfect example of this. Good luck!

oooh I love that!! Great way to explain the value of this place. I'm so glad you found out about the contest and look forward to seeing your entry!

thanks. That philosophy has been stirring in my head for about a decade but it took this ecosystem to formulate it into words. I have seen it in action and it works.

This is great! This is exactly what we need right now and I hope we get some new Steemians onboarded ASAP! Thanks for helping make this all happen :)

Thanks so much for the support my friend!

@coruscate, Operation Mass Adoption sounds like opening the doors for many. And definitely after this contest we will going to see many fresh content on Steem

And with that, whatever Developments are happening they are so much encouraging. Let's hope for the best and keep up your effrots.

Wishing you more success and growth.

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Thanks for your support and excitement for the contest! Looking forward to meeting some awesome, new folks.

Welcome and let's hope for the best.

Do you think we should make some community effort and try to introduce STEEM on multiple languages. It's hard to believe but there is people who simply don't know english which makes it more difficult for them to understand the whole concept behind the project.

Btw awesome initiative, i've been thinking about the same thing but i didn't propose anything due to a possibility of abuse.

How do you guys plan to fight abusers that will create multiple accounts? I mean it's not that hard to ask your friend to lend you a picture in order to "prove" you're new steemian. :)

The steemonboading website is in multiple languages exactly because of the reason you cite here :)

We have a way of dealing with that, first of all the scrict rules and second, we have someone who will check those details in a deeper way.

Hope you can join!

Ok, that's awesome. Didn't have much time to go a bit deeper. Looking forward seeing more people :)

Thanks for jumping in and responding @ocd!

@ocupation - let me know if you have any other questions on that. :)

Video explanation.Reading big blog posts is tiresome,I can agree with you.
Great contest, amazing prizes and the fact that newbies will get curated on their introduction post is of the hook.
Let's do this.
Thank you for the clearing my questions @coruscate.

I'm so glad you found the video helpful!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets tired of reading long blog posts sometimes. haha

Hey Kate,

This is very very awesome initiative and I bet this is gonna make way for tons of new creators who are gonna enrich the garden of STEEM with there essence which is very exciting. As well as the pace with which STEEM is developing day by day is remarkable and if it gets more people onto it then it will be booming with growth !

Thanks a lot for bringing this up !

I'll try to get some of my mates hop onto the chain ;)

STEEM on !

Super exiting!! Can't wait to meet the people you bring on. :)

My introduction post was done quickly and poorly. Can it be redone? I've been on Steemit 2 1/2 months.

Why not? You could always say you are "re-introducing" yourself. Since you've been here for a bit - it probably won't get curated by some of the newbie groups - but it could still be a fun post for you to let more of your followers learn more about you. :)

Thank you, I will and do #re-introducing.

We needed this for sure, great initiative!

Now I know what to do for my monthly giveaways. ;)

I will check some of these #newonsteem posts and choose 3 to receive 50 SP delegation for one month probably during the next few days.