Improving Your Dtube Content // What I Learned From Reading Through @dtube's Comments to Users

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Hello Friends!

Everyone wants to know "What is Dtube looking for?". This is actually a question people ask me a lot, and I just kind of shrug my shoulders and offer to give my opinions on video content, but that I can't speak for anyone other than myself!

The other day, I was browsing some Dtube videos and noticed that the official @dtube account had taken the time to leave that person a few pieces of advice on how they could improve their video content.

I was soooo impressed because let's face it - the Dtube team has their hands pretty full between developing/improving the platform and manually curating tons of video content. The fact that they took the time to stop and leave someone a few words of advice really says a lot about how much they care about helping others to grow and improve.

This got me thinking... what other advice is he handing out... and are there any themes?

I seriously went down a rabbit hole of reading comments to see what I could learn from the advice. It stands to reason, that if they are giving similar advice to various users, then that would be a good thing to pay attention to.

Disclaimer: I hope you don't feel like i'm creepin' on you @heimindanger! I don't mean to be creepy! :)

Disclaimer #2: This post does not reflect official opinions of Dtube. This is simply my observation of comments they gave to other users.

Here Are the Top Themes of Advice

In the video, I go into way more detail on each one and share my own thoughts. Some of these may not be applicable to you, but if I noticed the same piece of advice being given out to multiple people - I thought it was worth noting.

  • Shooting horizontally, not vertically - Most of you are good about this, but if you are shooting vertically please, please stop! When we go to watch your video - there is black on each side of the video and we only have a narrow view in the middle of the screen.

  • Writing a good description of your video - This is one that I couldn't agree more with! I think it's important to give you audience a clear idea of what you will be covering in the video - so they can decide if they want to spend the time watching it.

  • Poor Audio Quality - This was a comment I saw come up a few times. You don't necessarily have to go out and purchase a ton of expensive equipment to get good audio for your videos. Even just focusing on filming in a quite place without much background noise will help. If the audio in a video is really poor, you are probably going to start losing people pretty quickly because they are paying attention to that, instead of your content.

  • Using the NSFW Tag - I was a little surprised at how many times he had to remind people to use this tag. For those who don't know - NSFW means "Not Safe For Work" and generally includes nudity. If you are posting this type of content, just make sure to click that button at the bottom. I don't want my boss seeing boobs on my screen when i'm trying to discreetly browse Dtube at work. ;)

  • Length/Depth of Content - If you are doing some kind of informational vlog or video - make sure you are going a little deeper than surface level so that your audience leaves with more information than they came with. This doesn't necessarily apply to more entertainment or lifestyle types of videos, but if you are trying to convey information - then just make sure to run your video through the "Value Test". What value is someone going to get from this post, and is there any section that you could beef up and add even more value?

  • Disclaimers on financial/investment advice - I saw this one a couple times, and thought it would be worth noting. If you are offering some kind of financial planning or investment strategy advice and you are not a financial analyst or investment professional - just provide a quick disclaimer that you are offering advice from your perspective and experience. I thought this was simple, but still a good thing to point out.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video! I sure had fun browsing through @dtube's comments and thought sharing some of the main advice they seem to be giving out could be helpful.

If you guys have any questions on anything I mentioned in the video, let me know and i'll do my best to answer!

xo, Lea


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good stuff , Thanks

Thanks @jkenny! I’m so glad you found it helpful!

I propose we also come up with a SFW category. The #SFW hashtag could have a variety of content related to your job so if you boss DOES catch you watching it, it is just a related video to your job titled “How To do (your job) Better!” Then the boss would see it and think what a great employee you were to go out of your way to learn how to serve them better. #SFW

Hahhaha OMG YES!!! This is pure genius.

Except I’m pretty sure being on my phone for “any reason” is not super cool. Haha too much explaining all around. 😜

If they give you any trouble for being on your phone you should just be all “Don’t you know who I am??? I am famous on Steemit and boss, IM the Boss around there!!!”

Yaaaass!! Hahah

They don’t know about Steemit. 😉 People who have side business are sometimes viewed as being less committed, or “on their way out anyway”... so I don’t want to limit my options here until I’m ready to go. I also talk about my goals of eventually working for myself in my vlogs sometimes ... and they don’t need to hear that either. 😉

Very valid points!

Thank you for the summary of this valuable @dtube feedback. You did the hard work for us to make the quality of our videos better.

Thank you @gtelefon! I’m glad you found some of these tips helpful!

Great tips from an awesome vlogger and blogger :) Couldn't agree more!

Aww thanks Karen!! ❤️

Hi Lea, @coruscate. This post will be immensely helpful & valuable to so many people. You did not just use personal experiences but did research. This is one of the best if not the "Best" educational post you have ever done. These 6 aspects every video poster should keep in mind. I know I will. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter to you & yours.

Wow, best ever! Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement IJ!

Veeegas soon!! 🎉

@tipu upvote this post for 0.2 sbd :)

This is great work! Thanx for the tips :)

Aww thanks @splendorhub!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the video! 😊

DTube actually told me to shoot horizontally rather than vertically. It was truly appreciated and all my videos since have been horizontal. :)

That’s awesome @mazzle!! You must have been one of the comments I saw. 😊 hehe


Does DTube already has an option for suggested videos?? If not... it would be really hard to grow in that ecosystem.

I know they plan to add that feature eventually, but it’s not live yet. I personally can’t wait for that either! I think it will be really helpful for the community.

Yep... otherwise, gaining audience is really a matter of gaining audience on Steemit.

Thanks for the info :) its great to know they are working on that.

This seems like rational business advice!

Thanks my friend! I’m glad you found these tips helpful. 😊

Audio is not very loud, very difficult to hear what you say....

Yikes, I’m so sorry to hear that! It sounded normal in my computer, but it’s not nearly loud enough now that it’s uploaded. Sorry for the trouble and I’ll make sure to double check th me audio levels on my next video.

Thanks for listening! (Or at least trying to) 😉

I yet to upload any video in there, but planning to and with this little advice I think I will do things right for better viewing.

Thanks for the information

Thanks @empowermite!! I’m really glad you found these tips helpful. Good luck on uploading your first video!! 😃

Great advice miss @coruscate. I guess some things I need to improve on are the audio quality and leaving a better description on my videos...I think that will make a big difference because some people prefer to read instead of watch the video. I learn so much form you...
A couple questions...How would you recommend improving audio quality?
Also I don't know if this is a problem or not...but for original work like in your case a song...would you write the lyrics to the song in the description or just in the video? Is it a good idea to do that?


Thanks for sharing. These are really good tips and im glad to see the platform itself helping others that make content for the platform.

thanks for the information miss @coruscate especially about NSFW..

l'm definitely inspired

That makes me so happy! Thanks for saying that.

Great post. I’ve been slacking on creating on drive and dlive but def want to challenge myself on a 30 day vlog! Thanks for the inspiration

Wow. Thanks for sharing this @coruscate. I think I'm guilty of shooting vertically. I usually shoot some videos with my mobile device and find it more comfortable shooting vertically without knowing I'm committing some nice blunders.

I totally get that! I think that’s part of why so many people do it. Maybe you could get a small tripod for shooting videos? That would help you the image look more stable.

Thanks for watching this vlog and I’m glad you found it helpful! 😊

Thanks for the nice suggestions. I will work towards that.

Your audio is very clear. However, it is not very loud, I had to turn the volume way up to be able to hear you. I love your videos. Thanks!

Thanks for the summary of this valuable opinion of @dtube. You did our hard work to improve the quality of our videos, keep making this type of content I love it!

Thank you! I’m so glad you found the information helpful.

very interesting,, i will follow you now @coruscate

thank you. points to follow..

Awesome advice, your effort and research is greatly appreciated. Thanks for a superb video!

That’s awesome to hear! I’m really glad you found th me post helpful.

Hey Coruscate,

I recently started a Crypto-related clothing brand in the USA and I would love to bring you on as a sponsor. If you're interested please let me know!

Nice to meet you! I appreciate you thinking of me and reaching out. Maybe you could send me some more information on what that might look like? Feel free to either respond here or contact me in Steemit chat or discord.

Absolutely, I just shot you a message on Steemit chat.

If you don't see the message feel free to shoot me an email @ [email protected]

Greetings Lea, @coruscate. Well Done This post will be tremendously useful and important to such a large number of individuals. You didn't simply utilize individual encounters however researched. This is truly outstanding if not the "Best" instructive post you have ever done. These 6 viewpoints each video blurb should remember. I know I will. Much obliged to you for sharing. Cheerful Easter to you and yours.
I am your suggestion for meme photos also.

Great advice @coruscate
Being a total @dtube newbie here got me thinking about similar issues that I've stumbled across lately.
I totally agree with you!
When I created my Dtube account a few months back, I took the time to obviously, check out your videos and other interesting talented musicians here. Unfortunately most were of poor filming and audio quality which really let the performances down.
It does beg the question though doesn't it?
What if we all turned our TV's 'on and the sound or picture quality was so bad that we found it hard to watch? Well, we'd be on the phone to our cable supplier or SKY® TV as we have here in the UK. So inset to work on getting a nice audio and camera set up on a tight budget (I'm a poor independent artist you know?) cue the awwwwww's 😂
I bought a fairly priced 1080p webcam from Amazon for £25 and used a Samson Condenser mic from my studio equipment to capture thevsound. I plug my electro acoustic guitar mic into my Zoom MRS 1608 Porta-Studio and use the unbuilt Reverb and EQ.
I do believe that if you're a serious musician and songwriter, you really should be striving to get the best sound and video that you possibly can, budget permitting obviously. Because, after all, you're advertising your self and your creativity to the world.
I hope that my little nuggets of info helped some of you guys here.
Thanks again and keep on plying your lovely songs!
Darren xx

It's amazing how often when that which seems most obvious is not for so many.

Great idea for a video, very helpful for the community! :)

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