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RE: Memes Weekly with Memehub V01

in #dtube3 years ago (edited)

Awesome first vid man! and now for some constructive criticism :D

  1. You actually did ok for a person not used to be on camera, but there is room for improvement: editing out where you stop to think about what you are going to say next, more energy ( I know is not your style but it would help keep people watching ); the background noise was kind of distracting.
  2. A written TL DR with bullet points for the esential stuff, I think is a must because your casual steemian doesn't have that long of a attention span and I think it would catch the attention of passers by more easily. ( I am willing to help with this if it's too much of a hassle )
  3. I don't know if you can put time stamps on dtube videos but it would be a cool thing to do
    P.s would love to see the cat in your videos at some point :)

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ok, for sure I will be looking into it and also a big thanks for upvoting me... I have also uploaded a new blog related to travel feed.. can you please see that also, it will be a great honor for me if you do the same.

i dont even know my star sign can anybody help me out?

Do you have any video editing skills? The TL;DR is a great idea. I got two cats; Ill give them some screen time next round lol.

The more energy think is the hardest one of the suggestions for me cause its not my natural state, esp when my brain power is going to articulating my points to be made. lol. Im an engineer, not an MC bahaha.

Thanks for the feedback! Ill def implement your suggestions as best I can in the next video :)

I know the energy think is difficult but people who are really interesting to watch have a higher energy level on camera - there are youtubers that talk about presentation and running a youtube channel and they emphasize how much energy matters. Even if you don't implement it in the near future is good to know energy on camera is a thing.
I don't have any editing skills but I could help you with the TL DR if you want.

Video skills will make this super awesome.

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