Memes Weekly with Memehub V01

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So, as promised, here is the first Dtube video of the series of me discussing Memehub and other topics. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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still grinding them lulz


my 200 Lulz

200 lulz later

another 200 lulz later

more lulz- I wish I could buy updates with them :P

Im waiting until we are ready to go live on steem for the next official update. We have ran into issues setting up our testnet node but working on it. Fixed a few GUI things and working on updating mobile.

I knew you were still working on stuff but couldn't resist being a troll :D

Should be tryina troll me with a meme, lol





ani-200 pts.jpg





goldenraven .jpg








Awesome first vid man! and now for some constructive criticism :D

  1. You actually did ok for a person not used to be on camera, but there is room for improvement: editing out where you stop to think about what you are going to say next, more energy ( I know is not your style but it would help keep people watching ); the background noise was kind of distracting.
  2. A written TL DR with bullet points for the esential stuff, I think is a must because your casual steemian doesn't have that long of a attention span and I think it would catch the attention of passers by more easily. ( I am willing to help with this if it's too much of a hassle )
  3. I don't know if you can put time stamps on dtube videos but it would be a cool thing to do
    P.s would love to see the cat in your videos at some point :)

Please up vote me

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ok, for sure I will be looking into it and also a big thanks for upvoting me... I have also uploaded a new blog related to travel feed.. can you please see that also, it will be a great honor for me if you do the same.

i dont even know my star sign can anybody help me out?

Do you have any video editing skills? The TL;DR is a great idea. I got two cats; Ill give them some screen time next round lol.

The more energy think is the hardest one of the suggestions for me cause its not my natural state, esp when my brain power is going to articulating my points to be made. lol. Im an engineer, not an MC bahaha.

Thanks for the feedback! Ill def implement your suggestions as best I can in the next video :)

I know the energy think is difficult but people who are really interesting to watch have a higher energy level on camera - there are youtubers that talk about presentation and running a youtube channel and they emphasize how much energy matters. Even if you don't implement it in the near future is good to know energy on camera is a thing.
I don't have any editing skills but I could help you with the TL DR if you want.

Video skills will make this super awesome.

Bitconnect Holders

Bitconnnnnnnnect holders

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LOL that simple jack thumbnail kills me! But yeah I agree there’s lots of scope for improvement on the memeverse of steem with all the meme recycling, spamming and bid nothing

Who knows when we’re going to get light accounts or community pooled RCs that we can create accounts on the fly and actually get people in, probably 2 HF Away

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it is beautiful video #dtubechallenge

However both are centralised. Good start to the series

Are you talking about both Memehub and memestagram are centralized? Memehub wont be centralized forever. Its like raising a child, once Memehub is mature and the system design stable, we will make the push to complete decentralization. Ill talk more about this in a future episode of the series. Another good analogy is that I am bootstrapping Memehub up in an evolutionary style process. So right now, the focus is just on the core wireframe functionality.

Hi I feel you did a pretty decent job for your first video.
The whole idea is to connect, communicate and get the point across to your fellow community members and as a fellow member of the I can only say that you could establish a connect.
I am happy to see this video of yours. I have been trying to reach out to you on discord but perhaps our time of being online did not match. I would try different time so that I can talk to you on a 1 to 1 basis
I feel so far the is shaping up well.
Actually before you mentioned memesgram I did not even know it existed
Plus the meme wars gave them some free publicity.
I am a meme lover and creator myself and feel that meme's are a very potent marketing tool if done right and that is just what I would like to do to support and the onboarding process on to steemit.

I would surely try to catch you online and take the discussion forward

I replied to your discord messages.

Great way to start the series!


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which bid bot that I abuse tell me that you ask an abuse what abuse you have no answer
remove that flag @pakuratneyan

Funny as hell they both got the same haircut !
separated by space and time 😀

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That jack, lol


Flagged for bid bot abuse

That escalated quickly for sure :DD

jajaja buena

Why i got a downvote from you?

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I am downvoting posts on memestagram to show another problem with their system. Memestagram does not care about memes, their community (which isnt even a community), and takes 7.77% of your author rewards anyways. It is nothing personal against you. If you would like an upvote from us, start using the memehub platform, promote memehub, become a part of our community. I will be downvoting more memestagram posts into the foreseeable future.

I have nothing to do with memestagram. I used that tag because it has to do with memes. I dont know the community and i dont care about the problems between the different Communitys. I lost money for doing nothing wrong.

If you would like an upvote from us,

No Thanks, because when you give me an upvote, then maybe memestagram will give me a downvote. You can fight your fight without me. That was the last Time i have to do with memes.
Steemit is dying and with this actions against normal steemit users, maybe much faster than anticipated.

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Memestagram is completely inactive; they wont even address us calling them out other than by censorship. And they dont have but maybe 10% the SP we do. Obv you havent read the memehub blog or watched the first video in the series. If you feel that butt hurt over someone downvoting your meme then I think that speaks for itself. It also exhibits another problem for memes being directly on steem.

No i didnt read memehub blog or watched the video.

If you feel that butt hurt over someone downvoting your..

No, no butt hurt about a downvote, i'm still donating some steem to other users so its not the money, it's just a downvote for nothing, without a Warning. Maybe it will be better to warn People before give them some downvote. Downvoting because you dont like the other meme community will result in losing People. But, thank you for that, another reason to think about leaving Steemit.

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There was clear warning as I waged a memewar against memestagram two weeks ago and this has been an ongoing thing. Maybe you should do some more investigating before making false assertions like that there was no warning given and it was a downvote for no reason. You just said you hadnt read the blog or watched the video.

What are you trying to accomplish by claiming my downvote gives you another reason to leave steem?

Like you could have thrown a meme at us about this downvote, making fun of Memehub and I would have upvoted it, if it was dank. You are missing the bigger picture.

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