Interviewing @yabapmatt - The top steem witness !

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In this video I interviewed @yabapmatt.

He is the top witness in steem blockchain.

He is also the creator of a lot of useful application that are improving our platform.

His most famous work is organizing upvote bots in :

The website shows all the active bots and it helps to find the best deal between them. It also helps anyone to set his own bot and to compare between them. You can say that's improving the promotion in steem. It has also a delegation tool.

The other cool creation is @steemmonsters , it's a game of cards build on steem that works as well with tron and accepts a few cryptocurrencies and even creadit card or paypal.

You can also use the extention created by @yabapmatt that's called ''keychain''.

It's an extention that save your keys on your local pc instead of sharing them in a website. That really secures our passwords and even helps to organize them. Once you put the key there, you will not need to put it again and again in applications, but just login directly. That way you will never post the key somewhere by mistake.

One of the best project created by him with @aggroed is of course . It's the place where you can create any token you want just by using your posting key or even keychain. There are a lot of interesting tokens created there and it supports smart contracts as well.

@yabapmatt is making this blockchain so beautiful and active and he is supporting so many projects as well.

Enjoy watching the interview.

Watch the youtube version here :

Watch more interviews here :

Welcome to @dcooperation

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Very awesome interview. I had no idea that that's the way that SteemConnect Works. I need to go and get my keys off of there now! Better safe than sorry. Will be getting Keychain. And Steem Monsters is quite an interesting, challenging, well balanced game. Thanks for both of your hard work on the blockchain @clixmoney and @yabapmatt


You'r vey weclome. You are right, it's better to be safe and secure ourselves as much as possible. Indeed, @steemmonsters is a cool game with an awesome community. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. ☺

You asked some excellent questions, @clixmoney! And I was ridiculously amused by the revelation that @yabapmatt is tampabay backwards - I actually used to have the domain, so I appreciate palindrome-like names. 😊

I've heard a number of people talking about Keychain, and it's one of those things I keep meaning to check out and then completely space. But after the hearing the explanation of how it works, I'm thinking I'm long overdue for getting it. I really hope Steemit also integrates it sooner rather than later.

I also appreciate the discussion about being a witness, and Steem Engine and tokens because while I'm not a complete crypto n00b, I'm still a bit far over on the "Normie" side of understanding how the blockchain works. The more I listen to things like this, the more hope I have it will eventually sink into my brain. 😜

Thanks again for all the great crypto brain food, guys!


You'r very welcome. I'm glad you found a value in the interview, it's clear that you watched it all. All those creations are important to know about. Even steem is in a building stage and I think in the future, we will have much more awesome things here. We just have to be patient and to never give up. Let's hope for the best. We have so many amazing people here. ☺

i am only 1 month in steem community and i recently found steem-engine.
With steem-engine i got a complete image about token exchange.


That's great. Steem-engine is really one of the best projects in steem.


In near future when more people learn about steem community and the possibilities that has steem-engine i believe will be the core token exchange.
I have some AFIT tokens but i dont want to trade them yet.
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@clixmoney great interview! Thanks so much @yabapmatt for your unselfish efforts towards improving our blockchain.


You'r welcome.

thanks ! @clixmoney for interviewing @yabapmatt ♥♬♬ also very helpful when delegation check and update to increase or remove !

proud of lots of Contribution to steem blockchain @yabapmatt as witness !

#steem ♨ On ! with LOVE ♥ PASSION ! ♬♬

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Thanks a lot for such comments, those tools are really great, I use steembottracker to delegate always, I'm using that more than a year for now. ☺

Congratulations sir your video had been selected by dcontest for Promoting your video in our contest post😊 within 30 minutes :)

Get ready to get some more real engagements 😊

Additional Information : is a Dapp founded by @freecrypto and developed by @neavvy


Thanks a lot. ☺

Nice job Clix . This guy is really a big deal and has done so much for our Blockchain .


Thanks. Yeah, you are right, that's why I'm voting for him as a witness. ☺

Great interview and thanks to you, now i know keychain is better secure way.


That's great. I see that a lot of people are happy to know about that. Glad you liked the interview. ☺

Thank you @clixmoney... great interview

And thank you @yabapmatt because you said "Yes" to it. I now can put a face to the handle :)
You are doing so much, it almost feels like you are beyond the noobs like me, so it was nice to get to know you some
A kid that wanted to create his own games...that's a cool story

One question, I have been wanting to do a couple of things with SteemWorld and SteemReply but they both require KeyChain now. The question (sorry if the answer is obvious), what is the Password to unlock KeyChain. I am probably missing it, but I can't seem to figure it out even after reading the original posts and more....
Help ....

By the way, my daughter's handle is her name spelt backwards ;p


Thanks, yeah, that's a great thing for a top witness to accept an interview with a minnow. I'm really happy about that and I hope more people will watch it. It's really useful to know about the great people we have here. About the keychain, you have to register there a password yourself. In case you didn't yet figure out, I will create a tutorial about that. Just let me know.


Hmmmm .... a tutorial sounds great.
Thank you @clixmoney 😊

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Awesome interview @clixmoney, it was really interesting, @yabapmatt you have done a lot to make Steem better, and I am very excited about the developments on steem-engine.

I am using Steem Keychain currently, but there are 2 things that I have a problem with, publishing posts on @steempeak does not work even though everything else does, and it's not available on mobile.

Thanks for all your great work, and have a nice day.

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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked the interview. About keychain maybe you have to ask @steempeak team, maybe they have a to join their discord and ask them there about that :


great.keep creating good dapps.