Interviewing @papa-pepper - Almost 3 years on steem !

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In this video I interviewed @papa-pepper , he's been almost 3 years on steem.

With more than 21000 followers he keeps posting and is still excited about steem.

Read this quote from him :

A wild-man of a homesteader living out in the Ozark Mountains, Papa-Pepper enjoys a simple, connected life with his wife and six children. Whether gardening, fishing, hunting, foraging or just enjoying life, you're most likely to find Papa-Pepper outdoors or in the wild. Two of his favorite quotes are "Don't post for free" and "Live in such a way in the PRESENT, that when you get to the FUTURE, you won't regret your PAST."

I've known @papa-pepper since I joined here. He was mostly in the trending page and I've been following him all this time.

In the interview he gave great tips to steemians and he shared his point of view about the future of steem.

Enjoy watching the interview. ☺

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Thanks for sharing on Pimp Your Post Thursday

You're weclome. ☺

Thanks for taking the time to interview me! It was a great experience!!!

You're very welcome. Thanks for participating. ☺