Dsnap+2 - Guess the hint - Day 204 !

in dtube •  2 months ago

This my second #dtubesnapplus

It's a nice idea created by @nathanmars .

In this video I decided to make a hint in my videos.

Those hints will be mentioned only in vlogs and snaps.

This time, the hint is really easy and related with the word 3.

Please don't spoil the idea, let people watch the video.

I have also an other hint for this video.

I mentioned that I will do 3 things for those who guess the hint, what is the third ?

The first, I will maybe resteem your post to my 5000 followers.

The second I may send you some amount of steem. lol

Good luck. ☺

The winner will be announced in the next video ( vlog or snap ).

I will choose only one.

Let's play in those comments. lol

Take a look at @dcooperation. 😉

Peace. ✌️

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Greetings, clixmoney

Well cool your video. I do not understand if it is to comment here or not the tip. But, I think it is very important to do what was said.

Thank you and good night!


Yeah, thanks for the comment. :)

This really makes me think because I am a deep 'thinker'. Also I always find humor in your posts because you have a wonderful sense of humor and 'I love to laugh'. Being 'silly' is one of the things that keeps me young I think! Laughter is good like medicine! And also thinking and looking for clues is also fun and good for the soul! Great thinking Clix! This is great fun! An upvote is a nice reward for people who take the time to watch and listen. :D I wonder who is listening... I wonder who is watching... :P


More than 3, but you deserve the reward. I'm sure you are watching. Let's see how it goes. Lol.

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