DCooperation - Meet @eftnow ☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #30 ◄

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In this video I interviewed @eftnow he is a British guy living in Spain.

He is very interesting steem and @dtube user as well, he also creates podcasts series called '' Matrix Soulutions'' that you can find on @dsound .

He has an amazing show called D-Files with @bobaphet and he also delegated to our community 100 steem power.

He is also an active user of @tribesteemup and he joined steem blockchain in 2016, so he is almost 2 yeah supporting our amazing platform and that deserve big respect. Follow him here : @eftnow .

You are also welcome to join our @dcooperation to make mutual videos with us and support each other. ☺

You can watch also my previous interview with @reseller here :

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Nice intro! There are a lot of synergies I feel. And I got some very useful tips from you @eftnow! Thanks for the share @clixmoney! Great one!

You are welcome, thanks for the comment. ☺

Thanks Clixy!

It was great speaking with you and I highly recommend video content creators to get involved with this community.

Thanks for this nice feedback, see you more in our community. ☺

This is awesome and speaking with another great mind. Pretty cool

You are welcome. Glad you like it.☺

clixy!! yes please im keeping that one for your nickname :P

yeah, that's good, it's the first time I mentioned that in a video. Now more people will know about that. ☺

Another great interview I just watched 2 back to back great job on the videos

I'm glad you like it. ☺

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Thanks. ☺

Another great interview there @clixmoney, and some really great tips on using Steemit from you @eftnow.

You are very welcome. ☺