Should we really be agains steemit ?! - Day 257 !

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Today I've found this post Do you prefer Steemit's stake to stay neutral? , by @emrebeyler .

I read the post a few times and decided to record a video about this topic.

Being on steem blockchain, I kept seeing people talk about @ned the CEO of steemit.

I've been on steem blockchain for more than 1 year and half.

I was mostly watching and reading about what's happening here.

But now I'm really confused about a lot of things here.

@emrebeyler wrote in the post that Steemi inc delegates 18.5 million steem power to dapps and communities.

He wrote also that @misterdelegation is the one who is delegating and that's true, you can see that here :

He is delegating to a lot of apps including @dtube , @dsound , @oracle-d , @utopian-io and others. Also he is delegating to some communities like @steemcleaners.

My questions are :

  1. Is @misterdelegation just a whales with a lot of steem power delegated to those apps and communities, or it's an account run by @steemit and @ned ?

  2. Should we really be agains steemit, if it's them who are delegating to so much dapps and communities ?

  3. What we had to do, if those dapps didn't exist ?

I like the fact that so much steem power is delegated to dapps. Most of whales and witnesses think that we need more dapps on steem blockchain. I think dapps are doing a great thing for steem blockchain. All the communities built on steem blockchain are also good, because they are keeping people together and they are supporting a lot of them.

I'm not a native speaker, but if I did understand the question right, so I vote for those delegations and I wish more power will be delegated to dapps and communities. They all work hard to improve and promote steem blockchain. Otherwise, correct me if I'm wrong.

I wish all the best for steem blockchain, I see it the best blockchain for now.

Thanks for watching and reading. Keep dtubing. ☺

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Where's neddy boy at?


I want answers from the community.

dapps are great, dapps are awesome and steemit as a community needs them, so i believe its only essential for the delegation to go their way


yeah, I think it's the best way to make all those apps and communities improve.

Again i really like your step by step view of the delegation. very very helpful. thanks so much. .helps everyone here.

Hmm, I read the article about ned and that he is working on something else, a project which is still on the Steemit Blockchain but it isn't Steemit anymore, so I'm wondering what happens to Steemit and the steemians.. And does it makes any sense to publish posts on Steemit? Or just wait until the new platform is up? And what will happen to the coin and the Steem Power? Can we use it on all the dapps?


Very good questions, I don't know about steemit, but I think we should be active here anyway. What if the thing he is building is very related to steemit and it will be huge, will we use that opportunity ? I think he is working on a dapp as well called ''Destiny''. That app will be to support communities and we will be even able to create groups in steem blockchain. It's a good idea I think. About steem blockchain or the coin, everything will be ok with it. Developers are creating and supporting more apps. Investors are promoting steem. And by time steem may go very high in the price. Of course you can use all the dapps, they are useful and they even reward much more than steemit. It's blockchain, when you post in them, it will be posted in steemit as well. I wish you good luck and happy new year. Keep learning and improving. ☺


Hey, I know what you mean, but will every App have its own coin? And how are we getting rewarded? If every app has its own coin will they be tradable? So probably it doesn't make any sense to hold Steem anymore? I mean wouldn't it be better to exchange it for Bitcoin or Eth? Just to be save....? Or will Steem always be there?I would appreciate if someone could give a clear answer on that topic. Same for you :) Don't drink too much ;)

What's also great about so much delegation to those dapps is that those dapps and communities gives upvotes to its members and they also provide value to Steemit as a whole. SteamCleaners for example helps weed out the bad players, who spam and post links to websites that are shady boots.

The value of one's vote is based on the amount of SP the person has and the value of Steem in the market. But more in the blockchain and some dapps having lots delegated to them does not make my vote go up or down. I don't think such delegations are a bad thing. I'm all for it, if it brings value to the communities it supports, which in turn bring value and contributions to its members who contribute in that community and encourages more engagement.

Edit: Resteemed :)


Yeah, of course, delegations are awesome. Only delegations mak fair distribution of reward pool. Not keeping the power only for some people who will control everything. Thanks for the nice comment and resteem. Let's hope for the best. I wish you happy new year. See you in 2019. ☺


Thanks! Happy New Year to you too :)

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I would love to know more about where Ned is? Great video Clix and I love the topic choice! You really covered everything and brought important points into the light :D

You should make more decentralized news/updates videos like this. The community needs this type of hard hitting content. Ask questions.. and cover meaningful topics. Maybe it will help all of us gain a better understanding which will kill any FUD lurking in the shadows. <3


Thanks a lot, I'm glad you like what I'm doing. I don't think that Ned is going anywhere. I heard he is creating an app called destiny and it will allow you to create groups in steem blockchain. I think it's a good idea, especially for communities. I hope all the best for steem blockchain and for you as well. ☺ Let's say to 2018 goodbey. And welcome 2019 soon.☺

I also not sure I understand the question, but I think logically, we all benefit from using the Dapps. So simply it seems like it would be good to the Steem community in general. Thanks for your research and your faithful participation. Regards, Rich


You are very welcome, glad you support dapps as well. I see them very important as well. I wish you happy new year. ☺

Iunno. Personally maybe I am still too young in the blockchain to really have a good view of what is going on and how I should form my opinions, but I'm gonna say for now that I think we are sometimes a little too hard on steemit. I think what they do for all these dapps and communities is awesome and that the rest of the responsibility rests more in us and our capacity as business people than it does on them to hold our hand and do things for us.

This is a decentralized environment. I think a lot of people think that's great, but then they fall right back on the mindset of expecting centralized responses when they ain't gonna happen.

Am I a little frumpy that ned doesnt wanna seem to come out and speak? Yeah. I think a little "hey I'm here, taking a step back from representing the community for now, hope you understand" would go a whole lot farther than silence, but this is what we got and I guess I'll accept that.

But I dont got issue with steemit, I think it's in our hands to make this place what we want it to be and steemits job is helping us and providing some of the technology.

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Yeah, but we should understand him as well. He wasn't posting and people get mad at him, he started to post and people get even worse atacking him and saying in public bad words. Maybe even him doesn't know how to act with people. It's hard. People always hate directors and presidents, whatever they do, they are always bad for people. All I see is that ned is supporting and delegating to great apps and when dlive mess with the community he removed delegation from them. When people make projects against the community and say bad things about the community, they get flagged. I think he is doing his best and in end we can't be good to everyone. We shoudln't let anyone control us or tell us what to do. In the end we are all free people. I hope everything will be ok with steem blockchain and we will all be happy and successful. Thanks for the nice comment. Happy new year. ☺


Oh yeha you are totally right. The amount of hate he got was UNCALLED for. Some of the mean things that were being said, unacceptable. I remember speaking about that in a discord chat too with someone, how I thought it was okay to be understandably frustrated but all of that was plain malicious.

I can def see your point in that. He has done great things for this community, I just wish it was a better atmosphere or something for him to start posting again because I really enjoyed reading their plans and updates.

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Hard questions that need timely answers before the past repeats itself in a slightly similar way but under the same Major watch.