DCooperation - Meet @steemcafe ☺ ► Dtube Collaboration #8 ◄

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In this video I interviewed @steemcafe , he is the start in dtube. He is also leading an amazing community called @dtubestars. You just have to follow him to understand how to grow on dtube !

A few days ago @steemcafe also interviewed me in this video : @steemcafe interviewing me . That interview gave me a big push to start working better on my quality video and that's why I baught a new webcam and now I recorded the interview with much better webcam. ☺

The thing I've learned from meeting @steemcafe is that you have to show all the things that you are special in, you don't have to be afraid to try, just do what you can to be successful and you will be for sure. ☺

Anyone can be in such video, you may just contact me on Our DCooperation Chat. And we can do a similar video. I will ask there questions :

  1. How long have you been on steem blockchain ?
  2. Who invited you to steemit or dtube and how you find it ?
  3. What do you think about steem blockchain ?
  4. What are your skills ?
  5. What are tips that you can give to all steemians ?

You can also ask me any questions about steemit or dtube and I will try to answer them.

After the first interview you will be the official partner of @dcooperation and you will have our upvotes. The goal of @dcooperation is to upvote all dtubes videos that wasn't upvoted by dtube. We also split the reward of our collaborations : 10% from the first, 25% from the second, 50% from the third if dtube upvotes. After the third collab you we will always spolit the reward 50/50. Any earning of @dcooperation will go to power up to give better upvotes. If you want to support us somehow, please contact us in discord : DCooperation Server.


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