Are we curating names or content ?

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In this video I shared my opinion about the curation that we already have in steem after the hard fork 21 and I talked about the solutions.

I really think that everything can easialy fixed if we all work together to do that.

I'm doing my part by checking the new page in steem and by finding new steemians to follow !

I think this page is more important than the trending or the hot one !

  • Let's care also about newcomers and welcome them like we were doing before.

  • Let's open our communities to more people to join them, close communies is not the case.

  • Let's stop caring about the curation rewards and start caring about having a healthy blockchain.

  • Let's upvote content by not names.

That's the brief of my video and you can agree with that or not, I just shared my ideas.

If I'm wrong in something let me know about that !

Steem is great and we can make it just perfect !

I'm actively promoting steem in twitter, you can join me there :


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