DCooperation - Meet @cartel ☺► Dtube Collaboration #14 ◄

in dtube •  last year 

In this video, I interviewed @cartel , he is one of those first dtubers who started using it right away after the creation, he shared a lot of useful tips in the video.

I think you just have to follow @cartel since he has a very good experience in @dtube and the whole steem blockahain.

If you want to participate in such interview just contact me in our discord channel : https://discordapp.com/invite/qH8tDtx

We want to make more people connect and to make steem blockchain the best place for all of us. ☺


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Post yang sanggat bagus,salam steem,jangan lupa singgah di post saya

steemit tidak berfungsi seperti itu, jangan spam, jangan minta orang untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk anda, menjadi asal!

Thank you for this interview, it was so much fun! I hope to collaborate again. You were very courteous and positive. I’m sure our blogs will cross paths again.

Of course, I hope to see you again, we will have a good future with our @dcooperation idea, we will always improve it and collaborate with good steemians like you. ☺

me gusto mucho esta entrevista gracias por compartir

Muchas gracias. ☺

amazing vidio dtubers content creator star on trending

do you think writing the same comment to everyone will make you out ?

This was a great interview I really do like hearing other dtubers experiences and u had some great questions

I am happy you like it, also it's good that you have an idea about our interview, so you will be ready to your interview and it will be amazing also. ☺

Yeah very cool interview :)
its interesting this thing called DTube and Steemit and most people i have spoken to about it are very sceptical but then i show them some of my results and how awesome the community here is. This is it I am in love with the people on here.

@cartel Wait wait you opened Dtubestudio... I am about to start a project i was planning on calling DTubestudios... applied for the account a week ago. Didnt think about checking this before registering it. So we should talk as I was planning basically the same thing a channel on helping dtube creators.

Whats your Discord so we can chat perhaps we should work together on this. One of the things I want to do is run a weekly contest where I give away animations for DTube channels. Advice for making better video and ultimately build up this account to help curate and upvote good Dtube content.

My background is in web design, SEO and Social media marketing it is something i have studied for a decade now. It drives my current business and funds my side project of content creation which on other platforms is based around marketing. Here Im making content for the love of performing arts and im loving being able to do it this way and not have it linked to my business.

Here is our discord channel : https://discordapp.com/invite/qH8tDtx , contact me and let's do it.

Yes that’s really ironic, I’ve been so busy but it’s a project that’s overdue. You can check out my video to see my similar vision.


You can contact me through the discord group or directly at cartel #5566

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