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I just realized after being on steem more than 2 years that powering up is not that scary. ☺

All this time I was afraid to power up because I use all the earning to pay my bills and taxes.

But now I have a lot of power I think and I'm a dolphin and I have to enjoy a bit my hard work.

I always was thinking that powering down is kind a crime because it seems like you are leaving the platform.

But I noticed a lot of people powering down, not only because they want to leave, but they don't want at all to do that.

Even dapps earn from powering down and I think that's ok as well, I just have to look at things from the other side.

Anyway, I hope that I will not forget to always set my rewards to 100% power up.

That's not only make us power up and grow faster in the platform , but that's profitable as well.

I know that's not a lot, but we all have some interest from our steem power, the more steem power you have, the more that interest will be.

For example if you are posting in steemit, you will find that button where you can choose 50/50 or 100%.

I will always choose 100% from now and even in @dtube we have that choice in the advanced mode.

Let's not be afraid to power up, because we can power down that anytime.

I clicked today the first time during this 2 years on the button of power down to see what happen and guess what !

My 5000 steem power in case I power up gives more than 400 steem a week, that's awesome.

I will power up from now all my earning.

That's really great to learn about something new.

Enjoy the video with the background sound of the rain and a cat saying ''miyayooo''. lol

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The more stem.ppwer may also brings more follower to you as many users follow just looking at the wallet.

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haha, yeah, a lot are doing so. We became too walleted or walleting people. lol Just kidding :)

Let's see how it goes. A lot of things are happening in steem and I think the price of steem will go up, that's why it's the time to do everything to accumulate the most that we can.

I'm a bit afraid about the change that we will have in the future. 50% for creators will be not that good I think.

Anyway, let's hope for the best and keep our positivity on. ☺


Many community already moving ahead with new set up. Hopefully we will see some brighter days ahead.....btw congratulation on Dolphinhood. (I missed it😉).....let's see how long I will take

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I'm glad that communities are aware. Thanks a lot for congratulating. I enjoy being a dolphin and I hope you will get there as soon as possible. You only need about 800 steem, I think you can make it in about 3 months. I'm glad that you are a true believer of steem and still keeping your power. I wish you all the best in steem on particular and in life in general. ☺

Setting your reward to 100,% is really bold, I don't earn much from the dapps so I'll Still have to split, my videos get only two votes a week, but well it's not a crime I guess people have the right to do what they want to do with their reward, awesome video here.


Thanks a lot. Yeah, I always was thinking, why I'm keeping that steem on my wallet. That's only because I need it. I just have not to worry about powering down and to not think that's a crime. So, let me power up for a month and see what will happen. I hope I will never power down, but I don't have that choice. Especially after thinking that the rewards will be 50% to curators and 50% to creators, I'm thinking what if the will not affect the whales and they will keep upvoting their circles ? What if the just decide to delegate the power to an other account and earn only from curating the same people. What if we will all earn less because of that. Anyway, I'm still positive about steem and I will keep power up and watching what's happening in @steemitblog. I hope all the change that will be done, will be done for the best.


I fear for the 50/50 thing really, I hope it doesn't get affect little dolphins and big minnows but like you said no matter what happens powering up is the first thing because I think it buys us influence in the long run


Yeah, of course. And if we think about that powering down is ok in case we need money, so we realize that we are earning the double of our previous earning where we were thinking that powering down is a crime. It's all about how we think.

Powering up is good... I really love it than selling!


That's great. I also think that it's not the time for selling at all. It's the lowest price ever almost of steem. I think buying more is the best we can do. After some time, we will not be able to buy when steem will be more expensive.

That's really great! We should do it for our self. More power, More Action and More activities.


Thanks. You're right. Let keep our power up.

Thanks for the sharing, din't know that about powering down now that you mention, it gave a different perspective to it.


You'r very welcome. I'm glad you learned something from this. ☺