Video guys should stick together !

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In this video I talked about video creators in steem blockchain.

I've been on steem more than 2 years and 4 months and most of that time I was creating videos.

I noticed that if we don't write good text and format our posts well and add pictures to it, that's not that supported.

But, the time and the effort that we put in our videos is really more than just writing a post.

I can choose a free picture or take one from my camera of phone and edit one in the editor and write a text and post it and it will take me the maximum half hour or even less.

But, when we create videos, we edit them mostly, we upload them and sometimes it takes hours before we post everything and in the end only a few people watch that or support you depending on the title or the idea written without watching the video.

Creating videos is not just rewarded and more fun, I think that people are not all the same and some of them like to create videos, others like to write and that's very ok.

So, that's why video guys should stick together. We are all steemians after all !

It doesn't matter if we prefer dtube or 3speak or vimm more, we are all like-minded.

But anyway, I would ask this question and create a pool in twitter :

Do you prefer to read posts in steem or to watch videos ?

You can reply me in the comments, or participate in twitter and let's follow each other there.

We have a big movement in twitter to promote steem, so if you are not there, join us.


Welcome to DCooperation community

You also can participate in this : Think about STEEM

Join us in discord here : DCooperation discord server


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Thanks a lot. ☺

That’s why I joined up with you so long ago. I wanted to be a video guy too and this group is great.

I should build it into my posting a little more often.

Video people are awesome.

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Yeah, that's why I'm building the community of collaborations. Because video people like to do so. You can send me a one minute video talking about steem and I will increase your autoupvote from @dcooperation, check the updates please.

Wow, you're full time steemian. Nice going my man. Keep up the great job :)

I was almost all the time full time. Sometimes I had work to do, sometimes no. I still don't have the citizenship and nobody taking me to work because of that. I think by 2020 I will have it. I hope so at least.