The investment algorithm should be changed, not rewarding system !

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Recently steemit team wanted to make the change in the reward system that we have now. From 75% to creators and 25% for curators to 50%/50%.

In beginning I thought it will be good because whales will upvote more. But after thinking for a while I come with the idea that those whales can just delegate to other accounts and keep upvoting what they are upvoting.

So, 50/50 is not a solution at all.

Even the change in the rewarding system is not necessary at all.

I'm thinking that is they change the investment algorithm, it will be much better.

We like to power up to support steem blockchain, but we want as well our investment in the platform to be profitable.

During all this 2 years being in steem I noticed that my upvote is going down no matter how much steem power I have.

I remember when I had less than 3000 steem power and my upvote was about $0.3.

Now my steem power is more than 5000 and my upvote is less than $0.2.

Is that fair ?

I think the upvote shouldn't be related to the price of steem. If we have certain amount of steem power, it should give the same upvote all the time. Our main currency is steem, why we need to rely on an other currency ?

Aren't we all wanting decentralization to not be dependent on dollar ?

Aren't we all wanting to make steem the decentralized currency for all the world ?

If there is something hidden, I don't know about, please tell me.

I really hope that the next hardfork will be to attract more investors to the platform.

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I’d like to see change hopefully a more level playing field. Cheers mike


I hope it will be useful for all of us. Always hoping for the best for steem !

The dollar is still the relationship to the outer world. Steemit can choose not to show the dollar equivalence, but regardless, people buying STEEM with buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin first.


When you see certain amount of $ earned from a post, that doesn't mean that we earn that money. It's better to show that in steem to not confuse people. When people join and see that $ earned from posts, they think that we earn here that much, but after time they got disappointed.

So,reward system will change or not. Is there any better option?


I don't know, but they may change it if they already announced that.

Check always the updates from @steemitblog.

Certainly the worth of the vote should be de-copuled from Steem price in USD. In fact, the Steem price in USD shouldn't influence anything or be noticed at all on Steemit outside the wallet in my opinion. Now that the wallet has been spilt from the main steemit-page, focus on the main page should be on the community and the steem blockchain and token, not the dollar value.


Of course , we are investing in steem after all, not in dollar.

99% the change will occur, and people will need to adapt toward it.

Keep your optimist high and steem on. :)

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Yeah, it seems that we just have to accept changes. We can't stand against them.

Optimism is the key to happiness. :)

@clixmoney I'm sure once we are out of a crypto bear market our upvote will be worth alot more. Like others said it's due to steems worth to dollars. Heard on #pypt

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I hope everything will be related to crypto in the future. We are investing in steem not in dollar.


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