Welcome @bravegamer to steem blockchain !

in dtube •  14 days ago 

In this video I'm welcoming @bravegamer who was invited by me to steem.

He has a few youtube channels and all about gaming.

I even introduced to him @steemmonsters.

He likes to play cool arcade games and in his introduction video he includes me.

You can support him here : The introduction of @bravegamer blog

Or you can read his introduction post here : Bravegamer

I also decided to welcome him in a cool way.

Enjoy watching.


Welcome to DCooperation community

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Welcome mate, we are one big family here. Good job @clixmoney for encouraging @bravegamer to embrace the steem blockchain while he keeps playing more arcade games.

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Thanks a lot. I hope he will like it here. Thanks for welcoming.

Thank you @clixmoney for the support. It was funny. Thank you @ttsproductions for welcoming. I wish all Steemians a nice and positive mood.

You're very welcome. I hope you will like it here and find what you're looking for. ☺