Lower Floor Shooter Mandalay Bay - Taxi Driver Full Length Vid With Statement on Location of Shooter

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Posted at Steemit for Posterity: Versions of this video are already being reported as being removed by You Tube.

Video taken by female taxi driver who was under the shooter in the front taxi staging area of the Mandalay Bay hotel at the time of the Las Vegas massacre. The taxi driver looks up at the window where the firing appears to be coming from at the 4:57 mark and states "it seems like its coming from up there" as the camera clearly shows rapid bursts of light emanating from a window in perfect syncopation with the sound of machine gun fire. She then proclaims "oh shit". She films the building for a few more seconds before stating "alright, I'm outta here".

At the 6:00 mark the radio controller states " Can you guys clear that up and let us know what is happening?" The taxi driver then states " alright, well I was up at the Mandalay Bay and.....oh my god now there are stops everywhere..........it seems like its coming from like the 10th floor of the Mandalay Bay. I don't know. God this is insane".

Her statement to the taxi dispatcher, in regards to the 10th floor, highlights that she personally believes that she saw the shooter as shown in the earlier portion of the video.

For additional videos and information related to a possible lower floor shooter, please check out the following post:


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i am pretty sure that the light you see in that video is a strobe light. the police scanner audio states there is a strobe light on that side of the building and if you track the flash sequence you see in the video, you will see it is totally out of sync with the sounds of gun shots and also more closely resembles a strobe.

thanks for this.
that girl on the phone at the end deserves the award for the most annoying crisis actor ever. fake as hell.
nothing more than a "found footage" hollywood flick, and the beginning was like being in the movie Drive.
The taxi driver was the only decent actor... "I'm a girl" lol apart from that he was pretty convincing.
all the others sounded like frauds: fake tone of voice, fake panic, fake cries.fake grief. nothing coming out of their mouths sounded even remotely genuine.
"does anyone wanna know my name?" and they all laughed.

You're welcome. Its also worth pointing out that at the very beginning of the video there are two distinctly different machine gun noises. One sounds like its firing in very close proximity and the other sounds like its firing quite far off. The 1st is distant at the one second mark. The 2nd is close at the 3 second mark. The third sound is distant at the 7 second mark. The next gun fire bursts are distant sounding at the 47 second mark. Then distant at 53 second mark. Then at the 1:09 mark there is once again close proximity heavy machine gun fire. Between 1:09 and 1:25 mark the sounds are overlapping. At the 1:45 mark they are distant again. Again they are distant at the 2:18 mark. Then she commences driving, thus it becomes more difficult to pinpoint discrepancies in the sounds. Judging from the size of the building, in my opinion, the close proximity bursts were closer to the taxi staging area where she was parked than the 32nd floor. I think the far off shots sound about right for the 32nd floor, but the close shots deserve enhanced scrutiny. If an investigating party was to put the audio into a DAW they would be able to more closely examine the specific audio frequency of the individual sounds and determine the patterns using the wav forms, as well as the irregularities related to such. Thus, establishing for certain their various differences. Its also possible to conduct testing on the distances via the audio and possibly determine where the close proximity fire originated from in relation to the taxi staging area.

Holy fuck, the first 10 seconds of this video you can clearly hear gun fire from like right above where they are sitting, then later some shots are heard very muffled and much further away.


I re-steemed this one buddy! Thanks for sharing.

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