FACEBOOK & TWITTER: Are you ever going to tell me the real reason you banned me?

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It’s been long, welcome back to the decentalized social media platform (Steem) where you control your content at 100% and cannot be censored by anybody. Hope you continue your stay here ✌

Very true ... @horpey ;)

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Welcome to the Decentralized Revolution :)

The more we get people to use Decentralized platforms the larger they will grow. No one is shutting you down here.

I am the leader of #informationwar @informationwar effort and it looks like you all fit in perfectly with what we are about.

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Well looks like alternative media should find a new home in steem! While we may not provide the reach these platforms have at least its a place to publish freely

Pretty sure traditional social media will continue to ring fence content and it will only be a matter of time before more publications and users defect

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Just an add bought on these platforms with written : ''Tired of being censored on social media ? => Join Steemit, no goverment or company can alter what you posted'' could go such a long way in bringing in more Steemit users.

Not a bad idea and if creators move over some of their audience might as well and create a knock on effect

Carey, welcome back to STEEM. This account is striving to bring more content creators with large followings to the STEEM blockchain, and help ensure they receive adequate rewards and exposure here. Expect regular upvotes and reblogs.

The reason they ban people is truth, speaking the truth. I'm currently shadow banned on twitter. That's fine though, they're sewing the seeds for their own demise. More people are opting for decentralized platforms like Steemit. The future is definitely bright.

Damn remind me never to get on your bad side!

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Well @careywedler, my guess is you used some word they didn't understand... correctly, in a sentence... and then went on to use that same word to beat them at Scrabble.

Yes, I'm being wildly facetious... but not so much in the context that many of these platforms are hopelessly arbitrary and inconsistent in terms of what and when they ban people and pages.

A good friend of ours had her page taken down from Facebook for posting a scathing review of a known health scam because some algorithm/moron just scanned some keywords and associated her "WARNING" with being an ENDORSEMENT of a scam product. Took a couple of months to straighten that out, and she wasn't even remotely controversial.

As someone who's a "big pattern student," the usual answer is follow the money, sometimes in unlikely ways. And petty ways. ANYone who's any kind of "boat rocker" means someone, somewhere has to spend time and effort to sort out a problem, and that cuts into profits. It's really matter whether the editorial staff likes or dislikes your perspective... you take up TIME and MONEY. It's easier and cheaper to just ban you (and hope you don't mind, or notice!) than to have paid staff investigate and sort things out.

Reminds me of working in the IT industry, 20+ years ago. Working with documentation, we were required to bury the tech support number SO DEEP in the manuals that nobody could find them... because someone actually having to staff a phone and answer questions cost resources and money."

That's just your STARTING point

Now you can add in political leanings and controversy, and who's buying who and who's ads are being paid for where...


But you has the right to read and respond to the Presidents tweets because twitter is a "townhall" now with free speech protections... At least according to some judges somewhere.

I like the little libertarian disclaimer :-D
I wish you good luck with your troubles on the other platforms

Wonderful to see you post again on Steem.

I enjoyed meeting you in Anarchopulco and hope to see more content from you on here!

Well said. They have been censoring and limiting me and many others for many years. I have known all along that they are not to be trusted with the free flow of valid information when it exposes what they are trying to deny. Let's keep building alternatives and stop trying to lend them legitimacy.


The amount of rules and regulations from government and social media anymore are getting out of hand. So much to the point I feel like it is a new catlys for decentralized systems, cryptocurrency to really start to shine.

You are in the right place Carey, let dinomedia go extinct.

The establishment doesn’t like us speaking up against their causes so this is they way of silencing you without putting a straight up hit on people. They just ban your social media accounts, in this day in age, if you are banned from social media, in their eyes you don’t exist, lol. Well fuck them and welcome to Steem!

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Most Companies are NEVER held accountable

Most Tech companies and Social Media companies over 1M dont have -
Live HTTP support chat
Email support
USA or international phone number for support

Almost ALL of them hide behind their company brand

:( Which is why I wish decentralized places like steem and dtube would be the norm and not a small niche.

I was on G+ and spent years getting 11K followers there and spreading the message of individual liberty. While there I was also on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter's attacks against liberty lovers and the truth made me close my accounts. Facebook is the same, but my spouse is still on there. I don't check my account unless she asks me to (to see something she posted like a picture of our children).

Then I tried MeWe and Minds, and I just don't like them compared to Steemit. After a long break, I'm back here. This place makes it VERY easy to find the content you want and have conversations with the people there. On MeWe and Minds for example, there was zero content or interest in private investigation or physical security. Here though? I can share that content and easily search for it from others.

Steemit has its issues, but nothing else compares to it.

Twitter bans are badges now.
Ill follow you here.
Do you like privatecoins or just the steem platform...

bans can only be given to those who cheat and violate social media rules. 🙋

I stopt use them long time back ... so I can say soon they all close .
I use steemit 100 % .
But it is cool you start use steemit ... it help me lot last 3 years so I think same for you soon.

You are awesome btw Carey.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy nut 😉 I'd say that Facebook/twitter are purging the 'wrong' type of political content and commentary. Imo, this can only be happening under government duress as I'm not sure what is in it for them to ban anyone. After all, any type of content is driving views to those platforms.

As you rightly point out, a lot of peddlers of hate and bigotry are being allowed to speak, why not Anti-Media?

I'm glad you've found a voice here on steem where it's impossible to censor people 🙂

Glad someone else is noticing this !
All the divisive voices maskerating as alternatives to the mainstream are flourishing and promoted (the new left and the new right).
The anecdotal bans that they receive bring them more publicity than anything else.
The real alternative media is just being erased from the conversation.
All you can see in the alternative media on youtube for example is flat earth, Q anon BS and ramblings about immigration, as if that's the main issue in the world right now (as opposed to central banks for example).

Corporations follow the interest of the institutions that fund them. We are currently in the midst of one of the biggest paradigm shifts in human history. In our last attempt to become decentralized, the Nazis took away our liberty by shutting down intellectuals that proposed a better idea than marxist socialism. Currently it is very hard for the brainwashed masses to imagine anything different from the current paradigm. That we exchange values directly is inevitable. That as opposed to being subjected, indoctrinated as well as conditioned by unethical mass appeal and brainwashed consumerism is now changing. Even our new economy is in it’s baby shoes. Since we need to make sure steem makes revenue to pay for its nodes, we are fueling a community and not filling some “zuckerschleckers”(for the germans) pockets.

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Thank for for dropping back into Steemit! It's about the only place a broke guy like me can support you. :-)

Unwarranted censorship should be the death nail in any content-sharing platform.
In my view it's the people's fault unfortunately...
Do you think facebook or youtube or any of these platforms can just tell the intelligence agencies to go fuck themselves ?
They will bow to whomever applies the biggest pressure and is the biggest threat to future earnings.
They couldn't care less about receiving a few thousand angry e-mails about their censorship.
The only thing that could equate the pressure they receive from agencies and very powerful groups would be a MASS EXODUS from their platforms, which unfortunately is not underway yet as far as I can tell...

Welcome back. I See this vid is on youtube for over month now. Would ne great if you added that. I thought this would be a reup from last year.

Check out www.steempeak.com - you can schedule posts there.

Enjoy and steem on!

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