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Another video in the Gear Acquisition Syndrome series this time....about cameras. Always a hot topic so we dive into it. Why I chose the GH5 for my use case, and perhaps some things you should think about when you purchase a camera. What is your use case? Hope you enjoy.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Much as I love the 180fps & ability to output 10bit pro res for my I don’t like the m4/3 sensor or the autofocus.

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Yep. If you want autofocus, this is not the camera. Production stuff I light 99% of the time, so mostly a non issue for me on sensor size, but if you need low light/high iso stuff, Sony is the way to go.

For me also the dynamic range on the A7iii when using hlg3 is just great

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Yeah I've shot a little HLG on the GH5. Sony gets some 4K60 and unlimited recording and I might be convinced to swtich over :)

Yeah I think everyone is waiting to see what the s3 has when it’s released hey, if they could make a gh5 A7iii hybrid it would be perfect

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Agreed. I think everyone is waiting to see what the Siii will have. Sony is definitely making crazy fast strides in the mirrorless world. I'm excited to see how it continues. Fun stuff.

Yeah that’s for sure! Their cameras are making huge strides with every new model, it’s crazy

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I was thinking to buy sony alpha a6000 or a5100 for vlogging.. What you think about that?? @captainbob..

I think the a6000 would be good, although there is no screen to flip around and see yourself in, but otherwise would be a decent vlog camera. I'm not really familiar with the a5100 so perhaps others could give some feedback on it.

I got that.. May be I will check this out, because soon I will buy one for myself only for vlogging.. I have nikon D7200 which I don't use much... That's why I am taking all kinds of review for vlogging cameras..

Go for Sony! If you want the flip screen go for the a6400, I personally think the A7iii is the best option.

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I will check this one....Thanks @alexabsolute

Camera gear is always going to be a game of evolution.
I have seen so many options to choose from when it comes to vlogging.
I have heard of gh5 first from casey neistat when he used to be active on social media. IMO, the GH5 wouldn't be first option when it comes to vlogging, but someone like you could use it considering all the features it has.
If you can, do go through Fujifilm xa5 and Gopro Hero7, since till date these have been my first choice when it comes to strictly vlogging.

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This is the exact camera I wanted to buy but they were pricey in Japan, I went with the affordable all rounder from Canon the M50 but I wanna try these out as well as the Sonys.

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Great review Captain, covering details, pros and cons and use cases. I was so close to buying this camera when serendipity stepped in and I bought the a7iii instead. I've never regretted that decision and just added the a6400 to my arsenal (APS-C). The big advantage of the a6400 is no recording limit. That was a big draw for the GH5, until the guy in the camera store told me that it does have a recording limit on the UK market model. I record interviews too, so now I have something that will cover that and I can use the same lenses on both bodies. I think the GH5 still makes sense for video only, while Sony and Fuji are more attractive to hybrid shooters? Dunno - I could just be regurgitating Internet 'wisdom', but I do know that the a7iii has totally changed my game and made me fall deeper in love with taking pictures and shooting video than ever before, and that's what it's all about, right?