Dtube Does What?!? Why I Won't Be Using Dtube...For Now

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There were some things about Dtube that I didn't know and I had to learn the hard way. 

Today I learned that Dtube takes 25% of your rewards just for posting on their platform. Had I known this, I would have put more thought into making a decision in using the platform. I take full responsibility of my ignorance because I should have done more research before posting.

Why Does Dtube Take 25% Of Rewards

After doing my research today, I do understand why they take 25% of our rewards. In order for Dtube to stay decentralized, they use IPFS which is InterPlanetary File System. This allows for our files, or videos rather, to be distributed in a peer-to-peer system. With this system there are costs to store files hence why Dtube takes 25% of our rewards. 10% of the 25% is used to pay for the long term storage of the files. I believe the other 15% is to improve the platform even though I could not find it written anywhere.

If you want to read up more on Dtube I suggest reading the post below:

Introducing DTube: a decentralized video platform using STEEM and IPFS

Insert From The Post

Why I'm Going To Stop Using Dtube...For Now

I'm A Minnow Trying To Build My Steemit Account

One of my reasons for not using Dtube is because I'm currently a minnow. Have 25% of my rewards taken is counterproductive to me building my Steemit account. My main focus is to produce quality content, build my account and influence so that later I am able to help others do the same.

Right now I'm not in a place where I can help Dtube especially when they have 2,000,000+ of delegated Steem Power

Dtube Issues & Bugs

Another reason is because Dtube can be a bit buggy. There has been a few times when I tried to upload a video repeatedly only to have the same error message pop up over and over. There has also been times when I have tried to watch other people's videos only to have 4 seconds of it play and then freeze.

I am sure that these problems will be worked out as time goes on but to have 25% of my rewards taken and people not be able to watch my video is a bit too much for me.

My Plans & Conclusion

I'm not completely done with Dtube. I may even post more content on there but I will not be boosting any Dtube posts. I plan on getting to a place on Steemit where I can actually delegate some of my own Steem Power to help the platform but now is not the time.

This post is not to bash Dtube anyway but rather to inform and be totally transparent with the people of Steemit. I like the whole idea and concept of Dtube and I want to see the platform prosper but now is just not the right time for me to do so. We have a loooong way before we can actually take on and take out YouTube.

Also check out my video I made on this topic as well

Best of luck to all of you Steemians and Dtube.

Till next time Steemians...Steem On!!


@yesaye aye bro look at this, did you know this???

This is how we get ads ...services are not free to provide so there has to be some cost somwhere.

I understand that. I said in the post and video that there is nothing wrong with them collecting 25% BUT the information needs to be known.

busy, dtube, steepshot all take a % as a beneficiary for their service layered on steemit. It may not be obvious so I agree it should be clear. However you will also find posts on steemit talking about getting more viewers by using those platforms so it may be a wash since you make up for it in volume once you get more established. In the early days it is harder for sure.

edit: dlive does not charge, I was mistaken

Yeah it really is hard but my mind is set to get established on this platform. I stopped posting on IG and Facebook because I have spent so much time creating content for this platform. Once I get to where I can leave a decent upvote amount Steemians who read my content then I will venture off in other platforms again. I may start back using them sooner and just avoid boosting my post.

Neither does busy.org.

Steepshot doesnt have beneficiary setting on posts, but on the comments of that post.

You can easily check who is taking a beneficiary slice from your post through the steem explorers (i like steeworld.org a lot for that), looking for the detail of the posts.

Clearly I am very mistaken in how I was reading the beneficiary info in steemdb.

It looks like steepshot is doing 1.5% of comment rewards, as no the esteem android app is doing 1% of comment rewards like you said.

So the only one in my stream is dtube for the 25% author rewards. I am ok with that because in reading how dtube works behind the scenes there is going to be a cost for running the service and improving the service.

Could they introduce "pay for reduced %" approaches in the future if people were concerned about the %?

I just followed you BTW

Dlive takes 0% of your earnings. They have stated this several times.

sorry, that is my mistake I will update my comment.

I would go with the ads over the 25%. Anyone else would too.

25% taken away is not the worse because it pays for storage of the video, the worse is that videos are gone after that and it is not clear how to have them hosted permanently somewhere.

Agreed! That is a huge problem that will has to find a solution before we even get close to that time.

that's very true, because I uploaded a lot of videos and didn't find any of them just after they gave me the link of those video, they are stored somewhere but not seen in dtube or in my channel, and if they take those 25% why to not upvote the most original contant, mine is all original, they even upvote some people that steal video from the web, but not the original content where people spend a long time to do it.

dtube should have a promoted section but unlike steemit where sbd are burnt the promted funds are used to pay the hosting

Now that is a great idea!!!

Maybe i should get in contact with the creator of dtube maybe he will like my idea..

we are actually redfish since our steempower is below 500

Thanks for the information. I have only recently learned how to post videos to YouTube - have never been much of a blogger or anything like that before coming to SteemIt 9 months ago.

I tried looking into and using Dtube about 3 months ago, but found it lacking. I couldn't find any good posts about how to upload videos, what format they needed to be in, etc. There seemed to be some kind of program, code, or video codec that you had to install on your own computer in order to get it to work right. And, overall it was just more hassle to bother with than I wanted to take time out for using.

But, more than anything, the quality of watching videos just isn't quite there yet. I still come across many, many dtube videos that I click on to play and... nothing happens. Of course, somebody will come on here and say that it's my problem of there's something wrong with my computer. But, if there's something wrong or missing with my setup - why do videos from every other social media platform work just fine? Until dtube works its' $#!t out, it's not going to be "the next big thing," IMHO.

For now, dtube is still not working right because I go to the site, click on their videos, and they don't play properly. I have no similar problems on YouTube - so I'll keep on using it until it doesn't work any more. I don't see that happening any time soon, despite dtubes' best efforts, so far.

As far as the advertising revenue bitches and complaints go, I have no horse in that race - don't make any money on either platform, so it doesn't make any difference to me. As a simple consumer of "just watching videos" for learning and entertainment, YouTube is still working much better than dtube. Nothing against dtube - and I hope they get everything all worked out and running smoothly. Right now, they don't seem to.

Thanks for sharing your experience and information. I'm also a minnow and want to focus on building steem power so I can give more valuable votes to the quality content I want to support. It makes sense for DTube to invest some of the earnings in making it a better platform. People willing to help with that can continue to post and help it grow. For minnows it may be more challenging, depending on the rest of their financial situation, outside of Steemit. Best wishes in building your account :)

Well, in the last 5-or-so updates, a lot has been fixed, and as usual, the next one is going to be big, but this time, the source code will also be documented and released.

If you ask me, that's gonna mean a lot of improvement, and even forks maybe - making the D in DTube real!

I'm rooting for Dtube! I want them to be successful!

Oh it will! Sure, IPFS needs some performance updates, but in theory, no government can shut it down, which is a huge selling point.

I can't wait for it to work flawlessly!!

Thanks for the nice post. But I personally would phrase it a bit differently. It's not that DTube is doing it intentionally or without Steemians' notice. It's just simply author/curator reward system, that was set up in that way - 75% authors - 25% curators. The same thing applies for posts here, coming from Steepshot etc. But DTube is just using it's SP to promote the platform by rewarding contributors and using rewards from their curations to pay for our storage. However, if I remember it correctly I read that they are considering to change the structure - authors would have to pay for the long-term storage (somewhere in the far future - but that wold be a tiny fraction - few cents for a 1gb of storage space). I am not sure about it but will try to find the article and link it below. Also, DTube takes around 25% because its the largest curator for the platform. Nevertheless, its everyones own responsibility to do a due diligence before using any platform.

Thanks for sharing this once again. Cheers!

25% is taken by curators. After that Dtube takes another 25% of the author rewards so its not the same as just doing a regular post on Steemit. I just found out about the other apps doing the same but I believe they have a lower rate. Dlive is the only app not taking anything for posting. Nevertheless I am rooting for Dtube's success. I just would like the information to be transparent. We have a lot of new people coming on to this platform and they should be able to know this info without having to dig.

so instead you will post on youtube where they take 100% of your rewards?

I will use Dtube again once I build my account up more and can afford to lose the 25%. We need to be on YouTube because that's currently where most of the people are at. If we stop posting there, how can we inform people on YouTube about Steemit and Dtube?

now that is a good question!

Well written and i learned even better about this issue! Thank you!🙏

Thank you for informing me today! I had to do a post on this topic. I don't think a lot of Steemians know this. Not that it's anything wrong with them collecting rewards but it should be easy for us to know or find the information.

Thanks for posting this, interesting. I upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks! Just looking to inform other Steemians.

If you do not have to pay to post on Dtube then it is productive still to post. Them taking 25 percent of earnings is still better then YouTube’s demonetizing practices and cencership policies. Even though you are now a minnow you will get to where you want to be ! Stay strong and work hard. I’ll follow you.

Also, consider doing work for Liberland to earn LLM.

World 🌎 of Dave

I'm going to continue to work hard. In the post and the video I made I said that there is nothing wrong with it after I found out why BUT the information needs to be known. I also followed you back.

Applications like d.tube cost quite a bit of money to develop. There are other options like view.ly, but they held an ICO. I don't think it's bad for d.tube to take 25% considering the amount of work they have put in to launch a legit competitor to YouTube. The more people support d.tube, the better the platform will become. This is still super early. Did you see d.tube when it first launched? Do you realize how quickly they have worked on the look, the options, and the bugs?

I don't think you read the entire post or watched my video. I said there is nothing wrong with them taking 25% but the info needs to be known and/or easy to find. I fully support Dtube but my focus is building my account so that I can help others. I currently need that 25% to be able to do that.

I wouldn't have commented if I had not done both. I'm not judging you on your decision. I'm pointing out reasons on why they keep 25% and why it's important for us to support the platform.

So do you feel 25% is unfair? What percentage would you consider fair? There are tradeoffs in software development. The reason d.tube is what it is today is because of the 25%. If it were less, it may not be as developed as it is now, or could delay cuture features even longer. Just a thought.

Also, there's a great way to leave the minnow status quickly. Purchase steem and power it up. It only helps to invest in the platform and invest in yourself. With the recent price drops, now is a great time to consider this. Followed.

I appreciate you for taking the time out to read and watch the video. I'm rooting for Dtube to dethrone YouTube one day. I purchase Steem anytime I can and I'm about to get some more now but I'm not rich. There are people on this platform that don't have much money but are great creators. I just want to inform them. I think 15% would be a bit better because currently Dtube does have a lot of bugs from time to time. Just today I was trying to watch a video for 10 mins and could not get it to load. 25% for posting my video and have a big chance of others not being able to watch is a bit much. But as I said I'm rooting for Dtube because I'm investing in Steem and they are a great addition for the Steem blockchain.

Followed back as well

didnt even know this, welp, rip dtube

I don't think Dtube is going anywhere. I'm rooting for them to one day dethrone YouTube but as of now I can't fully use them because I'm currently trying to build my account and 25% is a bit much for me.

Thank you for the information you submitted. I understand why we should use Dtube. Maybe I will apply it according to your suggestion.

Greetings know from me in Bandung, Indonesia

I hope it works out well for you!

I like that you made a video on dtube on this topic :)

I would say keep it going, long-term you will benefit from it, even if dtube will take 25% of your earnings.

You earn far less at YouTube... and it has greater reach. DTube will gain you more in a 7 day period, but YouTube is a constant money flow system. Until they change that (and more tech advances), they will lag YouTube.

Wow...thank you for this info,i had no idea of these terms and conditions . you have just enlighten me big time. I believe i would have to be rational in my decisions.

I coukd be wrong, but the only app on the blockchain that does not take a cut is steemit inc and dlive

Brother I’m new to steemit. And I’m loving it. Plus I’m looking into dtube for a friend of mine. She does hard work on her videos and promotes on all social media fb Tw Yt and here rewards are zero...I pushed here to steemit. A couple of weeks in and she’s lesrning and earn a bit. But that’s the start...as well I’m pushing her dtube even if she has to give up 25% of something is better than nothing. I’m understand you clearly maybe it’s steep and the creators should do better for the authors as well. So I agree to disagree brother. ❤️@johnskotts as well if you can guide a bit a minnow like me to support my friend it be very appreciated. Thank you and really enjoyed your article. Take care and good luck

As well here a link to her work. She is young and new and eager to succeed all we can do is support and teach and spread the word and steemit plus more to benefit. Anything is helpful brother. For me zero. But for the young and New it’s important.


I will support her. My suggestion is that she cuts down on all of those links. It makes the post look bad. Luckily I scrolled down and saw the video at the bottom of the post. I like the video, its very professional!

Thank you buddy. Much appreciated. I will let her know. And thank you fir the support and advice.❤️

One more thing. I saw you gave her a vote. ❤️🙏just saying thank you she will be very happy...means the world..

No problem. She put a lot of time and effort into her videos.

Yes thank you ❤️

i was just searching around how to post on dtube. what is the benefit and so. thanks, you did all the research for us.
but it's better this way cos otherwise dtibe would be full of crappy videos like yuotube is

Easy access to HD upload is a must. 480p is an obsolete technology when you have 4K (or even 8K behind the corner). Steem wants to be a tech leader of the social platforms but even verification does not go smoothly, not mentioning about the other glitches. In my opinion, there is a long way ahead. However I wish them all the best. What I'm totally falling for is the decentralisation, and that's the place where steem is winning. Just chop chop with the upgrades and they will rule the digital world.

I agree it is buggy but this is the first time anybody has done something like this. Not to mention that Steem is like the only coin that actually is being utilized in some type of way. I feel your pain though on the upgrades lol

I agree with you about transparency. I mentioned this to @heimindanger on Discord yesterday and it was then that he added it to the FAQ.

It's not just DTube though. Almost all the Apps on Steemit do not disclose in an obvious place that they take a percentage of the rewards. I mentioned the same thing to the Steepshot developers and they replied that they will add it in their next update.

We as users shouldn't have to sift through posts that are months old to find this information.

Dlive does not take any amount so they are off the hook.

Bravo to @heimindanger for listening to the Steemians! There is nothing wrong with them doing it but the information just needs to be out there for us. I use bots and had I known about this, I would not have boosted any Dtube posts. My rewards were getting hammered and I thought I was going crazy lol

I enjoyed watching your video, it's ok for them if they take any ammount they want because they are the creators, but it's not ok to not let us know and hide that from us. I asked that even the creator and he said that they need that or something like that, but it's a huge earning compared to what they earn, and even though if they are taking 25% why to not upvote every single authors using their video, I have an original content, I tried a few times to upload on youtube, I've seen them upvoting people stealing content from youtube but never my original content even if it's just a video where I talk. It's not good to support spammers but not to support original creators even if they are making a simple video, talking and explaining something, I even upload this video where I was singing and having fun :

But it made me nothing, anyway I understand now that dlive.io is better and I read somewhere that they don't take anything, but also how they support that platform, if dtube takes 25% so dlive how they pay servers ?

Anyway, ''steemit is the best, steemit is in my chest''. ☺♪♫

Steemit in my chheeesssttt!

Interesting insight, thanks for sharing your strategy.

Yeah noticed this as well. Haven't been able to fully share as dtube is just a pain. And the rewards just were not there. When they fix things maybe. But thought they kept things and now it's going to vanish. OK then. Why create content there until things are fixed.

Kinda like Zappl. That's a pain in the rump.

Hopefully they will get to the point where they work flawlessly but I do understand your pain. It can be a headache dealing with Dtube at time. We're still very early in the game so we'll see what happens.

Yeah I can wait and see. Just paused on uploading for now!

Transparency is the key thanks for letting me know. 👍🏽. You are a good author I think your quality posts will make up for whatever they are taking anyway. At least you get something right? Keep it up and I believe you will reach your goals in no time. Also how did you make that cool upvote meme of yourself with the steem logo? @swt3df1

Thank you for those kind words! It's funny because I hated English in school lol. As far as the logo goes, I did make that myself. As a matter of fact I just made it today.

Well thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

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#14 on the D.Tube FAQ does call out the fees:


  1. Does DTube take beneficiary rewards?
    Yes, DTube takes 25% beneficiary rewards on all videos uploaded. This was announced from the first version of DTube. These funds go to the @dtube account and are used for gathering funds prior to the existence of our future token. This model will most likely get changed in the future.

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Dtube Is Very Amazing. I Like That😍😍😍

Dtube is mess..

Its broken for my I cant get a video uploaded :(

I understand not paying to promote a post, but not using the platform at all over capitalism seems silly. Nicely produced video btw.

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Great info about DTube really appreciate you sharing! I was considering posting on it but now I will wait.