Make your Votes on Dtube Count! They are important to cast everyday. (Newbie Help From A STEEM Whale)

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One of the most important keys to building a successful Dtube or Steemit blog is remembering to vote every single day! Even if you are not the type of person to make videos or author posts, you can still make a very nice amount of steem tokens everyday by just applying a little discipline or even taking 10 min to set up a voting Bot to help you on the days that you didn't remember or could not get to it. The only way to earn curation rewards is to find good content on Dtube and vote it up while at the same time not running your voting power all the way down to where it is worth nothing. It is important to always keep a close eye on your voting power. This can be done at (just insert your blog name at the end when you delete mine) I hope this video helps you newbies to Dtube and Steemit because your vote has never become more important. can't save votes.....they must be spent everyday for maximum curation rewards! Good Luck here on Dtube.


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A great initiative for minnows, thanks for caring for us. Some guy's are on steemit for just self voting and Making themselves rich regardless of community.

Every little bit counts! Set the routines now and then as you grow your SP the curation rewards will get bigger. The best part is that you can also comment and build relationships where hopefully you can get support from those people you are supporting. Steemit can be very rewarding but you have to put in the effort.

I agree totally @broncnutz. Everyone's vote counts. I have been building up my account and moving it all over to my SP. This way I can give the people I follow the highest possible amount with my vote. I prefer to watch the videos myself though. I did do the auto upvote things for a bit but I feel actually watching people's content and then commenting works best for me. Everyone that creates content would like someone to actually watch it. I know I would like people to see our videos as well. It takes some more time but I feel it is worth it. Rock on man!

Hey Mr. Nutz! What a great day to make my rounds, meaning stopping by my favorite peoples blogs! I just posted my 2000 followers celebrations post and this non-investor little ol' travel blogger could not have come so far without support from you and people like you here on the platform so I thank you for that.

After watching this video, you hit the nail right on the head. Absolute spot on advice. Things I already knew but I'm sure many may not have and it's a video well worth making. I'll forward this post to my friend bob who just joined the platform due to witnessing my success here.

You are making a great difference in the world of Steemit in so many ways to so many people. I commend you on that. Guess what, I'm still in the USA! How about that! Where I go next nobody knows, not even myself. But I'm sure I'll get antsy and pull the trigger on some far off destination soon enough.

Until then, on my blog my South America Saga still plays out like I just got to Santiago Chile and I'm thrilled so many are enjoying the info I share, enough to earn me 2000 followers as of yesterday.

Thank you for all the support and more.
From Glens Falls New York- Dan "World Travel Pro!"

I'm also thinking to make some tutorials for my Pakistani Brother's and sisters, Hopefully, d-tube will welcome me with open heart ;)
Thank you for this wonderful information and Tip @broncnutz :)

I'm not really into writing submissions but I got Whale hugged twice for commenting. That really fueled my interest in this platform and I think a big part of it's success will be a user base that is active commenting on submissions they like.

Feeling a little bit better about D.Tube now @broncnutz?

tnx for the video and the i am also new on that platform(like 1 months),its a good feeling to now the small to smaller things to know and go ahead instruction from successful steemeian like you and steemit is a good platform for social relation and activities, we the newbies and the old steemians can form good next level platform and social site.see ya

Even if you don't have time to post or make a video, make an upvote on quality posts cos quration rewards comes back to you
Newbies find it difficult to post at time because they don't get rewards for their quality posts only if they pay for upvote or belong to a group

Voting is important, but as you probably notice yourself it get's you in a dilemma (regarding voting power) . If you are becomming more and more engaged on the platform, you get more great posts to read and potential more upvoting to do... So then your power goes down more quickly lol... I'm still trying to find the perfect balance :)

I have tried to give out daily especially for the newbies

I am a newbie
And your post cleared it all how to grow on steemit

So the party is over? how are you sir?
sir you always share wonderful content, thank you so much for being helping hand for minnows :)

Thankyou @broncnutz your posts are helpful. Keep steem on

I'm voting here everyday... ha ha!

You are house of knowledge, you share a wonderful information about d-tube, how to be successful on d-tube, this is great.

your video is very good looking on Dtube i am also using dtube then i saw your video i watched it full very nice

Hello mr broncnutz, good to see you.Your talking style is awesome sir.Thanks for the tiutorial.

I found you on DTube super.!!!

I knew you well for Golos -
Greetings !!!

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Hi @broncnutz! I'm totally agree with you! But I think that even in begin for newbies maybe better to use such services as smartsteem or minowbooster to sell their votes because they are not only returns SP but also pays SBD for votes. And if beginner starts to comment on dtube imho it's more profitable atfer last changes than at or

Thank you for the tips! Very appreciated! 🤗💚🦋

Great advice! It's truly a balancing act between getting exposure and maintaining VP.

Love the enthusiasm . and your right its important to vote.!! keep it up !

I really want to love Dtube but it crashes on me most times.

Great idea , its a really good for me , thank you . Keep good work .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @broncnutz

Vote vote vote and vote again 😉

Great idea @broncnutz
Its really good for me bcz i am stuck from last one month and dont know how to start my steemit progress again.
And then you sir.
Thank you for giving a best way to grow.

I am always with you dear...
go ahead.
wishing your bright future..

Thanks for the information sir.

I hope this video helps you newbies to Dtube and Steemit because your vote has never become more important.

Yeah....I think also the same mind. This is a wonderful growth up information to us. I never made Dtube contents yet. Bu have hope make Dtube content in future. Thanks for the details @broncnutz.

I read this post because my bot found it and upvoted it. It's an interesting idea for sure.

My main philosophy of voting bots is that you get exactly what you pay for. In this case, you'd get the minimum action that could be possibly classified as a view. My guess is that there would be rampant fake viewing, whatever that means. It's remarkable on this platform how quickly people scramble for ways to exploit various incentive mechanisms.

This is good advice. Thanks a lot. I like to put videos out there and I trying to make out more time for that.

Dtube is a best site to post. And your idea was better. I will post more idea later.

Congratulation !
Your Video on dtube !

I am @Rihannas!
You are Amazing and Your Post is also Amazing . I Like Your Post .

Great instruction. That will help us to grow faster and smoothly. Thanks @broncnutz

ahaaa always comes up with something new and beneficial. Thanks for the valuable post. keep educating us like that. stay blessed man. <3 <3

you always help us all one of the best person on steemit you are :D

Great concept sir always loves your kind nature to help others.

Great video as always dude! I haven't try Utopian yet. it seems like it is a very nice option for making few sbd. Thanks for sharing!

This is a great concept from you sir.

Bot bot bot... A channel on just bots would be a great service. The ins and outs, best practices, bot reviews, new rraleases, etc. I know I would subscribe.

Good stuff @broncnutz! Nice meeting you at Anarchapulco brother.

The only way to earn curation rewards is to find good content on Dtube and vote it up while at the same time not running your voting power all the way down to where it is worth nothing.

I must saying voting is good but some whales do ignore minnow post and we are looking up to them. Thanks for sharing,@broncnutz

great information sir. thanks for @broncnutz

Hello friend great concept and great theory have a great day.

Thanks for your sharing sir

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An informative post thank you for post

Hello my friend, I always find good content here, a space to learn and even better, be a fan of the Broncos Hahahaha
I invite you to listen to my art, I hope you like it!

This is so cool articles for newbees sir just it consumes 10 minutes and a great disiplane for success.

good information,thanks for sharing

Hello, newbie here. Can you help me with this?

Are you done with your circle jerking? Who the hell going to belive u?

Nice to see you on dtube as well, I was watching you on youtube often and now I will see you here as well, thanks for being here. ☺

This is amazing sir not all of them know about this sir,Thanks a lot for sharing such a wonderful information.

thanks for the reminder cuz!

Yes sir Every vote counts no matter what you are using,great information from you sir.

good information for us to be followed

I'll be honest, I wish they made curating more rewarding. I stay true to using steem voter to follow my favorite creators and read each post that steemvoter voted on. This way, if I grow tired of the articles or see them going down I quit having the autovote go to them. If I like the article I comment and upvote my comment fully to reward the post even more.

I know curating is paid less because there is probably a lot of abuse such as these paid bots getting paid curating rewards as well as paid for voting. This platform has so much potential and I hope it will grow to its potential than fail due to short term gains.

Amazing video sir great job it will be so great if my message reaches you.