A happy vlog, sharing my thoughts about @dtube, about twitter and shouting out 2 DTubers

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I have to take the opportunity and share my positive thoughts with the world. And the most personal way is through @dtube
Dtube has really allowed me to follow something I was interested in and the community and friends we have made through @dtube and steem, in general, is outstanding. We even have our own show #pbchitchatshow on @priyanarc 's account bcoz of dtube. How awesome to have such a platform.

Moreover, as a whole, the steem community is moving forward very nicely and it makes me so happy to be a part of this journey. I am very proud of this community and all that is happening because of the community.

Also check out the 11111 SP delegation incentive for spreading the word about steem on twitter by @nathanmars7

and a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge shout out to @jeronimorubio and @prettynicevideo, fw of my favorite content creators on @dtube

Thanks to @bdcommunity for their unrivalled support. Show them love!
Thanks to @welcomewagon & #steemterminal for taking the time to help newbies. Stop by and say hello!
@cranium is one of my most favs!

▶️ DTube

Hey Brother,

I can sense you're much happy ATM, and promise you'll stay like this ever!

Yup, the Twitter is really proving a great to promote our blockchain and STEEM to the world, we're able to showcase globally with the TwitterIT project :)

For Sure it's a great initiative by Nathan.

And ya, I too am much thankful like you to DTube for a number of things,

It gave me the prestigious opportunity to present myself to the enitre globe, It gave me a boost in confiedience, It taught me skills, It foced me to grow, It helped me makin friends through the Universe and the list goes very long....

P.S. I too agree Jeronimo is a great creator upon DTube and is a source to learn a lot of things and proves to get a new thing each time you visit his Vlogs :)

As well as Fracensca too, she is a great personality upon here and a great friend of mine, she guided me as well when I was realtively new here. Her works truly show her dedication to PROViDE something and she is also givin efforts to promote our blockchain and spread the word !

So, to end up with....

Great Vid Mate ! :)

Keep Smiling :)


Very well said bro. I am really happy about the steem community being united, as much as it is.

and about dtube, we have so many people enjoying dtube and all it has to offer as a platform, just like me.
I agree with how much you have developed, relly proud of you

thank you, I will try smiling every moment i get:)

Yes, agreed with you because we love steem and we want to brings it moon. And surely we will success on twitter mission.

twitter mission is looking golden! and the way things are looking, we are not too far from achieving our goals

go ahead brother. i know you are very brilliant.

It would be really interesting to see 27th January and 1st February updates by Nathan sir .
Definitely here is main focus to Promote steem and contribution in making clean planet via twitter . Hope this campaign will achieve its target and people will participate in this great campaign. Thank you brother @blind-spot

thank you for your comment. I agree with your thoughts, and I too am very excited :)

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Wow Brother @blind-spot. What a humbling video this is Little Brother. You are an Amazing human being and someone whom I have so much respect for.

I see how hard you work every day to bring this Amazing #steem powered #blockchain and @dtube so much value. I can see inside your heart and I know how caring you are. You are an Amazing Young Man with a good head on his shoulders and passion unbound.

Thank you for all you do and all the wonderful kind words. May You and Your Family Always Live in the Abundance of Beauty, Happiness, Peace, and Love and Always Be surrounded by Blessings.

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