Feeling super exhausted and borderline sick....but I HAD to SHARE THIS with you guys!!

in #dtube5 years ago

I love the dtube community!!!

I do not have the strength to do much, but this is super exciting and I couldn't resist sharing with you all.

I might go back to bed now and have dinner when it's time for breakfast LOL

Everyday is a chance to grow, develop and be better.
Steem blockchain's design is such a blessing, that we can always strive to do and achieve more than we did yesterday.
The @dtube platform is super awesome and everyday is getting better. It has done so much for creators like us, and developers, too.
It is only right to do something for the dtube platform.

Well, @vaultec is doing something for the platform.
Vaultec has developed dtube.network, a website that aims to store and preserve your dtube videos online. The videos uploaded can be played, watched and interacted with on dtube itself.
Dtube.network also aims to have constant and efficient development of the platform as well as catering to suggestions.
A great way to support is by using the dtube.network website and also operating an ipfs node.

You can reach @vaultec on discord on the official dtube discord group or on the #community-dev channel in the onelovedtube discord channel
link to original post:https://steemit.com/dtube/@vaultec/dtube-network-or-alternative-to-d-tube

▶️ DTube

the man problem of d.tube is the deletion so here become dtube.network , so some people and i'm one of them started giving some GBs to solve this problem and our PCs works as nodes to run dtube.network more faster and solving the deletion issue

@blind-spot, thank you for sharing with us this information about the the DTube Network.

Hope you are doing well, buddy.

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Good info man! I did not know about dtube network. Thanks !

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Dtube network sounded pretty cool when I first came across it. Never hit me that i should further spread the message until now LOL.
I am happy I was able to share something useful.

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Wow, sounds like a great service. Have not heard of it before today. Thanks for the heads up

It's not easy to find about all the cool stuff unless it REALLY blows up.
I am glad that this post was helpful to you

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Unclaimed? Wdym?

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Now thats a badge I really like.
Took me so long to start publishing everyday?huh. I hope I keep it going

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Delegating soon. No worries

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