Gaming Insight: 10 Games I Adore

in #dtube4 years ago

Peek into my soul as I pick 10 of my favorite games and discuss why they are great and why I enjoy them. I could list 100+ games but we both have things to do. Tell me if you have played these games and If you share my sentiment.

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Hey Louis... let me officially invite you to discord tonight...

@crimsonclad is going to be hosting her weekly Metal Show Fullforce , and you being a metal guitarist, you have to join us.

I promise you its stupid fun...

oh man, I don't know if Louis can handle this

the christmas metal show was mostly tame... but we did yell about getting Krampused a bunch. Next week is party metal to celebrate the new year; we'll be returning to our regular, black/doom/power/goth/industrial/djent/prog/synth/folk/death programming into the new year. <3 we like it heavy, but there's always something for everyone!

Count me in!

I love this game

Hi Louis, I'm a member of TDPS from Germany and I missed you on the program! I'm curious what you have been up to and I will check out your new content even though I don't watch gaming videos normally!

Well, I've been working at a brewery and I started a new band here in Western MA. Dave told me about Steemit so I hopped on board and I'm going to produce game and music content here!

Good to here from you Louis. Glad you are doing good. Will follow you here. Thanks for joining us. Pinballman1

yes you can actually tell a lot by looking at a dude's favorite games,
even more so by looking at his favorite characters and the way he plays those games :)

I like the way you think. It's funny any time a game makes you choose between being good and being an evil [email protected]$&...I always choose good and my brother always goes evil.

haha i always go for the big fat juggernaut type characters while my friend always goes for something like deadpool. even in weapon choices and tactics when playing battlefield you can clearly tell the difference in personality.

Awesome list, these games look sick! I loved the Mechwarrior games on PC back in the day. I appreciate your inclination towards simulators. I'll have to get a DOS emulator.

Thanks! Dosbox seems to be one of the better ones. I've had a fairly easy time with it anyway.

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Mechwarrior on SNES was the best one. I'mma find me an emulator now.

People told you to avoid Demon's Souls? Ah man, you're missing out. you get to see a lot of the groundwork it laid for the future games, as well as how different the lore is.

I can't say it's harder at all. For me, all the Souls games are about in par difficulty wise. In fact, Demon's Souls has a ton of exploits that can trivialize the whole experience. Get on it before the servers shut down!

Alright I might have to try it...

Nice. I will say if you do, 2 things to keep in mind are item burden and the lack of an Estus Flask equivalent. You have various moon grasses that act as your healing, and you'll have to deposit things you aren't using with the npc delegated to storage. Stones (the titanite equivalent) and heavy armor sets can up your burden fast and leave you immobile, rolling speed is related to total item weight as well, rather than the Equip Burden in the DaS games. No poise either.

Ah I see...thanks for the tips!

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