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RE: Gaming Insight: 10 Games I Adore

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People told you to avoid Demon's Souls? Ah man, you're missing out. you get to see a lot of the groundwork it laid for the future games, as well as how different the lore is.

I can't say it's harder at all. For me, all the Souls games are about in par difficulty wise. In fact, Demon's Souls has a ton of exploits that can trivialize the whole experience. Get on it before the servers shut down!


Alright I might have to try it...

Nice. I will say if you do, 2 things to keep in mind are item burden and the lack of an Estus Flask equivalent. You have various moon grasses that act as your healing, and you'll have to deposit things you aren't using with the npc delegated to storage. Stones (the titanite equivalent) and heavy armor sets can up your burden fast and leave you immobile, rolling speed is related to total item weight as well, rather than the Equip Burden in the DaS games. No poise either.

Ah I see...thanks for the tips!

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