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in dtube •  19 days ago

Hello fellow Steemians.

Today, a timelapse showing one of my daily exercices : abstract drawing as soon as I get up during week before going to work...

Since a few months I've tried to push myself waking up earlier just to get some more creative time each day, still trying to reach that tough 5am barrier :D

That gives me something like two hours every morning to let spontaneous abstractions pop out from my misty brain. This one is getting some interesting shape and will start a new multi-panel piece.

Besides the drawing in itself, I wanted to experiment some retro rendering on a video and this timelapse was the perfect subject.

Looking for non copyrighted retro music, I've discovered DJ QUADS's youtube channel

Music : Fun Time, by DJ QUADS ( SoundCloud )

On a side note : this post is also for me the occasion to test dtube posting via steemplus. Until now, I've always had problems posting on dtube, ending with unexpected errors and such... So I'm note sure how this will end :)

Let's try :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, see you next time ! :)

▶️ DTube
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Edit : Posting on d.tube through SteemPlus works fine ! \o/
I still can't write/upload/modify directly on d.tube with any browser. It seems I'll have to investigate this, and meanwhile : a few uncorrected typos will survive there :p

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@berien, when I watched your dTube. You let me recall watching Charlie Chaplin's show when young :p. Dtube always a bit slower if compare with youtube at my end. But still able to watch. I love your abstract, it very consistent and I very favor abstract with pencil. with the music, black and white video, it great. You not only knew how to draw but video it as well.
How long the actual video until you edit into 3 minutes only?


@oliviackl Thanks for the kind words :)

There were something like a dozen clips of different duration. Probably worth 2 weeks of morning sessions... I didn't put them all and made some cut in the final selection I think before acceleration the whole was between 1h / 1h20. Not really sure.

I've put something like 3000% speed on the longest ones and 200% for the shortest, when I wanted to insert some slower paced rythme.

Thanks again, and have a nice day :)


Just incredible @berien, my brain won‘t function at all if wake up at 5am morning. Although i usually woke up 530am get ready to work. But is more like my subconcious did the task because i like zombie hehe.
From what you told, you really have patience in your work and put in a lot of effort to record and edit the video. Your hard work really paid off by watching your video.

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500am is still a tough barrier for me :D I still navigate in the mist during a few minutes before recalling why I get up early :D

About the effort put in the work... Well... Since it's guided by pleasure and curiosity, that's the kind of thing done without thinking about how much time is spent into it :)


😂😂me too. I do agree with you. If you patience, love and dedicated to something you like, you won‘t notice the time spent. I plan to learn pencil sketch as well... but always have no idea where to start. 😛

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Glad that you managed to get the dtube working and also I find it very commendable that you wake up earlier just so you can have more time for drawing! Awesome dedication, Berien, and lovely work, as usual :D!
Congrats for your curie vote ^_^.


Thanks @scrawly :)

Dtube doesn't really work yet for me... I still have to find what's wrong when interacting directly with it. I'm glad steem-plus has made dtube posting directly through steemit posts.

That feature rocks in my case :D


Glad to meet you And Upvoted you :) !
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Same, and thanks :)

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Hi berien,

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Thank you very much ! :)

Your abstractions are in sync to my liking. I love how the arcs, curves, and shading on this piece. Your previous works really shows some consistency to that creativity :D


Thank you @adamada :)
Yes I really like this way to build a drawing. Seems the most natural approach for myself :)

Hi, @berien!

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Thank you :)

Beautiful time lapse drawing, that makes everything interesting. Looking at it we have an impression that everything was straight forward for you without any problems and you just do it like you prepare coffee of tea for you. But in reality it is a time consuming process to create shape with the aid of shadows and different highlighting. The object looks so complex and you have done a great job. Like that abstract drawing :)


Thanks a lot for this @stef1 :)
Much appreciated :)

Always love your strange forms and abstractions, @berien and this one is no exception <3 Very beautiful and gorgeously presented in video format, I enjoyed watching this very much !

Wonderful artwork <3


Thanks a lot for you support @veryspider <3