VLOG: Harvesting Wild Guava Fruit

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Free fruit from nature? Say yes to wild fruit! I found a guava tree that has a lot of ripe fruit.

I was very excited to pick the ripe guava fruit directly from the tree. Looks very fresh and delicious!


Luckily, a lot of ripe fruit are on the trunk of a low tree, not high so that I can still reach them even without climbing a tree.

Follow my activities harvesting wild fruit in the rice fields.

Enjoy My Video and Have A Great Day!


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Sun ripe fruit are the nectar of the goods 😘

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You picked up perfectly ripe guava fruits directly from tree. I love those natural environment include rice fields. It gives more inspiration. There was more ripe guava fruits. More healthy benefits has eating it. Perfect creativity @anggreklestari

Nature gives us many benefits :)

The smell of ripe guava fruit is great for mood booster too.

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Buah jambu bijinya tampak segar, petiknya juga gampang, karena gak perlu manjat, pohonnya rendah.

Banyak sekali di petiknya, itu habis di makan semua emangnya 😁

Karena kalau gak diambil semua bakalan busuk tuh malah sayang banget. Jd sy ambil dan saya bikin semacam jus gitu dan keponakan sy suka banget. Ehehe

Nice video on Guava Fruit. thanks for share with us..

Thanks for watching my video :)

Thanks for sharing your creative and inspirational video!

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Ada yang menyebutnya jambu biji ada juga yang menyebutnya jambu klutuk 😊

Saya lebih suka makan buahnya langsung daripada dijadikan jus😋

Iya mbak. Dimakan begitu aja tentu enak.

Cuma krena ini stoknya banyak jd dibikin smoothie. Mirip es krim krn buahnya harus dibekukan dulu