DTUBE - You Can Achieve More Than You Think - Failure Is Just Success Wrapped Up Differently

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Hey Steemit and Dtube,
I help celebrate passing 1000 Followers in 80 Days on Dtube by attempting to do 1000 Push Ups in 80 minutes. ONLY on Dtube.

Will I hit the GOAL or FAIL well?

Measure a person by their goals, and the distance those goals, take them from their comfort zone.

This is clearly well out of my comfort zone, more like "pain" zone, but I wanted to make a point to everyone that see's this video on Dtube.

Don't underestimate yourself here on this new platform, don't set goals in the "comfort zone". You will certainly underestimate yourself, @dtube and this community as a whole.

Set the bar high, and lets see how high you can fly :)

This hurt.......ALOT!!

Thanks for watching, and thanks to all of the people that have supported my journey on this new and exciting platform.

The Adventurous Soul
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Success is Forged In Failure.

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That's impressive on the one hand and inspiring on the other. Great video!

This is hard one i do not think i can make even 100 in 80 minutes , now you make me to get up from my chair and do some workout

Good to hear :) just don’t be as nutty as I am

Wow great challenge there.

It was a journey in itself :) I’m glad I did it and found out where my boundaries actually are

Congratulations it isnt easy.

You worked really hard in here well done

Thank you, the people are a lot of fun

You are a "Mad Man" Rod, but that's why we all like you!
Rod after pushups.jpg

You're an absolute champion. Someone who's always been a great example of seeing the positives and taking everything as a lesson.

Thanks for being on this platform, you always inspire me (other than your videos not loading 100% or even 30% haha)

Thanks mate... apologies for breaking Dtube 😳

You are keeping to upload orginal videos on *dtube.Thats good.

Thank you I’m glad you liked it

Wow, 536 push ups in 80 minutes that absolutely insane! I really don't want to be in your body now. And I guess the next days will be even worse... Congrats on your effort!

Thanks mate, bit stiff but a little better :)

Yes its true. Success can be achieved work work and work. Good post.

Thanks @thedawn I’m glad you liked it

Congratulations Rod, and thank you for the life lesson. It's so true what you say about failure and about pushing oneself. This entire blockchain experience is showing me that I can be the person I really want to be and by working towards eradicating bad behaviour I can get closer to that every day.

Since I came on here a month ago, I've changed, I really have. No more Facebook. Netflix is gone. I'll be honest and say that I do miss some TV shows, and I will go back when it means spending quality time with my loved ones -- not possible right now due to work commitments, but I'm filling my time working on my content, which, by extension, means I'm working on myself.

At the age of 46, it's just about the right time! I envy those who are finding this at a younger age, but I'm just glad I've found it now !

You are an inspiration.

Thanks for the kind words mate, I’m really glad it helped. I’ve been watching your progress here over the last 30 days and it’s been great to watch. I can clearly see your confidence continuing to grow. Keep having fun :)

Thanks alot for the great advice. The most important thing is getting started. Great though!

Absolutely, any journey starts with a first step

WHOA NELLY! I'm glad you didn't do it in super fast motion near the end so we could see the real life efforts :) 536 is awesome :) this inspired me! And you look fantastic, man. Super cool :) fail forward. Fail forward!

Fail forward absolutely bud. I look forward to your goals bud.

Great job, well said. We all should to set high goals to surpass our limits. I would recommend a long stay in an ice bath!
“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough.” - Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (First elected female president in Africa, born 1938)
Congratulations on 1000+ followers!

Dude, you did 300+ more push-ups after you wanted to stop. That's amazing!

Thanks mate, I’m sore now though :)

It totally looked like it!

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LA verdad que tus palabras son muy motivadoras me dieron ganas de levantarme y hacer ejercicio :D

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