DTUBE - 1000 Followers In 80 Days Celebration - Doing Something I Haven't Done Before - 1000 Push Ups In 80 Minutes

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Hey Steemit and Dtube,
I'm so thankful for all of the support I have had, passing 1000 Followers in the 80 Days. With that in mind, I suppose a challenge is a good idea :)

I have been so lucky to find outstandingly supportive people on @dtube, @dtubedaily and @teamaustralia that have helped me learn and grow on this outstanding new platform.

I'm the first to say I still have SOOOOO much to learn, but I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your support.

With that in mind, I was chatting with my @dtubedaily friends, and one in particular @kevinli asked me a question, "so what are you going to do to celebrate, challenge yourself?"

In keeping with my Channels main purpose of pushing your limits and living life to the full, I have decided to do 1000 pushups in 80 Minutes to help celebrate this milestone you helped me pass. I'll set up 3 camera's to record the action.....obviously speeding it up :) I plan to complete it one of the days this weekend....yikes!

I will also try and do it live, just depends if I can set it up

I've only ever done 75 pushups in one workout before, so this will certainly push my limits, and help me work out where my "line" actually is.

Will I succeed, I have no idea, but I am going to give it my best shot. Isn't that all we can ask from each other here anyway?

Thank you again to everyone that helped me over the last 80 days, I couldn't have done ANY of this without you.

See you soon, I have to stretch :)

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Congratulation. Its a great work and honor for you. Keep it up

Congrats mate

This is a serious achievement @adventuroussoul. You've given me such a great idea with this. Thank you my sir.. Well done on this victory. I'm uber excited about the possibilities that are flowing by grace..

You are in a great progress keep up with the good work

congratulation...dear 1000 followers......


Thank you, and of course thank you for being one of those followers :)


oh..so sweet...welcome dear

So Proud of ya, mate! You'll smash 2000 out really soon!


Thanks bud, ditto

With Dtube, anything is possible. Even 1000 pushups in 80 minutes. I look forward to it haha...

Congratulations! 1000 push ups though? Wow. I don't think even in the worst day of physical training in the army we ever got even close to anything like that!


Don’t congratulate me yet, I still have to do it :) I’ll certainly do me best and see what happens. It’s going to hurt whatever way it goes !!

1000 followers in 80 days?
I have 9 in four days :-))
You deserve my vote.

Congratulations on that 1,000 followers and in such a short time, wow! I’m wondering how you will feel after 1,000 push-ups in 80 minutes, haha^^


Pretty shite I’m thinking :)

I love the graphic art at the end. LOVE IT!!


Thanks mate

love your challenges. Alwais inspirative.

Woow amazing

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congratulation , you have great posts

Wow is it possible...??


Im going to find out :) or break lol

Congratulations on your achievement! My steemit almost same age as you but my followers just one third of yours. I should really learn from you.
Good luck to your 1000 push up challenge :)

congratulation but i do not understand how you get 1000 followers in one day can you explain more...... thank you in advance

frogs-1392568_960_720 - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg


Not in one day ... 80 days :)


mmmmm so congratulation for that and help me

Wooow Congrtatulations for the 1000 followers!!!

I got a problem when I aplote photos. There is a solution. Comrade @adventuroussoul

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Congrats on achieving 1000 followers in such a short time!

Good luck with the pushups too, I'm sure you'll do it if you put your mind to it.

I've been doing 200 pushups a day since January 21st (10 sets of 20). 1000 in 80 minutes sounds insane! That's 12.5 pushups a minute! Good luck!

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Great achievement 1000 is a serious number of followers not to mention an insane amount of press ups.

The hype train is really right now!

Congratulations on reaching 1000! That's a pretty big number, and it'll get even bigger.

😲 wow.

Congratulations for making 1000 follower. You have done a good job.continue to be....