Priscilla Hernandez: The Wind Song (Song + Art) (Ready to be swept off my feet, Winds of Change are coming!)

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the wind song - by priscilla Hernandez (

Above: My own art drawn for this song, of one of my particular favourites of mine

I have always been obsessed with the Wind, and this is a particular favourite of mine, maybe one of my most underrated... Experimental track with film music undertones, in which I created an ominous wind texture with different instruments (flutes, wind bands, roarers, aeolian harp). It's a strange song... eerie, haunting and ghostly as wind is... but Aren't we all ready for WINDS OF CHANGE?

We all fear Change... we fear to change too... though sometimes we shift... and we must just realized we have already changed.

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My long time obsession with the Wind

The Wind Song is one of my favourite songs of mine... likely one of the most underrated too... It is indeed a weird song, not precisely mainstream but it was for me one of the most experimental, creating the wind sound FX with a blend of different strange instruments. Eerie and ghostly, it's one of my favourite lyrics of mine... I guess this song is strange in many ways, and it has different moods, parts and dynamics as if some kind of soundtrack... My favourite part is the ending.

During our concernts when playing this song we would make the audience hiss together as part of the storytelling of the song.

I was born and grew up in La Palma (Canary Islands, Spain), indeed a very windy place... There are even legends of people going mad because of the constant hum there... For me it always was haunting and magical. Haunting, spectral maybe... but always otherwordly and that is the kind of eeriness I want to convey in this one. Wind has always inspired me, it is one of my childhood obsessions... as I stared through the window to the turmoil of the gale the ocean turning brown, the branches swaying heavily...

And I'm always standing to face new storms

No you can't catch the wind
As you can't hold the tide

Sometimes there are things we cannot change, things we must accept... the ending line of the song also has a different metaphorical meaning.

winds of change - by Priscilla Hernandez (

I summon winds of change, I am ready to be swept off my feet

Creating the Artworks for the song

Oh Can't you hear them howling?

As some of you already know I'm an illustrator besides a musician and my published albums both feature my art and music blended together... For this song I opted for a very simple drawing, I doodled it pretty quick, I didn't want the wind "Underlivings" to have human proportions, they're entangled like a vortex, and though they howl and whistle, no mouths are to be seen...

the wind spirits  - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Do you remember one of Gollum's Riddles in the Dark in The Hobbit?

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Then I completed the drawing inking it with a very fine micron marker and painting with a gentle wash of watercolours. For the textures in the background I used diluted Payne's Gray watercolour and sprinkled salt, which actually draws patterns and textures.

The Wind Song - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Creating the Wind sound with many acoustic instruments

The intro was created with a bansuri, a simple bamboo flute, the one shown in the next picture:

bansuri - by Priscilla Hernandez (

To create the uneasy wind I used a combination of my own moans, hissings, whispers and subtle backing vocals combined with several instruments

Wind Samhain Incantation - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Wind bands are a modern type of "bull roarers" aerophone music instruments and the sound is caused by air against the surface of the instrument. They are usually constructed of wood with a rubber band resonator. It doesn't require any special technique except twirling it with the handle, depending on the speed it can create a variety of sounds and is tune-able to different pitches. When you spin it it produces a drone sound, kind of eerie and ghostly

I overlayed also whistling sounds made with my double Ocarina. It is one of my most changelling wind instruments as its double chamber allows to play two melodies at the same time, yet this time I only blowed gently to create whistling wind FX

yidneth double ocarina - by Priscilla Hernandez (

Another instrument that was used unconventionally to create this wind "soundscape" was the harp. If you place the harp against a current of air (or wind) all the strings will resonate and it will sound on its own in a ethereal suspended infinite chord. Aeolian harps (From the Greek Aeolus, wind) are usually build to be monochords but normal harps can also render those ghostly moans. I have sampled it many times as part of my library of self created sounds.

green valley - by priscilla Hernandez (

Above: A couple of weekends ago outdoors sampling aeolian sounds from my harp in Ata Valley, Spain (Summer, 2018)

I also used carrillons and chimes... In particular Koshi chimes which are tuned in different tonalities, as picture in the following photography:

koshi chimes - by Priscilla Hernandez (


I composed several layers of cello arrangements that were recorded by guest band member Biel Fiol. Gaston Iungman, from Argentina, recorded the guitar solo at the end, as the song has several parts and dynamics (and strange abrupt ending)

Music, vocals, arrangements and lyrics by Priscilla Hernandez (@yidneth).
Additional arrangements Mixing and Mastering by @hedac
Electric guitar by Gaston Iungman ; Cello by Biel Fiol

THE WIND SONG (Lyrics / Poem)

the wind song.jpg

Another sketch I made for this song

Original Lyrics

Voices, Voices...
Rising... Rising...
Further on...
Do you ever wonder
what those faceless phantoms
are trying to tell you
when they knock your window?
Weeping strings
oh can´t you hear them howling?
Then that dreary hiss
when at my door they're pounding
through the holes
of my unshielded soul
I can hear
them rising on their wings
Oh we sing with the voice of the wind
Oh we sing with the voice of the wind
Voices, Voices...
Rising, Rising...
Voices rising in the wind
But you can´t catch the wind
But you can´t catch the wind

Spanish translation

Voces... Voces...
Alzándose, Alzándose...
Más allá...
¿Alguna vez de preguntas
que tratan de decirte
esos fantasmas sin nombre
cuando tocan en tu ventana?
Cuerdas que lloran
¿No puedes oirlas aullar?
Entonces ese lúgubre silbido
cuando golpetea en mis puertas
a través de los agujeros
de mi alma desprotegida sin escudo
puedo oír
como se alzan con sus alas
Oh cantamos con la voz del viento
Oh cantamos con la voz del viento
Voces, Voces
Alzándose, alzándose
Voces alzándose en el viento
Pero no puedes atrapar el viento
Pero no puedes atrapar el viento

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Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

Official site:
Priscilla Hernandez

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)
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Gorgeously creative, very magical almost spooky sounding at some points. I really enjoyed all the layers of sounds, and reading about how you made them, especially interesting was the "ethereal suspended infinite chord" of the harp, so cool.
Much love sweet Pris ♡


Thank you so much Amy, just the other day I recorded again my harp howling, It is a strange sound, very textured, will show you a sample. Sometimes in outdoors concerts you play but harp plays on its own too lol

Truly amazing music Pris 🎶❤️😊
I love your voice so much and I love how you use nature in your music and all instruments that together makes magic.
It was a mysterious and almost scary feeling at times 😉 I loved this and you have such a talent and thank you for sharing this with us ❤️🤗❤️
You create magic with your music!
Have a wonderful week and much love 🌹💕


Thank you so much, for your lovely insight and for the thorough listen and review... it stands out for me as one of those whimsical eerie ones.... I'm a ghost and a fairy but sometimes I feel biased and more inclined to the ghost side :)
same to you, best wishes!

I like this.. I heard it on the studio and the soundscapes are VERY well done... even the winds and sound panning from one side to the other ;) .. Catching the little details :).

I like dark harmonies .. and the dissonances created by the flutes add a little layer of uncertainty that i find very interesting.. there is a second story going in the background...

..also... slide guitar???! One of the things i can't play :P ! Nice!

beautiful as always ,cookie party!


Aww thanks so much... I wanted to recreate the uneasy atmosphere, like it's kind of spectral but at the same time intriguing.... there are lots of whispers that actually tell other stories, linked to other songs... The entire Underliving was a conceptual album and all lyrics are connected...
I can´t play slide guitar either, that was Gaston :)
Thanks for the lovely review, Pechi, this is one of the songs that became a personal favourite but I know people mostly don't quite understand... and the weirdest it is the more I like it. When playing it live I would compel people to hiss and moan and build up a wind soundscapes... you try with a fair ammount of people and a compromised public and it's quite an experience.

This-is-so-a-ma-zing!!! Where do you get these ideas? I mean... holding a harp in the wind. Playing an instrument that makes you play two tunes simultaneously. Background moans and hisses..?? @yidneth, you truly are one of a kind and your art is astonishing.

The wind was undoubtedly one of the first nature gods of mankind. It has something ancient and mysterious about it, something perfectly rendered in your drawing. The one you "doodled pretty quick" ;-)

This gets a resteem and I'd like everyone to do the same: this is the kind of content that makes Steemit valuable for all of us. Thanks so much @yidneth! :-) <3 <3


Aww thanks for your lovely feedback, well holding a harp to the wind is no invention of mine, they even made instruments meant to be played by the winds including harp doors since "ancient" times... but I felt proud of the soundscape being done by so many things working with "wind", kind of conceptual approach to make it that it's usually not known. Truly it's not my most popular song, but my obsession for the ghostly wind moans and the weirdness of the recording process makes it a personal favourite, it never got much feedback so I'm really honoured you took the time to listen and provide it. :) Thanks and for the compliment too!

I LOVE your Underlivings!

They remind me of will-o-wisps. And just perfectly etherial and beautiful.

I also identify with the wind in many ways. Probably cause I'm a Libra, but still 😉

This is all amazing work as always. You never cease to amaze. 😍


Aww Carrie, I have painted will o the wisps in similar fashion, and the eerie side is my fav of mine if not my most popular

Haunting and beautiful.. I love the pictures, especially the windy one. It makes me wish to be out in the midst of a windy day. No wind here today, just heat. But autumn is coming soon. ♥


Thank you Serena... the drawing was quick and spontaneous, and though it's not "my realistic approach" I like this crazy line arts better than more polished drawings... same with the song, maybe not most popular of mine LOL but stands as one of the weirdest... weird is good... at least for me

Fantastic mood, all fits really perfect for me. Pure nature closed in sounds and Your voice. Perfect.


Thank you so much, it's one of those songs that usually people don't understand well... when I force it in to the song set in concerts and such... like I know it's kind of weird, and has different sections and has no chorus... but what are rules in a song but to break them? I don't aim for mainstream anyway, so I have the joy of doing what my heart calls for every time.

Amazing... Just finished listening to the song. It's absolutely great! So misterious and dramatic... And the artwork is perfect for this song, you can almost hear the song when you look at it. Great work!!!


Thank you so much... I have like to halves regarding my art and music, one is very celtic/fae/Nature the other is more eerie/haunting/ghostly... so I guess this one belonds to the spectral half of myself... they are usually less popular but when in the mood closer to my spirit. Thanks for the compliment about my drawing too.

This is beautiful. I am loving your blog and your art. You are amazing.


Thank you so much, I do try my best and I am happy to share my vision. Thanks for the lovely comment

I really enjoyed this. Magical I must say with a complimentary artworks and photos.

Dante is here no fear


Wow that was so lovely and powerful. Your beautiful voice compliments the haunting ocarina and roarer sounds so perfectly, and the cello and electric guitar really fill out the sound, also.

I listened to this a few times, but I didn't see it listed on Choon...

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More music! I'm still listening to your first two albums! This is great, but a little strange.
upvoted you!
science fiction, fantasy, erotica
check out some posts, no obligation to upvote or follow

That sounds like something out of Faerie. I'm not kidding. It captures the sounds of the wind perfectly; makes me think of a wood. And beautiful voice!

That sounds like something out of Faerie. I'm not kidding. It captures the sounds of the wind perfectly; makes me think of a wood. And beautiful voice!


Thanks, if you heard branches crackling and swaying in a forest then the vibe is right.
By the way I think you accidentally downvoted/flagged some of my comments and also one to @artzone and @gaeljosser down below, please could you check that? I guess by your feedback that was not your intention to flag
It's a strange song but also a personal favourite of mine


I can assure you that was definitely an accident. I'm going to need to talk to the developer of that platform, since the issue actually stems from the accessibility side of things. In other words, I use text to speech software in order to navigate a computer. If buttons and controls aren't properly labeled so that that software can interpret what it is, then I'm more likely going to hit the wrong button, like I did last evening. I will definitely correct the mistake. Anyway, which button below the comment is for voting? Is it the first or second one? We can start with that.

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Oh, do not worry. As I said I guessed it was not intentional by your feedback, if not I would have not dared to ask for you to check. It was unaintentionally me and a few of the commenters. I am not quite sure who you could address for that issue. I am justva minnow myself. If you do not mind to remove it , mostly the others that just happened to stop by like you did.
I am not quite sure for the upvote is an arrow up, in fact to confirm a blag you are supposed to click twice, one to upvote and another to be sure of it. Dunno what happened but you can get it sorted. Thx ♥️


It's actually a coding issue on the developers end. I'm going to file a bug over on Utopia and I think. That should hopefully get the ball rolling to deal with this so this doesn't continue to happen.

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Well, I hope you can help them to get it sorted out, I kind of guessed there was some kind of glitch as there were three in a row and your feedback was really beautiful. Which is what counts to me. Luck with it, well bug huntings is good... they get things fixed :)

you gonna come and join my contest :D

Kinda spooky post hun. Especially the artwork.

Your post is always a feast to the eyes and this one is no exception, yidneth. You are truly a master entertainer :).      

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Thanks always to your team of curators 😉😘😚

very nice <3

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Thank you, I've tagged many times but I had never got this before... thanks for the message :)

Sounds so mystical and ghostly, didn't know about the double Ocarina seems challenging indeed. Great work!


I forgot to add I also used wind chimes and carrillons, adding some pictures still... I kind of published but still building up a few details in the article... thanks very much for the listen!


I will share soon a proper performance with the double ocarina :) it's really a little braintraining instrument