Shadows That Lead

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Howdy folks!, This is a new track that i have recently finished working on (Its kind of a metal-funk fusion). The lyrics are basically about television/social media and how well it influences us a society.

Till next time!! happy holidays.

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Great song Tom there are a lot of cool sounds there 🤘

Thanks bro, i had fun working on this one.

hi caro @thomasrobertgent, energetic and beautiful sound !!! I'm sorry for not being very strong with English and not having understood the words of the song ... maybe next time could you write the text? do you do it for joj or for passion? congratulations on your work and your curie rating

Thank you for the comment. Writing songs/music is my hobby /passion, not my profession, though it would be nice. I’ll try remember to include lyrics next time.

all the best for you! keep on

Wow! So I have only been on steem a couple months, and you are officially the first person to entice me to dsound....and I am not disappointed! I don't know that I would say its much on the funk end of things (I listen to old school, true blue 70's funk), but it's got a fun mix of 80's (with the synth stuff) and metal, and I really liked it. It actually reminded me just a little of Otep's style when they had their old bassist (his best track with them was Ghostflowers, I think!). Conscious lyrics are a must for me as well, so you got a win-win with musical quality and lyrical content. Anyways, keep making music and sharing with the world!!!

Such a flattering comment, thank you so much. Really glad I was able to give you a positive Dsound experience. Yes conscious lyrics are a must.... all the lyrics I write have meaning and/or purpose (to me at least). Thanks once again! 😊

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Whoop whoop 🙌

Woah dude I really like this! The opening (synth?) bass groove is super cool, the thrash vocals are awesome, the progression and solos - this really impressed me. You rock

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Thanks heaps! Really glad you liked it. Yeah I love adding a touch of keys and synth to my tunes, some songs I have a hard time fitting it in but this track in particular definitely benefited from it. Thanks once again mate! Appreciate the support.

Hello Hello!

I congratulate you on the rhythm, I really liked it, I can say that I am becoming a fan xD

Greetings from Venezuela

Awww thank you so much for your kind words, really glad you liked it. 😊

it sort of reminds me of the classic metal bands nice :)

Thanks Tyger! I’ve been listening to a band called “Ghost” a hell of a lot lately. I think it’s definitely had an influential hand to play in the sound of this track. Hope alls well on your side of the globe.

not yet but hoping 2020 will be better <3

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Thank you! Much appreciated 🥳

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Thanks mate! Much appreciated

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