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Roger's back!!!.. with another mix out of the Soulut!on series. This one is a bit more experimental and digital compared to the one I released a week ago. But still souly funky baby! 8)
Hope you enjoy anyway! If so put ya thumbs weh my eyes can see :D
Leave a comment and resteem if you find it outstanding. If you don't - well, you don't. Whatever. Next time maybe ;)

I'm gonna put some more stuff up after I'll launch my website and let you guys know what else I have in the pipeline to create real world use cases for STEEM.. sooo much to do! But I hope you stay tuned!! It's worth it :))

If you wanna give that style a name call it "Reggae Hip Hop Soul Funk Rhythm'n'Bass Mashup" - it was worth a try :D

Here you'll find last week's mix: https://steemit.com/dsound/@roger.remix/20190609t100725652z-i-got-the-souluton

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Wait a min. You were complaining about other people using bidbots and now here you are with bidbot abuse lol. MUTE!

@coinchaos wait 2 min more ;) I was addressing valid concerns about the abuse of voting bots. I'm using them (which is a significant difference) - even if I don't like them & got a negative ROI to conquer back trending with quality. Check my last post's payouts compared to what I've invested and you know what I'm talking about 😊
So many thanks for your feedback! If you wanna help me raising awareness about the real problems lying underneath you're very welcome!! We need more people having a deeper look 👀✔️

Yeah the bid bots are a bad thing and I guess it is proof of no brains since everyone delegates power to them.... lol

ha, proof of no brain - love it! (if it wouldn't be so tragic)
Let's make a fork or side chain with PonB consensus. I think the majority would vote for it 🙄🤔😁

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Actually, the post he was complaining about is much better quality than this one.

I think he was mad their votes came out of the same round.

heeey @whatsup 🤙was I complaining?!? Maybe I should use more smileys to soften it a bit 😄 thx 4 ur feedback! What you didn't like? If it's possible to compare it 1:1 in terms of the outcome - mix vs game - I'd also consider the game as way more valuable. But I think that wasn't the question here.

And yes, one time it hit me 🤣😭
.. but I can deal with that. Not the first guys who don't know or care how bid bots work 😆

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I know how they work. :) sometimes you win some times you lose.

resteemed with love

Whooweeh! This thing is so damn hot! Where are my oven mittens!

Thanks for sharing your skills man!

@michelmake many many thanks! There's another roast in the oven 🍠😂

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