M19 Viscosity #DnB 🎚 S1E24 ft. Avian Flew 🦉 (SMA, NYCR), Jungle 🦁 / Drum 🥁 n Bass 🎸 DJ Mix.

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Viscosity #DnB is a new weekly mix series by Avian Flew of NYCR and Konkrete Jungle fame. Flew has been DJing and archiving underground electronic dance music since the mid-1980s. His skills are rarely matched and selections not only span the decades but cover a range of rhythmic taste from old school Hip Hop to hardcore Dubstep and everything in between. Viscosity #DnB features all styles of Jungle/Drum & Bass from early 'Ardcore Breakbeat circa 1992 to all the new and exclusive Liquid, Trap and Drumstep choons your eardrums can handle.

Viscosity #DnB 🎚: Thursdays 🕓 4-7PM EST

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Viscosity #DnB 🎚 S1E24 ft. Avian Flew 🦉

Started off with a few somewhat recent tunes then decided to switch it up and go mid/late 90s classics. If you're a diehard OG Junglist, especially of the NYC scene, take a look at the track-list. You'll be pressing play in no time!

🎧 ► Listen on DSound

💽 ► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Total ScienceRebel Soul
Tommy Boy and D MindsIn Da City
Thomas OliverIf I Move to Mars (Urbandawn Remix)
The StreetsIt's Too Late (High Contrast Remix)
Roni Size / ReprazentShare the fall (Grooverider's jeep style mix)
Undercover MovementBack 2 Front (Dub Plate)
Tribe Of IssacharJunglist (Original Dub Plate)
The Dream TeamSweetie
red lightthe burial
Potential Bad Boy ft. MC DetRollin'
Omni Triotorn
Nuyorican Soul ft. Jocelyn BrownIt's Alright, I Feel It! (Roni Size Remix)
Mental PowerDream Sequence (Back2Basics)
Dead Calmurban style (dj pulse remix)
Urban Shakedown ft. D.B.O. GeneralSome Justice 95 (Full Vocal)
SappoOh Gosh
Roni SizeAll The Crew Big Up (95 Lick)
Marvellous CainHitman (Marvellous Cain Remix)
DRS & Kenny Keneveryman (dj monk remix)
dj harmonylet me in
DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy KeithWicked
Digital KonfusionKill Dem Dead (Original N.Y.C. Jungle Mix)
Conquering LionCode Red
Booyaka CrewGhetto Youth
Bliss N TumbleSmoov
Black Star feat. Top CatChampion Dj (London Somting Mix)
Vinyl FatigueGun Shot a Blaze
UniversalLive Session
Undercover AgentDub Plate Circles
Skool of Hard Knockseverybody
Physics N' TricksCrazy Tings (Remarc Rmx)
Perry FarrellWhole Lotta Love
Paradoxi get a kickback
Origin UnknownValley Of The Shadows ('96)
Omni Triotrippin' on broken beats (vip)
OliveYou're Not Alone (Roni Size Remix)
Jonny LI Let U
EtherwoodUnfolding (feat. Laurelle Robichaud)

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If you or a steemian you know makes music you'd like rinsed on one of these podcasts either leave a comment here or message me on Discord - Movement19#0266

Genres - House (deep, tribal, soulful, minimal, tech), Techno, Electronica, Breaks, Jungle/Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Trap, Drumstep, Hip Hop, Rap, Trip Hop, Downtempo, Acid Jazz.

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