How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery? #189

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How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

Will you please discover the surgery trap with us because this might save us untold hours of pain, misery and discomfort as a result of having unnecessary medical procedures?

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I say unnecessary in the sense that the problem the medical procedure seeks to solve can be completely fixed in a lot of cases without any medical intervention.

Thank you for reading about day 189 of Happier People Podcast and I hope you enjoy it!

How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

Now, I'm an ordinary person. I'm no doctor and I'm giving my point of view as an ordinary person, which I find is often more helpful than the position of an expert.

I trust you to do whatever you need to do with this because these are based on observations I've noticed from the people I love and care about in my life.

Here's the case study of one of the family members.

Case study, the family member was in the military and was responsible for physical training or PT. As a part of this PT, a lot of running was included. The family member’s feet continued to hurt more and more over time and in order to continue running they had several foot surgeries on their feet, which now, 20 years later, has resulted in feet that are so messed up they can barely walk on them, and it takes medication every day in order to deal with that as a part of the total physical pain.

Now, an alternative to having that surgery would have been to stop the trauma. Stop running on those feet and the feet would have completely healed themselves more than likely, if not simply have continued to at least stay in a similar condition instead of continuing to deteriorate quickly.

As a result of those foot surgeries that family member went through hundreds of hours of discomfort, pain, and even a third-degree burn as a result of a medical error during one of the surgeries resulting in permanent scarring on the leg, which was not involved in the actual foot surgery.

How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

If we consider the alternative, had the family member simply stopped running and got a different job that did not require running, they would have avoided thousands of hours of pain and suffering as a result of those foot surgeries and the related continuing injuries on the feet.

The family member still ended up not being able to run and fulfill the physical training requirements after ten more years of running in the military despite the multiple foot surgeries resulting in alternative physical training allowances.

The foot surgeries from what I observed appeared to only truly provide a little bit of rest, because with those foot surgeries the family member was not able to run for months. Had the family member simply rested instead of having surgery, the result would have likely been almost identical in terms of improvement offered by the surgery and far superior twenty years later.

I have started this line of questioning because I recently read something by a doctor that said approximately half of all surgeries produce nothing more than a placebo effect. In other words, if the patient thinks they had the surgery, the exact same result is produced even though no real medical intervention was done. About half of surgeries produce nothing more than a belief in the patient that it would heal and likely the trauma being stopped for a period of time. I've also seen further complications of surgeries even if the thing itself did work. For example, patiences often end up getting addicted to pain pills or having complications as a result of medications.

Add to this a reinforcement loop like relationship troubles as a result of the surgery and the altered state from the medications, then ending up on more medications, then going back for further and further surgeries and we get a total mess that could have been completely avoided by simply resting and stopping the trauma instead of inviting more guaranteed injury to the body with surgery on the slim hope it might fix what otherwise would not fix itself. **When we take that first step into the surgery trap we often are sucked into this vortex of more and more pain. **

I saw another lady recently who had a surgery that messed up her left eye and caused her eye to not even open. That was a medical mistake. They were doing a different surgery and they messed that up and now her eye is healing by itself.

The eye is fixing itself over the period of months with no more medical intervention. The eye is slowly opening more and more and fixing itself. She scheduled another surgery to try to fix the eye and she couldn't see how ridiculous this looked from an outside point of view.

I'm telling her, "Look, what messed this up was surgery. Your eye is clearly fixing itself WITHOUT MEDICAL HELP. Don't get another surgery to fix the eye because it's fixing itself. You're likely to mess it up more with another surgery." She thought I was crazy for suggesting that and maintained her faith another surgery would help fix her eye.

These case studies are clearly supported by data showing that medical errors are one of the leading top causes of death. You see, a lot of people die as a result of getting surgeries that weren't even necessary in addition to all the suffering coming from those that live.

How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

If there was some kind of shooting epidemic that produced this same level of death, we would be furious, and yet someone we love goes in and dies due to a medical error, "Oh, well. That's unfortunate. We couldn't have done anything to prevent that."

I was thinking about this because a friend died recently after a medical error started a fatal progression in motion. He got a biopsy on something. They messed that up, hit something and paralyzed the right side of his body. He died shortly thereafter.

If he had not had that surgery and just left the biopsy, it probably would have gone on a lot longer just fine even if whatever eventually killed him, even if the biopsy was revealing something that was fatal, the biopsy they did ended up causing his death.

In other words, even if it was a tumor, even if whatever they were looking at was going to kill him, just the biopsy and going in and messing around with it ended up producing a worse result.

Another case study from my own father who started his cycle in motion with a heart attack. After years of refusing to go to the doctor before this, Dad started going to the doctor frequently and accepting more and more medical interventions. My father's health continued to drop from the point of having the heart attack and then died around a year and a half later. From my point of view all the medical interventions did was make the end of his life more miserable and make the doctors, hospitals, and health insurance companies a profit.

What I think about today is prevention because when you look at something like a heart attack, sure, you may be in the position where you really do need some medical attention. I had a family member fall off a horse and nearly die. Yes, medical attention does help sometimes. It's not as easy as saying, "Well, we should just never go to the doctor, never get any medical intervention."

Sometimes medical intervention is really helpful. Sometimes it is life-saving. From what I've observed about 80 to 90 percent of medical attention is either unnecessary, unhelpful or in fact makes the problem worse. The other 10 to 20 percent does make all the difference in the world.

Now, from a business standpoint health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals want to do as many surgeries as possible. Doctors, hospitals, insurance companies all have an incentive to have the maximum amount of medical intervention and the smallest amount of prevention. This is just from a purely business growth standpoint and this is something any of us can easily see when we think about it for a minute.

Just think about it. If you want to grow your business as a medical profession you need more sick people and preferably you need repeat clients. Therefore, it is in any doctor’s self-interest, any hospital’s self-interest, and anyone in the medical profession's self-interest when just considering themselves, their business, and their family to consistently recommend more medical interventions.

Now, that's not to say every doctor is purely thinking of growing their business. I've experienced this with dentists. One dentist told me I needed about a thousand dollars of work on my teeth after brushing and flossing every day in my life, not every single day, but mostly every day.

I went to another dentist, they said my teeth look beautiful and all I would need to do is simply clean them for the rest of my life and keep doing what I'm doing, and I would never have any problems.

Now, why did one dentist tell me I needed thousands of dollars of work and another one say my teeth look beautiful? The teeth each saw were exactly the same. One dentist had an understandable profit motive, had a way of looking at things of finding every single little imperfection and turning it into a medical procedure. The dentist recommending thousands of dollars of work was simply thinking of himself and his business and choosing to see every single imperfection in my teeth instead of seeing what was best for me and reasonable.

I have another family member who's been to the dentist a whole lot of times and had dental procedures and things are now to a state where the family member’s considering getting all of their teeth pulled because the dental state is such a mess. The more medical procedures we have the more opportunities there are for error, and the more we think we have to have medical procedures, the more we don't pay attention to alternatives.

What I've found in my life is that when I think prevention and when I trust my body to fix itself, it does because my body is a living organism. Unfortunately, a lot of us think of our bodies as basically this dead instrument we're carrying around that without some kind of intervention will continue to stay the same or get worse.

The fact is our bodies have remarkable healing abilities all on their own.

I read a story called "Dying to be Me."

The author had a near-death experience. Her body miraculously cured end-stage cancer all by itself. The medical interventions were simply causing her pain and suffering, and the doctors were absolutely blown away because they'd never seen it before.

Her body cured itself almost instantly of cancer.

How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

When we think that we have to have medical procedures done and we're not aware that our bodies are capable of fixing most things that go wrong. In fact, I would argue that we don't even have a clue of what our bodies are capable of.

I believe our bodies are capable of regrowing limbs. I listened to another documentary, I think it was "Heart of a Dog" where the lady was paralyzed. The doctor told her at 12 years old that she'd never walk again and she knew the doctor did not know what he was talking about. She knew all she had to do was pay attention to her spine and it would fix itself and it did. It fixed itself. Her spine repaired a paralysis that the doctor said she would never walk again.

I have another friend, the doctor said he would never have children, and then he got a girl pregnant. You see, doctors are just guessing at what's going on in the human body. Any expert in a field does not know everything.

An expert in a field often knows a little bit more than the average person. With more than 2.5 million followers online, many agree I am an "expert" on digital marketing and advertising. Meanwhile, I realize I know a very small part of the whole. Often an average person has initiative insights about marketing online that seem new to me or brilliant. Every person has something to teach me about digital marketing and advertising. I know just enough to be effective and often make epic mistakes.

I've read another book by a doctor titled "Whole" and he talked about how the nutrition facts we get on labels are estimates, that often in terms of how our bodies process the fruits and vegetables we eat, it may be off as much by 40 times.

One peach may have 40 times as much vitamin C as a different peach and our bodies have a choice on how to process everything. You see, what goes on in our bodies is so much more complicated and has so much depth to it that a single doctor is not capable of understanding all of it. In fact, a doctor is lucky to be able to master a little bit of what goes on with a few systems. Now, think about having someone that's relatively clueless messing around inside our body. That is scary.

Have you ever had the feeling that the doctor was relatively an idiot about your body during an appointment? I certainly have because I AM IN MY BODY all day every day. How is a doctor supposed to just look at us and know more than what we do? My two and a half year old daughter works this angle on me all day because while I have a lot to think about and do, she is completely focused on what she is doing. She easily pushes through my resistance because she is focused despite not having years of experience in interpersonal relations. My brother worked this angle until he moved out because he knew no matter how much resistance Dad put up that eventually my brother's brute force and persistence would pay off. Experts and experience are overrated against an ordinary person's full attention.

Now yes, there are lots of helpful medical interventions out there. It can help you when you have a cut to get it stitched up. I took my daughter to a doctor when our dog bit her to get her stitched up and yet even that she went through more pain and trauma at the doctor getting it stitched up than she did with the thing itself.

In my opinion, that shows a clear example of most of what goes on.

There's more trauma with participating in a medical system most of the time than there is not participating in it, simply trusting our bodies to fix themselves.

I broke my finger when I was 21. It fixed itself completely with no medical intervention necessary.

What's possible and what we often think is possible are often different. My hope in sharing this with you is to open your idea of what's possible when you realize your body can heal itself if you stop the trauma. I used to have a lot of back problems like chronic back pain. I hurt my back at work and that was also due to my sexual conduct and my stress levels.

Guess what?

With stopping the trauma, with stopping what was causing the problem, stopping my behaviors, I have no back pain. I have almost no neck pain even though these used to be things I suffered on almost a daily basis.

Had I not stopped the trauma and left with the causes in place, I would have ended up having back surgery at some point and likely fell down the rapid hole of having back problems for life.

Fix the cause of the problem and there's no need to get a surgery.

Stop the trauma and rest.

I think the guy who wrote "How Not To Die" made a great analogy in his book, another doctor.

He said, "If we are getting up from sitting on the sofa and we keep banging our knee on the table and we do that enough times you're going to have some serious knee problems. The answer is not to get knee surgery so we can keep standing up from the couch and hitting our knee, the answer is to stop banging our knee off the table, stop hurting whatever part of our body it is."

How Do We Heal Ourselves Without Surgery?

I saw another guy, he's talking about how bad his back problems are and he keeps going to work and hurting his back more and more, and I could not convince him, "You need to do a different kind of work or your back problems will continue to get worse until you can't handle doing that kind of work. No surgery, no medical procedure can help fix what you are causing. Stop causing the trauma and the problem will fix itself most of the time without surgery."

We have the information we need today to avoid massive pain and suffering. When we stop saying yes to unnecessary medical procedures and instead take responsibility for what we cause while trusting our bodies to fix themselves, we can help our doctors to live more relaxed lives free from the stress of too many patients, help reduce health insurance costs, and eliminate the need to keep building more massive hospitals to serve the sick.

Thank you for reading and I hope this day 189 of Happier People Podcast was helpful.

I love you. You're awesome. Thank you for reading this post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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I wish I read this before going to the dentist last week. Now I feel more pains than what I felt before going there.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for the great insight in this post.

Me too after learning this about 15 years ago I ended up forgetting this six years ago after moving again and finding a new dentist. I got unnecessary work done after a dentist started saying how bad my teeth were that resulted in my facial hair being messed up for a year because of the way they numbed my face during a filling. That motivated me to ask around to find an honest dentist which once again told me my teeth were beautiful and were unlikely to need work for the rest of my life with proper care.

Wow how amazing. Its a shame that somr doctors just do what they do for the pay, not minding how the patient feels. And really, we tend to believe whatever they say and it scares us. Thankfully, you got a better doctor. Now I know better too. Thanks so much for this Sir @jerrybanfield Shine on

Thanks for the wonderful post :)

Stem Cells.

Therapeutic Cloning would be better an more ideal, because unlike stems cell transplants, therapeutic cloning could allow an individual's own cells to be used to treat or cure that person's disease, without risk of rejection of foreign cells and DNA (because it is their own Cells and DNA).


Hi Jerry, thanks for helping get people out of the standard medical paradigm and to start thinking about the root causes of disease.

Most people today are almost literally entranced by their doctors and the medical system. They hear their doctor say they either need to take drugs or they need to come in for surgery, and they obediently do what they are told. People need to learn to do the exact opposite. They need to realize that their doctor is simply a consultant to them. Some consultants are good, some suck, and some are just trying to sell you something you really don't need in order for them to run their business. Doctors are exactly like any other consultants in this regard and people need to be extremely careful with how they select them and utilize them.

People need to take charge of their own health and ask questions of how and why they have a dis-ease. They also need to understand the triggers for these dis-ease so that they can defuse it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I just wrote a post on German New Medicine or GNM that is focused exactly on this approach. GNM sees all chronic illness as being caused by unexpected traumas called "conflict shocks." I highly suggest that you and your readers have a read. It's specifically about stopping the symptomatic view of dis-ease and taking ownership for the cause and triggers of the dis-ease. The post is here, but I also leave an interview below that will help you understand the basics of GNM:

@newsandviews thank you very much for your upvote and long comment suggesting a post to read and a video to watch.

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Hi Jerry, thanks very much for the heads up. I will have a closer look at the witness voting and the various witnesses and make sure that I take the witness voting seriously from now on. I will be sure to consider you as well in the process.

Thanks for the info. I will follow you.

Thanks for feeding me with an amazing post as such
I've got no regrets following you
Our body naturally has a self healing ability

Lengthy though I enjoy reading. Thanks for sharing

Hi Jerry!!!! thanks for share this awesome post, really it helps a lot for this community!!!!
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!!

Sir no hesitation in voting you on witness.
You are an inspiration to me
Keep steeming.

You're so right about that. I've heard a very alarming statistics about surgeries that were performed based on positive exams that turned to be false alarms. Something like half thyroid gland surgeries are based on false alarms. Mammograms are another thing that causes a lot of unnecessary procedures. Dr. Greger talks about this in this post:
Another thing, how about all the over prescribed drugs and their terrible side effects? I was prescribed Prozac once a few years ago and I swear to God it gave me IBS. Besides, I almost harmed myself and the doctor kept saying that this was part of my condition. Later on I've found out that this is actually a very common side effect of the drug. Doctors have no clue on what they are prescribing to their pacientes.

Very educative thanks... I only wish that I came across this content earlier

Our bodies need proper energy flow...Lackage of balanced energy harms subtle bodies and those harm physical...In order to recover body needs subtle energies cleanse and so...on

Thank you @tatjanastan for reminding us that our bodies need proper energy flow.

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Dear @jerrybanfield, thanks for your kind comment...I'm enterpreneur for 20 years and all together with my husband @dobartim we have organized S.schools education to help beginners to grow on Steemit, enterpreneurs how to be even better...I would gladly give You my vote for Your witness if we didn't do our Witness...Still Your Energy is a motivation for many, You are icon for growth of many of us and actually Your video attracted my husband @dobartim on Steemit.

So, we gladly invite You to be our guest on Discord channel with 4100 users, for one month.
You are Online enterpreneur but we are Offline enterpreneurs, so Synergy can be of high mutual interest...

Your Well - Wishing

It's a miracle

Hi Jerry! Lots of truths in your post. Sometimes we just seek external authority and do things, because “well, the doctor said I should” without thinking for ourselves and researching other options. We HAVE to be our own health advocates. Great post. 🙏🏽

Also saw this today:


Gah!!! 😱 I love it! Go Jerry. 🙌🏽

Oh! That's cool. Have you buy it?

The wise men of antiquity and many millenarian cultures consider that the body itself has the power to heal itself, and that what we must do is give them the nutrients that the body needs. And if we began to look for the deaths caused by medical malpractice surely we would be surprised by the gigantic proportion with which they occur and that most of them will not come to public light, because they will be covered by the medical guild. We are all going to die, but we could live better if we give our body optimal nutrition.

How Do We Heal Without Surgery?
only god can hihihi

Great post @jerrybanfield

This is such a great post! Something I tell my clients time and time again is, listen to your body! Your body is so much smarter than you may think! It knows when it is on the verge of being injured and tries to prevent that injury from happening. The problem is, most people push through pain...what they really needed to do is just listen to their body! If something is hurting get off of that body part and work around the pain to strengthen the muscles surrounding that affected area to keep it strong!

Also, I make sure my clients are helping to heal their bodies by watching what they put into it. I try to get them to eat clean, healthy unprocessed food to give their body a fighting chance to heal existing injuries or to just prevent injuries from occurring in the future!

Awesome post! :)

@annemariemay thank you very much for the upvote and follow, and reminding us that eating clean, healthy unprocessed food is useful to help our bodies recover from injuries.

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While medicine does a lot of good to humans [, and bad sometimes], it definitely does not have all the answers.
I completely believe in the self-healing powers that could do wonders. The power of the brain, meditation, happiness, helping others,...
We do have amazing secrets within our bodies, cells, brains, souls, that can help us in so many ways aside from taking a certain medicine, or just a surgery can do.
Thanks for bringing up the topic!

This is so important.. Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield

A biopsy can be a very dangerous medical procedure. especially a lung biopsy. Doctors, and dentists can ruin your life , and charge you large sums of money for doing it, if you let them.
One thing i disagree with, if you break a bone, go to the doctor. Even if it is your finger, YOU NEED A CAST PUT ON. It might need to be set as well.
Just my two cents.

Our body is such a strange thing that we have got very little idea about this.There is a lots of problem which can be cured automatically.

I agree that we should avoid unnecessary surgery but as someone that spent years in the military and have chronic pain now from unresolved injuries that were not taken care of while on active duty, it can be hard to tell doctors no when they prescribe a course of treatment. And getting out of the military in order to pursue a different career is not always an option because the retirement benefits from the military and affordable healthcare for family members makes it an attractive career choice. Great post and thanks for sharing!

Good Info. nice post as always!!!

Very nice post! Tq!

What a great writing, this is a very good post

Wow amazing


Truly spoken and well researched, I personally think that the cause of all these rush to using surgery on correcting some abnormally is simply fear and ignoring on how the human body function (all things been equal, the human body self heals itself)
However on my own point of view and from my little knowledge of the power of phyto-nutrients, I think that diet will go a long way in averting all the negative effects of surgery away well errors due from surgery. If we phyto-energize ourselves, we are sure to be free from most avoidable health traumas

I think our bodies are capable of regeneration if we apply an understanding of what we really are as humans: souls trapped in bodies that if we liberate our 'sparks of divinity' that is confined in matter, our 'sparks of divinity' can regenerate our bodies.

This is how Yogis, and alchemical Taoists have attained.

Interesting bit of synchronicity that I come across this topic after having just written this intense post that has similar patterns:

like you rightly said, our body has the ability to heal itself. cells begot cell. our cells has the ability to create, revive and heal dying cell. our body need rest jut as you said.

This is a very good development, thanks for the information @jerrybenfield

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Nice! Upvoted! Check my stream for some Chill and relaxing music

Wery, nice post 👍👍👍

What a great writing, this is a very good post

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Yes, we all need to get educated about our own bodies. We often know more about ourselves than the medical community. And sometimes, ache and pains just go away on their own. Maybe our medicine is in our food. Maybe we just need to move our bodies more. Taking of one's health takes a lot of self-discipline. But beware of Doctors. They may get you hooked on pills and unnecessary surgeries, that lead to other surgeries and on and on.

wow sir it's a valuable post and yeah I'm wants to hearts surgery on my pet dog. I want to know why he is eating too much. 🙄

Really sorry for the loss of your friend. It's really unfortunate but these things do happen, and too commonly. I see your passion.
From my viewpoint, the medicals have actually never promised to give us the ultimate solutions. The problem is that at the time we are in distress we are often so desperate for some relief. It is just too loud an option for people. I agree that if we could tarry and explore some less drastic measures in some cases - probably many, we would be the better for it on the long term. Personally, I've had some disturbing health issues for years but never quite had the money to go for a diagnosis and treatment. Ironically, i'm somehow thankful for this cos if I had, I have this funny idea that they would have messed with me, I would be dependent on drugs, and other things would have come up; cos really, as we age, our body systems evolve. Thanks for this writeup. Late to the party, you certainly have a great blog!

this is a great inspiring , I hope you will be success with this job .

Good info Jerry I vote you ;)

A good healthy and healthy diet makes our body create barriers against many autoimmune diseases. Great post. Thank you for sharing. I will follow you.
I would be pleased to have your help and vote in my publications. Thank you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hello @jerrybanfield I really heard what you were saying, and all through reading it I was so happy to not have to deal with your locality's medical personnel. In the early 70's I met the front of a speeding driver's car in his local police area. So, because I was a teenager, the obvious cause to any observer of the effects got let off as he was Somebody, and I was a kid from seventy miles away. My left foot was under the sump of his car whilst my right foot went through his grill and radiator and shifted his block so that the gears wouldn't change. 46 bones were broken including a shoulder-blade and the side of my head. Later, I was extremely thankful to the Vietnam War, and to morphine, and mostly after four weeks of having the experience (beyond excruciating pain) of coming off morphine, cold turkey, whilst hanging on strings from the ceiling. Months later I was told one leg was shorter and I would never walk without a stick, so I set a goal and within eighteen months I was a grunt in the Regiment of diggers. Since then I have had a number of surgeries, each for a different 'now' cause, none directly related to that past, and each has been very successful. Twice I have awakened in surgery, attempted to sit up, and anaesthetist apologizes to surgeon, saying I've had enough to knock out an elephant, so there is a downside to often using same drug, But, it still works. And as I've told silly youth smoking joints, the body clean,(being stoned is a clean body fighting the poison)[why am happy about cold turkey, never ever wanting to be in such a need again 😆]{and Do You Know dehydration¿ hurts the arsehole😁} has the perfect DNA it's parents seeded it from, and with sleep, clean water and a worryless mind, there is no reason it cannot return to it's original state. Personally, I am now over sixty, and have never been sick (touch wood), never had the flu, and only a common cold until it burns out after two and half days. -usually by keeping head, feet and throat wrapped warm, and then walking out and breathing cold air which kills the cold. I have been broken, pierced, asphyxiated, poisoned (hey druggies, nothing Like a psychedelic bite from a King Brown Snake 😂), drowned (do not marry the pretty girl who gives you kiss of life, trauma is not a good foundation.), burned to the bone, and I can tell you that the surgeons I've met have all been amazing, dedicated,and very good at what they do. There was one surgeon who I had doubts about, and then several months later his sewing tore, and I needed another op. So I set myself to know, and then believe, and then practice my belief, and it seems to have worked well as it no longer gives me trouble and I can still, run, walk and dance, even if I do have a plastic net sewn in. So what¿ I've a three inch pin in my leg which came into the military with me and gave no trouble for hundreds of walking/marching miles, and I've brass screws holding my arm together, but it still works well, even if I cannot pitch baseball or bowl at cricket. No, I think I agree with your general observation, if one must, for the working of the body, get it fixed, do so. For no other reason should you mess with it's perfect DNA. Give it sleep, clean water, sufficient but minimal nutrition, and a positive attitude, with always a vision of a wholly good ending, and the body will heal itself. I am a walking miracle to show you it's true! 😇