Steem's Soundcloud Is Here!!!

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Steem's Soundcloud Is Here!!! [Dsound]

Wassapp guys!! Dsound, the decentralized Soundcloud is finally here!
Dsound is a decentralized Soundcloud that uses your Steemit account!
The site is still very new so it is a little slow, but you can start posting and listening now!
You login with your Steemit account and earn Steem from upvotes just like Steemit!!

Check it out:

Sign Up

To sign in you do not need to use your Steemit password! You only need to use your posting key shown under your Steemit wallet's "permissions" tab! It is safe and secure!

Look at the red arrow: That is where your posting key is!

Dsound is definitely going steal many Soundcloud users! I can't wait to It progress, and help increase the demand for the Steem currency!

Thanks for reading guys!
Take what you want from my post, I am but 1 man with 1 mind.
Due diligence! and Follow @jefft


I said in my brain, if only there was a steemit sound cloud, and lo, I looked over yonder and walked to the mountain to pray, and there it lay.

Haha, have you checked out some of the other Steemit social media platforms like dtube, chainbb and dmania?

@jefft Everything is Getting decentralized Badly :D , i want to Be Decentralized , can you help me :D

Don't understand what you mean haha

I have recommended this to two sound engineers of large radio stations.
I will continue to do so until I see them start to use this new platform.


Just my two STEEMS Worth.

Thanks for helping the Steemit community by spreading the word! :)

I am actually having issues with my posting key.

I am positive Im using the correct key.

Any clue where I am going wrong?

Try clicking the button to the right of it, should reveal a different key.

That did the trick!
Thank you.

Q: will we see a search and a category feature added soon?

Yes! Soon i believe. Check out @prc page for latest updates!

This is good. A decentralised soundcloud but you are able to directly support your favourite artists is a great idea.

I love this idea. Thank you!

Np! Hope you enjoy using the site

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Regards- Steemit Community   

great news for steemians,i love it

It really is! I am extremely excited :)

and...where is FAQ page in Dsound to known more?

okay....thank you ....

Can you add feature to use steemconnect for login?

@jefft got you a $3.55 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@jefft got you a $3.55 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Hell yeah!

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