Power of Love by Ed Privat

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Hey hey !

This is the old version of the song, which is now being reworked :) and experimented with. It's called Power Of Love

This was done with my old Cubase (5)

The World is a great Illusion, where it's hard to perceive the different realms we live in And where fate is dictated by birth Open your eyes to the great, Illusion you have been given a voice to speak Don't let them curse you x 2
Let your spirit lead the way Don't cover your own eye to pray Let your spirit lead the way Feel the power, feel the power of love

I actually played that song that Steemfest and it was interesting to see the crowd's reaction :)


What you all doing today steem family?
One our side we're trying get the kids to sleep and we want to watch a "good" movie, so the choice is narrowed down to Tarantino, Nolan, Kubrick, and Ridley Scott.
I am really trying to convince @lionmom that "Full Metal Jacket" is a masterpiece...And anything that Kubrick has done for that matter.

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Always love your higher register :)

Hey you!!!! Thanks!!! I love the new version of the song, but I am happy going back to memory lane and listening to old prods
I was thinking about you yesterday , how is the flu going on your side?

Turned into bronchitis... @hedac is doing better, I'm still caughing a lot and my voice will take a while to be fully back, need to stop coughing first. Still we went out today outdoors, hugged trees, drank hot chocolate :) so that was my medicine :) will be good in no time... I always have a hard time when I get them cos my immune system is not the best. :)

OH ! Sorry to hear! Last time i got sick, I couldn't sing for almost a month.
Yeah chocolate seems to fix any sort form of sickness :) true story...
Hope the weather was ok , you guys are close to the mountains too so you gonna go ski?

I don't know how to ski and I have fear of heights, so I go to the mountains but on safe paths, I hike in the woods a lot though, we were out yesterday, properly protected by coat and scarf, yes there are mountains close, we live close to the Pyrenees, though it's being a very warm winter, unusually so

Yeah that's what I've heard! Man I would love to do camping in the Pyrenees! i know the Alps well, but the Pyrenees not much...
This is where you shoot all your music videos?

I shoot my videos in many locations, mostly in Navarre, but also in Aragón and France which are close, sometimes yes, the Pyrenees too... I have an instagram account where I post my surroundings and usually locations

It's pretty...
yesterday we went hiking very close, barely half an hour again, still the local groves are reasonably gorgeous too

Your evening doesn’t sound bad at all! Ever seen All Good Things ? It’s barely noon here, gonna give ourselves a few more minutes and then it’s a couple laps up and down the.

I dream of that beach, or Santa Monica too . The area seems just so inspiring. We talking so much about moving out somewhere, and that would be a spot where I thrive as an artist. We looking at Canada too :)

Have you been on the Santa Cruz Island?
"All good things" I am taking notes

Santa Cruz Island? I just looked it up, didn’t even know it existed so, nope, never been there. I can’t tell you how many thousands of times I’ve been to Santa Cruz, though, one of the dirtiest cities along our entire west coast if not the dirtiest. Not a place to raise kids. I’ve been up and down this coast between San Diego (that’s Coronado Bridge) and Trinidad (my grandparents took me here every year as a kid to fish) for decades, Santa Cruz is the filthiest.

Put it this way, when I go to Santa Cruz, I’m on the look out for Needles, they’re abundant on the ground. LA, too, don’t get me wrong but only in the middle of the city or in the alleys. Santa Cruz, I’ve seen a couple shoot up while leaning against the entrance door to a 7-11 convenient store.

I would recommend LA, second would be Seattle, Washington. I think about you all the time down here dude, I don’t think you understand how easy it is for a musician to get gigs here. It’s Los Angeles, it’s pub/coffee joint city and they all have stages. We have a few extra bicycles, we could just go peddle for no more than two hours, not even holding a guitar and have you a gig.

First place I’m thinking is right down the street at Alex’s Bar it’s a dope spot! Biggest act I’ve seen perform there was slaughterhouse and I’ve known the dudes running the joint forever it seems.

(I dig these conversations, Ed, even if I’m doing all of the rambling)

Going to gig with a bicycle gonna remind me of Paris, except the drummer always had to carry his drums by the Metro (underground train).
Yeah I am sure there's probably lots of place looking for an acoustic act, maybe that's what I should do book few places and try to go for a while, get an airbnb , and keep on earning online too of course :)
I don't mind doing covers for a while as a bread winner i guess... I could even busk on one of those dirty streets that you mentioned.
I know it sounds like I am joking a little, but I am not really, we full open minded at the moment and not overlooking any opportunities!
It just seems easier to get visas in Canada, you know what I mean?

Actually, I don’t know what you mean as far as visas for USA vs Canada. I can imagine, though, the documentation I’ve had to provide and have handy to gain residency in Central America is astounding. ‘No wonder nobody else is doing it!’

Don’t take this the wrong way, I, personally, get a little irritated when someone asks me ‘what’s wrong’ after looking at a text. I’m always like “nah.. I’m good, how can you get that from antext anyway?!”

Eh, you good?

Yeah all good, but I don't know if you noticed the crypto world is going to shit!
So it's all about earning some of that precious fiat while it's going back up...
So as I said I am opening my mind to other offers that I wouldn't have had in the first place

Crypto? Huh? Nah... I have no idea what you’re talkin about, I’ve never heard of the stuff.

As for the other.

Glad to see that you speak latin fluently
Sit vis vobiscum

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