Hey you!!!! Thanks!!! I love the new version of the song, but I am happy going back to memory lane and listening to old prods
I was thinking about you yesterday , how is the flu going on your side?

Turned into bronchitis... @hedac is doing better, I'm still caughing a lot and my voice will take a while to be fully back, need to stop coughing first. Still we went out today outdoors, hugged trees, drank hot chocolate :) so that was my medicine :) will be good in no time... I always have a hard time when I get them cos my immune system is not the best. :)

OH ! Sorry to hear! Last time i got sick, I couldn't sing for almost a month.
Yeah chocolate seems to fix any sort form of sickness :) true story...
Hope the weather was ok , you guys are close to the mountains too so you gonna go ski?

I don't know how to ski and I have fear of heights, so I go to the mountains but on safe paths, I hike in the woods a lot though, we were out yesterday, properly protected by coat and scarf, yes there are mountains close, we live close to the Pyrenees, though it's being a very warm winter, unusually so

Yeah that's what I've heard! Man I would love to do camping in the Pyrenees! i know the Alps well, but the Pyrenees not much...
This is where you shoot all your music videos?

I shoot my videos in many locations, mostly in Navarre, but also in Aragón and France which are close, sometimes yes, the Pyrenees too... I have an instagram account where I post my surroundings and usually locations

It's pretty...
yesterday we went hiking very close, barely half an hour again, still the local groves are reasonably gorgeous too

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