MOVED ON by D-VINE - Beat Battle League S2_R6 _ A DSound Community Initiative

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"MOVED ON" is my entry to the Beat Battle League S2_R6, hosted by @chiefmappster, A DSound Community Initiative ♥‿♥
Dsound was brought to life by our wonderful @prc.

MOVED ON - Beat Battle League S2.R6.jpg

The theme in this ongoing battle is Tropical Paradise.
My interpretation, a summer house track with tropical vibes.

I hope you enjoy!

Huggins, D (●´∀`)ノ♡

P.S. @chiefmappster, @beatseb, @seveaux and @derekmiller get your dancing boots on, it's getting housy in here, whoop, whoop!


Join @seveaux, @inthenow & myself coming Wednesday on...




Every Wednesday

CET 08:00 - 10:00 pm
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So much going on between the Drum and Bass that I'd be tempted to call it ... eh, Drum and Bass ... It definitely has a light breezy summer feel ... I'll need you to explain how this is more house than DnB I suppose ... Strong dance beat, is my guess. Is that your voice? Your sound is so sophisticated, I swear!

such a lovely tune!!! It made my day happier, it really did! Love the groovey funkyness and the catchy melodies! I'll send it to all the DJs I know that play at the seasides bars so I can listen to it on the beach when the time comes <3

Thank you ;)! Happy you enjoyed it!!!! You are too cool @archaimusic, thank you so much for your love & support, it's amazing <3

'That's La La Life'

Whaaaaa? This is a banger girl! Absolutely superb! Such texture and subtlety in that vocal too! The bass loop is also SICK AS HELL! bravo princess @d-vine
This will be a massive tune this summer! especially in Ibiza and the clubs!

Ohhhh weeeeehhh, that coming from you, I am honored <3 This song is a homage to our fabulous community!!! YOU & ALL the other beautiful, creative human beans put such a bright smile on my face, touch my heart & inspire me so much, I am overjoyed it turned out so well (-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ Super squeezy huggins coming right at ya Daz <3

Awww Yeah... We Be Movin Now! NICE! :-D Ya Killin it.

Now that's very summery indeed! I really dig this's very catchy! The vocals work really well too, where do they originate from...??

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Thank you so much @arcange, who is this Rina77, did that person comment, did I miss something?
Thanks for keeping a look out :)

very nice track as usual! good luck in the contest! looking forward to our next meet-up. huggins 😊!

Merci very much :) We are looking forward to it as well :D
Huggins right back at ya <3

@topkpop played this in All Play Friday and it sounds amazing! Love your music, sister. 💖

Whattttttt yesssssssss.

You got me nodding my heading and dancing to this one right off the bat.

What a vibe you create in the first 1:10 and then whammmm here comes that bass and those uptempo vocals.

I can envision a beachside club bumping this and the crowd just dancing away on the beach and in the club. It combines those two spheres so well (Club and tropial).

And the production value on this one o myyyy what pure and full sounding sounds (what is that sound around 3:44?), instruments, and vocals.

Appreciate this tune wow did it get me in that tropical beachside club mood. Making me want summertime so bad with this one :)

Hehehe, yeees!! I am happy you are enjoying it so much <3

Huggins to ya <3


Huggins all around o weeeee



WEEEHHH, whoop, whoop :D

Thank you so much <3

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