Frog Migration - Steem Collaboration with @stickchumpion

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My friend @stickchumpion sent me a drum loop to jam something over. The evil fiend failed to note the drum loop is in 7/8 time signature and subdivided in a strange way :)

I put on headphones and messed around on my guitar in DADEAD tuning (Dsus2) until I came up with a couple of riffs I liked. I also recorded a second guitar part.

The funny thing is I didn't actually come up with a 7/8 riff now that I am listening to it in the light of day I guess I just played a 4/4 riff over the top and the drums morph around beneath it. I slowed down the original beat a little bit to make the kick drum pitch match the low D on my guitar.

Frog Migration

Drums by @stickchumpion
Guitars by @carlgnash

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

My own original 6 legged toad art

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Hey thanks C² love y'all :)

Wow beautiful drawing. I love it

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that 7 beat is a little unusual to count but you did a groovy job eyeball.. have a great week ;90

Thanks :) Yeah somewhere along the way I morphed back into playing in 4 on my guitar part. When I very first came up with that guitar part I was playing the rhythm differently and had fit the part into the 7/8 drum loop correctly. Looks like by the time I had recorded it (and smoked a few bowls) I just played in standard time over the top of the drums LOL

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That's a nice little progression.
I can see what you mean about the drum loop, that 7/8 timing is a bit "odd".