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Hi Everyone :)

This is my way of expressing my appreciation for the support i have received from Dsound, through which I have shared some original work.
I decided to create a banner to use as a signature in my posts as a thank you and simultaneously raise awareness for all Dsound users and not only, the importance of your witness vote in the creator of the platform.
I wish the greatest success for this project and for its creator and witness @prc :D

You are absolutely free to use any of the banners if you wish ;)





What is DSound?

DSound is a decentralized web application, developed in Javascript and React, that allows anyone to upload, listen and discover music and other sounds stored on top of the IPFS Network. It uses STEEM blockchain as a persistent database, and by posting the sounds the authors can earn rewards in STEEM.
This project idea came into @prc mind (Dsound Creator) when he saw DTube being announced by @heimindanger, and after some conversations about his project, @prc decided to follow the same approach and developed Dsound.
Similar to DTube, any sound uploaded on DSound becomes a STEEM content that can earn rewards for 7 days.

There is a cool comment between both celebrating their projects:


Unfortunately, Dsound didn't get the same amount of support :(

Introducing DSound: a decentralized sound platform using STEEM and IPFS

The major benefits for DSound users are:

  • Have DSound improved in a more scheduled manner;
  • Marketing on various music industry fields to bring more people onboard;
  • Platform growth will mean more exposure of your sounds;
  • More users on DSound mean more Steem users too;
  • Progressively reduce DSound beneficiary reward downto 10%, or even 0% with DSound SMT's;
  • Higher rewards on sounds caused by the more users and @dsound delegation votes;
  • Introduction of contests and similar engagement tools based on growth of platform rewards;
  • Potential media coverage when DSound gets noticed by mainstream as the first platform to effectively reward indie musicians for their work.

Dsound and Utopian-io

@prc is working to get Dsound on @Utopian-io with the first Dsound open source release so that all the community can participate and contribute features... So Dsound can grow even more and faster with the contribution of the amazing open source community

Who is @prc

@Prc (Pedro Reis Colaço) is a Portuguese Witness, a life long Software Developer, the creator of DSound, he is also a DJ and music producer aka Kolatz.
Recently, helped to found Emanate. The company is developing a collaborative platform for music producers based on blockchain, which allows artists to license and monetize their work. The launch is set for 2020.
As Witness is in the 43st place and has 3 dedicated servers to STEEM Blockchain.

@prc on Steemfest2 | Lisbon . Interview by @elmetro

HERE You can read more about what are STEEM Witness and why voting for Witnesses Is So Important!

By @teamsteem

@prc Witness Technical Infrastructure

Check the specs of dedicated server boxes:
“Planning to upgrade to 64GB RAM when needed”
(All boxes are behind firewalls, IDS and power redundancy systems)

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Backup nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Seed nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.9 GHz
Disks256GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Read the full witness proposal here

@prc as a Witness was nominated by @sircork for the "Witness-blocks challenge" @guiltyparties initiative, to clarify what he is doing with his witness income earned by processing blocks on the STEEM blockchain.
The idea is to explain how much are the block rewards and what he is doing with that to help the community.


>>>These last 2 months were the first ones where I was able to be on the top 50 witness ranking, meaning that my servers are now making between 20 and 24 blocks per day. This means that per month I got between 600 and 720 STEEM Power, which valued at average $1.7 per STEEM make up between $1000 and $1200 USD. What does this mean? It means that these months were the first that I was able to make reasonable income to pay for part of my investment on the infrastructure needed to run my witness servers. But I am still under water not yet reaching ROI. … monthly expense of nearly $1000 USD for my 3 servers and barely making enough to cover costs.

Updated value at $0.90 per STEEM – Between $540 and $648 per month.

>>>So what do I do with that power, well not much, since I am only one of the few top 50 witnesses that are still a Minnow... I delegated since long time for Minnow Support Project….

UPDATED: Please check - Apropos of Minnow Support Project

>>>…since I developed DSound and it is growing well, it complements quite well and I am able to keep all my witness STEEM Power without ever powering down… …and now I am delegating to some community projects from Portugal, as well as doing the first contacts to organize a Steem meetup in Portugal…

HERE you can read the full post by @prc


If you trust and approve what @prc is doing for Steem ecosystem, please give him a Witness vote ;)

You can vote for Steem Witness here:



or via cli_wallet with the command:
>>> vote_for_witness youraccount prc true true

Please Please Please Resteem

Thank you

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@aleister 5 ***** 👌👌



Words of wisdom! Allow me to share ;)
Long live DSound!


Absolutely ;) Thank you

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Ficou muito legal!!!

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Muito obrigado ;)

Since you are yourself rooting for these projects, I can't ignore!!. Also it means that Dsound as a project and prc as a witness must be very good. Voted for @prc witness.


Thank you my friend, i know i always have your support :)

Muito bons os banners @aleister! Obrigado! 👍


Obridado eu 👌

I met @prc for the first time at the steemfest2 in Lisbon. I would like to add more personally that in addition Pedro is a classy guy always ready to help the Steem Community. He even let me interview him, he present us DSound https://busy.org/@elmetro/6asnkzdu.
The SMT are coming in January 😃
Rendez-vous at the steeemfest3 in Krakow.


Hi @elmetro, that's really cool, if you allow me i would like to share your interview in this post :)
Cheers ;)


With pleasure 😀


Done :D Btw, great work ;)

Thanks for the post. Now I am finally getting into this Witnesses matter. Between work, my almost daily walks, the time I spend on SteemIt and tracking how much my Crypto Portfolio is bleeding, there's no much time left.

But I will be upvoting some Witnesses, later today. And @prc seems like a great candidate!


Hi @trincowski, for sure you will find some free time to get into this matter ;)
Thank you :D

I did, did, did resteemed, hehehe.
Muito importante apoiar todo o esforço de divulgação de produção musical. O Dsound ainda precisa de melhorar o acesso mas merece todo o investimento financeiro e moral, até por ter por trás uma testemunha portuguesa- Orgulho tuga em alta!



Completamente, muito obrigada pelo apoio ;)