@prc Witness Proposal: After creating DSound and attending SteemFest 2, I want more!

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Hi Steemian friends! :)

I've met a lot of you online already, and some of you at SteemFest 2 in Lisbon, which was really amazing by the way and is not because I am portuguese at all!

I came to Steem about 4 months ago and I already feel like home here. I found out so many interesting people and I stand by the community-driven content rewarding on blockchain idea so much, that in this little time I already contributed to the ecosystem by creating DSound and continue maintaining it.

I want my journey on Steem and Steemit to be worth it and use this opportunity to leave my mark on this wonderful community by bringing more innovative and fun projects for everybody to enjoy, while helping Steem to grow and be more valuable for all of us.


I comment, curate, and actually read/view/watch/listen to great content our fellows post everyday. I also participate and help users on steemit.chat.

I post. And I want to post more. And being a musician and music producer I want to use my DSound to publish my music, as well as projects like DLive to share my DJ sets live from my studio with all of you.

I want to create more dapps for steem, and I want to make DSound one of the success cases of this ecosystem, among other great projects, by going public with it and use SMT's to bring more value to our community as well.

Why offer myself to be a Witness?

I have around 30 years of experience as a software developer, from C/C++ all the way to JavaScript, I've used all the languages, and most important I have more than 20 years of server management and my own datacenter in Portugal. With these characteristics added by the true enthusiasm I feel by Steem community, I couldn't resist to offer more to all of you and get more involved in this awesome experience!

Being a witness is not only technical. It mostly is a community leadership and support activity which I believe I can perform by helping Steem to grow to Portuguese speaking communities and bring more and more people to the ecosystem, by spreading the word and by developing other niche communities over Steem, like music lovers and many more. I want to make Steem huge and bring all of us together around it! This is the responsibility I am assuming before the Steem community...

Technical Infrastructure

I've put together a set of dedicated server boxes for this endeavour that, after some investigation and questions asked in the steem.chat witness channel, I think will prove well and deliver stable performance to the Steem blockchain. All boxes are behind firewalls, IDS and power redundancy systems. The server characteristics are subject to upgrade or revision as needed.

Witness nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks128GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Backup nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.5 GHz
Disks128GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Seed nodeDedicated Server
CPUIntel i5 4x core 2.9 GHz
Disks128GB SSD
ConnectionGigabit over optical fiber backbone
PowerRedundant + UPS
LocationEU - Portugal

Why I want your approval vote?

I want your vote, XS, S, M, L, or XL, if you trust me and approve what I do in the Steem ecosystem. My involvement with the community will continue to grow and many other projects will join after DSound, as I am constantly with new ideas. The stake of Steem I already hold, as well as what will come from witnessing, will be invested in the ecosystem, and the remaining will be vested as I already do, as I never powered down. I want to witness Steem growth and success, so count on me to help make it happen! :)

You can make your approval vote for me as a Steem witness here:


Or via cli_wallet with the command:
>>> vote_for_witness youraccount prc true true

Thanks to all the fellow Steemians who have been supportive of DSound and my contributions to the community in general! Without you I wouldn't be here assuming this responsibility. Big thanks to all of you!


You got me!! big vote. My enthusiasm for the DSound project cant be any higher.

Thanks a lot! It feels so good to deserve your approval as a Steem Witness! You know that music is my life and I’ll be pushing for it to get the best out of Steem and Blockchain as a whole... :)

This is one of my very favourite Witness presentation, excellent and promising. The idea of creating DLive is D-licious too! ;)

Thanks a lot for all you have already been doing and I look forward to be able to help you help us even more in the future. Count me in!

Namaste :)

Thanks a lot! Namaste :)

Tough part now though, I have to uncheck one other witness before being able to check your in... Hum... Decisions, decisions,... I think I have an idea! I'll take care of it very soon, namaste :)

Exelente buen trabajo.

Thanks a lot! :)

That's a significant investment in both time and money, nice work. You have my vote :)

That's true... But I think that Steem community is worth it! :)
Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for helping me in the witness chat last week! You have my vote!

Thanks a lot to you Jerry! Whenever you need, you can count on me... :)

Ohhh @prc ! You are applying to become a Witness !!!! Congrat ! :D I have a XXXS vote but you really convince me :D ! Good luck with it !

By the way, I still need to do a video presentation of Dsound... will put it on my check list ! :D

Hey girl! :)
Had a safe trip back from SteemFest 2? Lots of fun here!
Thanks a lot for your support. This was on my mind since SteemFest and I finally decided to go forward with it...
Relating to the video, anytime. Just let me know what you need and we'll make it happen!
Cheers! :)

@prc it's great to see a fellow musician innovating and creating tools on the bolckchain were artists can get rid of the monopolized middle man in the music industry and connect directly with their audience and get paid for the work in transparency.

DSound is great and i know its getting better and improved with the updates to come, what your doing is great i already voted as a witness to your work. Looking forward for what's to come from the @prc and wishing you the best with your journey forward! Kudos

Thanks a lot man! :)
Yes, there's a lot to come this year...
Keep tuned! :)

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Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

Thanks! :)

Você tem meu voto! Vamos em frente!!

Obrigado @thomashblum! :) Vamos sim!

I just registered in Steem a few days ago so I am right now having stomache ache for not being aware of the Steefest, almost at my door!! As a fellow musician I am eager to see some of your work. I am just now giving my first steps in the C language as I grew more and more interested in the blockchain and want, at some point, to participate.
Tens o meu voto! Abraço!

Obrigado! :) Abraço

Thanks! :)

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I’m not too sure what all those technical specs mean, however you had me at dsound ;)

Sounds like you have a lot to offer as a witness besides just your enthusiasm and esteem for Steem!

Best of luck !

Thanks a lot for the kind words! :)

Hi @prc nice to see you as witness. Thank for your commitment in the community. Voted for you

Thanks a lot man!
Nice to meet you in SteemFest and hope you're back home safe and that you enjoyed Lisbon "Creamy and Delicious" :)

Keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot! :)

Cant wait for the SMTS. I like Dsound

A comunidade de língua portuguesa aqui no Steemit com certeza precisa desse apoio ;) Boa sorte.

Obrigado! :)

is the first time when i understand how witness works thank you for this amazing post @prc

I am excited to see what you do on the platform. I don't know if you have heard of the minnow Support Project but we are a group of over 5,000 members and we are accepting application for witness votes. You can apply and potintial earn the support from our crew. You don't have too, but either way, I hope you will stop by and check us out. We are here to support the platform and network with likeminded individuals.

Hey @kubbyelizabeth! Yes I've noticed the project but still don't know how it works.
Joined the Discord and will check it out.
Thanks a lot! :)

just wanted to pass through and say thanks for building for us musicians. peace from the Uk

As a musician myself I know how hard it is to make a living being a musician... This project came out just naturally! :) Thanks a lot!

great post forever till now

You are right

Your project is great and I can't wait to see more of it unfolding.
I'm yet to start releasing some of my stuff but I really feel the need to polish it better for the platform. Great work!
the community is hyped and got your back on this, best of luck!

ola amigo, abraço aqui de Portugal, gostei da informação

You really do Amazing for for the dSound Platform @prc

I voted now, thanks for the support and your fantastic work, my SP now is small but once it grows i will surely delegate to dsound Thanks again

You've got my witness vote as well as a new follower. Keep up the good work.

Just letting you know that I just voted for you as a Witness. I am about to post my latest single to Dsound. (Galexia - Orange Park Youth). I'll tag you in the post and see if you dig it. I wish you the best of luck and after finding out about D-Sound I became so happy that I had another steem based platform that I was able to utilize.

Cheers and all the best my friend!

Dude I don't know why, I went back to check some old posts, and I can't believe how much you have accomplished in 6 months brother, how many of us you helped make a living and really changing people's lives, that's crazy when you think about it.Not so many people can tell themselves that they impacted the world in such a good way.
I know you not doing charity work, and get rewarded financially in the process, but I think this is still little compared to what you created, the coding, the infrastructure, the bot, the fact that even after few months you are still answering my shitty complains about the bot that "doesn't work" or "help this competition", it just show how spoiled we all have become, just after 6 FREAKING MONTHS!

So once again @prc, thanks for being a passionate human being, that shares the same love of music as we all do, you have enabled us to become the musician and artist we always thought we could!

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)