Drugwars Is Taking Over STEEM And State Of The Đapps - Already Ranking #5 in Just Three Days Since Release

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It's crazy how fast Drugwars became popular amongst Steemians. In just three days since its release, according to @drugwars more 1800 people played (and broke) the game and according to StateofTheĐapps there are 1251 daily active users - ranking #5 in the overall leaderboard! The numbers this game is already pulling are simply insane and the sheer amount of interest is staggering.

Actual footage of Steemians playing the game

Users were quick to realize how great of an opportunity to earn passive income this game offers and they are biting, eating it up faster than a school of piranhas would take to eat a slab of meat.

They swiftly took the chance and they aren't letting go!

Some have already invested massive amounts of STEEM in order to ramp up their production to earn more STEEM per day. I've heard reports of users investing upwards of a couple thousand STEEM which is freakin' insane! God only knows how much @berniesanders aka @ngc has thrown at the game. He is second both in coke production and in the number of soldiers he has, both of which cost a small fortune to build.

We can only pray he won't annihilate us when battles are re-introduced into the game.

I invested 100 STEEM and already got 25 of it back in two days!

I don't plan to invest more at this point until I get back my original investment which I'm expecting to get in the next 7-10 days. Then I'll keep reinvesting whatever I earn to produce even more and to be able to buy soldiers which allow you to attack other wannabe Kingpins and steal their dope!

If we were to judge by how it took off, Drugwars is destined to Moon in the next couple of weeks to a month! Surpassing @magicdice volumes is what I'm expecting to see it achieve. Especially when those currently gambling away their STEEM realize that they can invest it to earn passive income instead.

Could we see Drugwars take over Steemit's #1 spot on StateofTheĐapps? It's a little far fetched as we know that Steemit has cemented its place there for quite a while now, but who knows, anything can happen with such an addictive game that's greatly rewarding its players.

We are just in the early testing phase of the game anyway and most of the features we are looking forward to haven't been implemented yet. What you are seeing there now is just the skeleton of what's about to become one of the most talked about games in the crypto space, reaching far further than just the Steem blockchain.

Could Drugwars become the Cryptokitties of Steem?

I sure think/hope it will!

As soon as all of the issues are ironed out and we can play the game without having to go through the frustrating down times and reappearing buggs, we can consider onboarding users from other blockchains and even better, people who don't even know what blockchain is!

And when all of the new features are implemented, the game will actually be appealing to a broader audience of gamers. If we can smoothly onboard them by giving them instant, free accounts, sky is the limit!

Like many others, I'm extremely hyped about Drugwars and what it can/will do for the Steem blockchain and its players. It has a bright future ahead of itself and we have a lot to look forward to in the next couple of months.

Haven't played the game yet? What are you even waiting for?

Get in my crew: https://staging.drugwars.io/#!/ref/@runicar

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This game is already really good and has so much potential! I look forward to all the bugs etc smoothed out. Good things to come for steem from this game

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Yep! Very promising future ahead of this game. At least from my perspective.

Excited to see a new Dapp demonstrating the flexibility of the protocol and how it can continue to potentially build different ways to engage around the ecosystem. I am too jealous of my Steem to spend it so I am currently just learning the gameplay at this point but will sure follow its developments given the hype and the implications it has for the community.

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

It is and it makes me wonder about what else can/will be done on Steem that doesn't necessarily include (ab)using the reward pool. This place is changing at such a rapid pace, it will be interesting to see how it looks in a year.

A year ago it was just blogging, then came the dapps and interfaces, now we see the rise of games but what is going to be next? It's anyone's guess if you ask me but only human imagination is the limit (and the 3s block times ofc).

Separating from hard earned Steem is hard but when there is such a strong incentive to do so many just couldn't resist, myself included.

Aye, I absolutely love the vision that opens up through this game, truly a leap forward, as I have also written about.
About the only problem I see is that I could not find it in my heart to attack anyone. ahahahahaha. Saw you on the list of players but I'm like: No way am I gonna bring pain to that man, he's part of my gang how could I? <3


Yea, especially cuz they aren't (ab)using the reward pool to provide rewards. That's one aspect I really like about the game. Seems like the whole block is buzzing about it. Everyone trying to get refs as they already blew through their liquid STEEM :D

Aaa how nice of you not to steal my dope! We should make a clan when that option gets released!


Totally brother!


So it seems they are moving forward, first talk of gangs and cartels and such.
Can you think of a good name? It would be an honor to found something with ya runi <3
I get it, it's still a gangster game. But maybe we can opt for something awareness spreading, involving hallucinogens, psychedelics or something. Just a thought of course. Will drop some suggestions as I think of them. Will comment them under here in a reply

Much love dude

I like you invested 100, then reinvested 20 from returns to speed things up, pay2win sure, but hey, that will motivate the devs to create a better game in the end. It might attract a lot of crypto audience if they manage to get the word out. I always knew that 2019 will be a year of crypto gaming, Drug Wars is proving that point strongly.


Definitely p2w, there is no way around it with a pyramid business model lol. They should hire a couple extra people to help them punch out new code and progress faster. I didn't but I'm happy to see that as it adds a layer of utility to tokens past the invest, HODL and hope its value will raise in the future.

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Lol yeah im hooked to, this is the shit!!
Im investing non stop lol!


The addiction is real :D


hahaha yeah, im already searching for new ways to invest more Steem!!!

What I really like is the message it sends out to developers. Build your game/project here. Look at the numbers it will get on steem compared to any other platform. Look at the community willing to get involved. Look at how easy it is to start a project.

For anybody looking in from the outside it paints the right picture. It doesn't matter how good a project is if there is nobody to use it. Here we have those people to launch good projects.

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Yeah, developing on Steem has that advantage of an instant community arising soon after release and a huge (crypto-wise) amount of people ready to test and interact with the platform/game. That's definitely not something we can say about any other blockchain as is apparent from the numbers games/projects built on other blockchains are getting.

Hopefully they will come to realize this fact and flock to develop their on Steem rather than somewhere else.

OOOO yeah I am indeed loving it very much. While apart from the bugs sounds like it sure is going to be interesting .

Druglord we are indeed !!


Yeah, no one expected more than 1800 players in the first couple of days :D

Hit me up if you need a clan. La Familia is growing stronger and we are recruiting new, promising Kingpins to the clan. Post about it will be out tomorrow. While some clans make you pay for protection, we will offer it for free to our members.

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