Gang battle is too hard for us?

in #drugwars3 years ago


Hey fellows

Last month I wrote this post:

I was very enthusiastic about my gang, but after a month, even my ranking position is almost the same, I cannot tell the same for my gang.

Unfortunately Yakuza slowed down on its rise and now we are 6th place at already 3 points far from 5th place and 7 points far from the top.

Even my contribution is increased on gang development, there is not the same from others members and it seems now only Loffspring is active as before, but to all our beloved boss Kobusi, Catmia, F-16 what happens?

Maybe we got attacked and we are now without power?

Now I am on top of deposit of Scientific Lab, Weapon development and Distillery school because having only a big headquarter is not giving anything to gang members....

I would like to get more info from my band members, I put a bounty as reward....


Dear friend, it is very hard when your troop is destroy by a bigger gang member, this is a war play, so we cannot cry about it, it is play core...
Anyway now with bunker options we have some more hopes to keep some of our units on save...:)))

Good job man, thanks for your invest. I focus on troops etc

Dear boss, my support is total, only I would like to see more people help gang development...

Good job man, thanks for
Your invest. I focus on
Troops etc

                 - kobusu

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

My account is 0, what happened

Maybe you gang has been destroied and your territory as well, so without a base your account is useless, you should try to get new base if you want play again...

It's no fun if your work goes in vain

enter in new server?

check it when login:

Okk, mine is always on Detroit

just like someone said already,it is a war play,but I think you are doing just fine for now,just keep staying optimistic....

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