We can be the best gang?

in #drugwars3 years ago


It's very long time I am not writing a post, so I would like to talk about my @drugwars gang Yakuza.

I think we are very strong team and now we are on the 5th place in the global ranking not so far from the first gang, only 5 points distance.

As my contribute to the gang development, this is the evidence:

GANG HEADQUARTERS: 6. LORO68 7.5 M (1.42%) 21.8 M (2.18%) 20.8 M (2.79%) 50.1 M (2.20%)

MILITARY ACADEMY: 8. LORO68 1.55 M (0.92%) 10.5 M (3.41%) 6.7 M (2.89%) 18.75 M (2.65%)

SCIENTIFIC LAB: 3. LORO68 3.5 M (2.52%) 33.1 M (13.17%) 21.3 M (11.28%) 57.9 M (10.00%)

WEAPON DEVELOPMENT CENTER: 4. LORO68 0 (0.00%) 16.2 M (6.98%) 13.7 M (7.86%) 29.9 M (5.59%)

DISTILLERY SCHOOL: 8. LORO68 2 M (1.43%) 10 M (3.97%) 23.4 M (12.41%) 35.4 M (6.10%)

As you can see, in all the resources I am in the top ten and this means I am contributing with my part even I am not involved in gang jobs or war.

Please do not forgot keep me in the list of gang members on gang jobs and to send resource in order to let our gang to the top!!


Hey my friend, of course we are all together with the same goal, see Yakuza on the top, so lets work together!!

You are a good team player, helping your team achieve success

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@loro68 what a meaningful contribution from you...and also an awesome post too....

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